Tuesday, April 7, 2020

de Blasio acknowledges overlooked higher amount of deaths from coronavirus.

NY Daily News

Mayor de Blasio once again refused to detail the city’s capacity to handle the bodies of coronavirus victims – and admitted officials are also likely undercounting the number of people who have died during the pandemic.

The mayor said Tuesday he assumes most people in New York City who have died at home in recent weeks without being tested or treated for COVID-19 likely had the deadly disease.

“I am assuming the vast majority of those deaths are coronavirus related,” de Blasio said at a briefing. “It’s understandable in a crisis that being able to make the confirmation is harder to do with all the resources stretched so thin…The first use of all of everything we’ve got – our professionals, our health care workers, our resources – the first thing we are focused on is saving the next life.”

The city reported 3,202 people have died of COVID-19 as of Tuesday morning, a 29.37% jump from the 2,475 deaths logged just 24 hours before, according to the city Health Department.
The medical examiner’s office has enough space in borough-based morgues for about 800 to 900 bodies during normal times.

Officials said this capacity has expanded significantly since the pandemic began – with 80 mobile refrigerated trucks and a temporary morgue tent. Hospitals also have morgues.

But the medical examiner’s office won’t say how much space the city currently has for the bodies of coronavirus victims. De Blasio has also repeatedly refused to discuss how the city will handle a surge in bodies as the death toll rapidly climbs in the next weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sister at parks says they are making plans to bury them in slashed mortuary garments(unionall bags) with markers in Corona park, some unused section by the former amphitheater the other side the cemetery.
Central Park was not an option it was to close to some kind of lake and water thing

Anonymous said...

Isnt there water and some kind of lake thing in Flushing meadows too - that goes by a densely populated place called (um) Flushing?

Again, were are the Queens pols on this?

Anonymous said...

But why are all people who died at home in recent weeks assumed to be coronavirus casualties? I'd love to know how many people usually die at home in a given day, week, month?

Let's not forget, people were dying *before* coronavirus and people will die *after* coronavirus. Especially sick people! They tend to die the most. And we all die at some point!

Can you tell I am tired of coronavirusworld?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I have an idea! Keep the bodies on ice in an ice skating rink! I was watching a really stupid movie about a flu even worse that COVID-19 and they were piling up the bodies in a skating rink. They may have this idea for free, no charge!

Anonymous said...

It baffles me that someone can still believe in an Leftest ideology that inspired the death of 100 million people in this day and age. 100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead !

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bill de Blasio says data reveals ‘clear inequalities’ in NYC coronavirus deaths ?
WTF using race baiting during the pandemic who would ever expect him to do this ?
The Left will use anyting for political purposes.

COVID-19 is Racisssst says the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster on 100 million - its about building your Party base and if you are losing the children and grandchildren of your old base you need to replace them and the best route is to reestablish the population and living conditions from your last Golden Age a century ago - illiterate, poor, rural folk living in deplorable conditions as basements on deplorable jobs as casual laborers.

The problem is you create the situation that spawned the 19th century epidemics that ravaged the urban centers then that we just recreated today - and likely tomorrow if things do not change.

Now that Bernie is out, and Biden will quit, the crown will be