Sunday, April 19, 2020

Contractor Gadget has come up short on PPE supplies

Nearly 13 million virus-blocking N95 and similar face masks ordered in March for the city’s public hospitals and other emergency services have still not arrived as medical staff at Bellevue and other facilities plead for protective supplies.

Of the nearly 34 million masks contracted for between March 6 and April 11 by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, only 637,760 had been received as of Friday, according to the department.

Also still missing are at least 2,000 ventilators purchased last month, toward which City Hall paid $9 million — even as Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to ship hundreds of surplus ventilators to other states combating coronavirus.

None of the two million N95 masks secured in a March 25 contract with a New Jersey company called Digital Gadgets have been delivered, according to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which signed the $8 million deal.

Out of a March 28 deal for six million similar KN95 masks with the same firm, just 137,760 have come in so far, DCAS reports.

The Digital Gadgets masks are “designated as medical and are intended for use by Health + Hospitals,” a DCAS spokesperson told THE CITY.

The Health and Hospitals Corporation told THE CITY it has 745,000 N95 masks on hand.

In all, a review of city contract records indicates, vendors have delivered N95-type masks in just two out of 14 DCAS emergency contracts made between March 6 and April 11.

And only one company, Tivuna Systems Inc., has produced its goods in full, providing 500,000 KN95 masks in a deal signed by DCAS on April 2.

Most of those companies, including Digital Gadgets, had never before done business with the City of New York. Under an emergency order issued March 16 by Mayor Bill de Blasio, those contracts and companies bypassed standard reviews by the city contracts office and comptroller.

“Estimated delivery dates are constantly shifting due to overall demand and supplier manufacturing capacity,” said Nick Benson, the spokesperson for DCAS. “There is not a fixed delivery date for these or most of the COVID-19 related orders.”

On Sunday, de Blasio hinted at a news conference of troubling delays in delivery of crucial supplies.

“We have a huge number of orders out around the world that if we started to see a little more consistency on the deliveries, we would be in much better shape,” he said.

For weeks, nurses have railed against the dangerous conditions inside the city’s 11 public hospitals where they say they’ve been forced to care for a wave of virus patients without proper protective gear.

 Eventually, de Blasio will make it up to all these hospitals with more clapping, donuts and coffee.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Tebele, another honest and we'll to do human from the modern world....

Anonymous said...

NYC Tax payers are paying $700,000 for DOE Leased School Buses siting empty !
Need I say more ? NYC is full of Suckers ....

Anonymous said...

Home eating Icecream said...
I'm a NYC city worker and I'm still getting full pay and benifits Like our Congress and all other government workers. No one should be Mad at this. We give the Demorats most of their votes ! The fact that Creepy Joe is even a viable candidate is proof liberals have a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Truth Hurts said...

Leftist are known to say "my body my choice" yet they demand everyone wear masks sorry lefties my body my choices.

Anonymous said...

You see, the previous poster - idle busses - raised a good point, and this blog should send out a blanket question to all our elected representatives - by name - on what they are doing about this to either debunk it or do something about this. And share with crappy readers their response or non-response.

And do that for everything like this that comes down the pike. They howl unprodded when something hurts their base - they should be accountable to the rest of the electorate too.

Anonymous said...

NYC is full of Democrats!

Anonymous said...

How is Congress on Vacation again ?

Anonymous said...

Queens Deplorable said...

I'm not afraid of China Wuhan CCP Virus.
I've lived among Democrats for 60 years.

David Letterman said...

Top Ten Surprising Consequences of Covid-19 Hysteria:

1: Democrat governors rediscover federalism.
2: Wanna-be totalitarians can’t help but unmask themselves.
3: Trump gets a daily platform to smack the media around (watched by millions).
4: The CDC is exposed as just another dysfunctional gov. agency.
5: FDA, same as above.
6: WHO, same as FDA, CDC.
7: The US media is in China’s pocket.
8: “Models” completely useless except to frighten citizens.
9: We now know Nancy Pelosi has a $24,000.00 fridge.

And the 10th most surprising consequence of the Covid-19 hysteria? Donald Trump was right about China the whole time, and everybody who didn’t know it before knows it now.

Anonymous said...

"Should send out a blanket question to all our elected representatives"
Yes they work for us. We are not subjects we are Citizens !

Anonymous said...

Texas Lover said...

Glad I took my family to Texas 10 years ago.
I'm shocked by the number of outwardly disturbed people that are found everywhere in major coastal cities. Why do you NYC voters keep electing these crooks to office.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite,no mask and broadcasting his germs to the hospital staff.
How about donating the $800,000 Thrive money to those that really need it, not your wife's buddies.
Always talking about the "Car Culture" yet drives with his security detail very day to Brooklyn and back.Next time take the bike, better yet take a hike.

Cav said...

Do you now all understand what this COVID-19 hysteria was always all about now?

Exaggerated hospitalizations and deaths from dodgy models from dodgy characters like Neil Ferguson at UK Imperial College. Endless apocalypse porn from politicians and the media. Fatalities from COVID-19 increase while pneumonia and heart attack deaths drop way down. Nobody seems to have any pre-existing terminal illnesses that they die of anymore. Hospitals that don't appear crowded and tents for coronavirus victims that seem empty when people pass by recording them with cellphone cameras and posting them online. Padding the numbers maybe?

It was taking a new strain of a common cold virus (yes, coronavirus is a common cold virus) and what is an average cold and flu season and hyping it into into a 21st century bubonic plague. All to scare you into hiding under your beds and cooperating fully with your Masters while they make changes to the political, economic and even social systems. Their army of paid trolls hard at work gaslighting us seem almost giddy as they write about this "new normal". The Ruling Class no longer even pretends to follow the constitution. It's gone, man. Bye bye! Did any of you even notice?

It's not to get rid of Trump Orange man bad, this is global and goes way beyond Trump. It most likely started as a cover for an economic system about to crash ala 2008. So coronavirus was used as a way to divert the plebe's attention away from bank and Wall St bailouts and a temporary shutdown needed while the Fed papered over the problem behind the scenes. Check out the recent changes to fractal reserve banking rules. The bank no longer even need to have a fraction of the money they loan out. And that's only the beginning.

But then seeing as how the fear porn worked so well it grew to serve other agendas.

Middle-man contractors buying equipment in bulk amounts that were never really needed in the first place is only the tip of the iceberg. There's always room in the public trough for more politically connected crony capitalist snouts, even the bottom-feeders. Good old fashioned "honest graft", folks.

But here comes Bill Gates offering to vaccinate us all for a trillion or two. The vaccine will be ready in a year or so but the money will be paid up front. I mean Billy really needs this after the fiasco of the polio vaccine in India and the African nations' problems with big Bill's other potions. Listen to his recent Ted Talks about his vaccines and the need for population control. You'd think vaccines are to save more lives and extend them so what does population control and reduction have to do with it. Or should we ask?

You've all been played big time by big players for high stakes and it will be to all of our detriment. This shutdown will continue until this managerial government revolution is complete or for as long as our Masters please. Andy Cuomo and other governors have literally taken plenary power and it's doubtful if they'll give it up willingly or any time soon. So what are you all gonna do about it? Can we even do anything about it?

So why worry about some small fry like Contractor Gadget. He's only a minor diversion.

Donald Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

Whats Crakkin said...

JQ LLC de Blowzo ain't nuttin'


JQ LLC said...


Now it's clear why the vote for the CARES stimulus was unanimous. And barely questioned at all. Yet now that the 350 billion dollars meant for "small businesses" has been devoured, it's not even supervised at all and now DC is going to do over stimulus.

Sure Contractor Gadget is a small fry, but politics are local, and this is the worst de Blasio hookup yet. Besides THE CITY there is inadequate attention being made to that creep considering the severity of the pandemic and the fear overwhelming us.

Stay safe and aware crapateers.

JQ LLC said...

To do a do over I meant.

Anonymous said...

Queens Deplorable said...

The Jimmy Dore Show

Out Of Touch Nancy Pelosi:

Anonymous said...

When The Titanic was going down de Bozo was one of the guys that dressed as a woman and tried to get into a lifeboat. You Stupid Fucking New Yorkers voted him in now deal with it ! Impeach him now and save your city ! VOTE DEM OUT — how much evidence do people need ?

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass mayor just said people living in NYCHA are the back bone of the city. How’s that feel taxpayers?

Some backbone.

Anonymous said...

hey no rush moderator, when you are ready....

Anonymous said...

Cav, you’re very ignorant.

Coronavirus is not one virus. Yes, there ARE coronavirus that causes the common cold. They are people who are even more science illiterate and claim a virus is just a virus. Well, do you think the influenza virus is the same as the HIV virus? Would you mind being injected with the HIV virus?

Are you that blind to have not seen the devastation coming out of Wuhan? Everything the Chinese government tried to hide with an overwhelmed medical system, people left in body bags in hospital hallways were very real. Do you think the Chinese government want that in the social media? The government would constantly take posts down but they can’t be fast enough and posters found ways to try to trick the bots from not identifying their posts. Just think about that for a second.

Then this exact scenario was played out in Italy. Is that made up by the media?

Trump just like every country including Japan didn’t take this. It is seriously. DeBlasio was posting on social media for people to patronize their local bars. Pelosi was trying to stop the fear mongering and have tourists etc visit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Borison Johnson Prime Minister who a right winger believed in the herd immunity approach which some of the Imperial College pushed just like in Sweden. Well, he got the virus and had to be hospitalized and thanked the hospital staff for getting him over the virus.

But of course Trump supporters are only fixated that the economy is opened up again so he can hope he can win the reelection. New Yorkers know Trumps history and it’s not a good one. I thought at least New Yorkers were smart enough when they come across a sleazy businessman turned politician but apparently people’s hatred for Democrats overrides their common sense.

If Hitler ran for President promising to get rid of the undesirables (replace Jews, Slavs, Italians, etc.) for Mexicans, you would vote and defend Hitler. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

@Anon "Cav, you’re very ignorant."
Shut your piehole, you hood-winked britch soiler !

Boris Johnson Prime Minister who a right winger ? Really ?
Easy on the mustard, ya chicken-hearted bowling pin !

Anonymous said...

Vote Dem Out said...

Anonymous said...
Cav, you’re very ignorant.
And who made you the expert ?
You post like a True inept NYC brainwashed Marxist ! Get lost...

Anonymous said...

A de Blasio voter said:

"If Hitler ran for President promising to get rid of the undesirables (replace Jews, Slavs, Italians, etc.) for Mexicans, you would vote and defend Hitler. Pathetic."

1. Pathetic is how quickly you illustrated the accuracy of Godwin's Law:
As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

2. Listen to me now and hear me later you luddite. Unless, you just arrived on this blog like an illegal alien, you should well understand the arguments that have been articulated for over a month now. I won't go into all of the details for the sake of everyone's sanity, but suffice it to say that the arguments are not about confusing the virus with other viruses or about illegals. the arguments are about the completely hysterical response to this particular virus in comparison to other much more deadly outbreaks, and to the shit state of our city due to Democrat leadership or lack thereof.

3. Americans are not stupid, we clearly see that there are 47,000 deaths from this disease and not the 2.2 Million it was sold on. Face the facts that you liberals shit your pants along with the media and now you're destroying the economy to follow through on your "sky is falling" mentality.
Most thinking Americans aren't having it any longer. We need to get the F!@k back to work before we destroy the lives of multitudes more as a byproduct of the response.
The disease clearly goes after older individuals with pre-existing conditions, so continue isolation measures for those individuals and move on with it.

4. New York is responsible for half the deaths in this crisis. There's something very fishy there. Why? because the virus must have something against New Yorkers specifically, though we know viruses don't have brains. More likely, there is something fishy with New York.....I'll say it again;
California: 40 Million Americans and 1,400 deaths
Texas : 30 Million Americans and 550 deaths
New York: 20 Million Americans and 20,300 deaths....WTF?

The bottom line:
-The virus is deadly like a lot of other virus, it's not even on track to kill more than the Avian Flu or the Hong Kong Flu pandemics.
-Other, worse, pandemics didn't require us to shut down the world economy.
-This virus strains health care systems because it attacks the respiratory airways, requiring ventilators and specialized care in high numbers. So, now that we know that, you simply isolate the elderly and infirm and stock up the ventilators now being produced in huge numbers by GM and Ford,
-And open the economy already before these democrats and liberals destroy it because they're already consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Woke New Yorker said...

Thank You Harry Halley You are a true voice of reason.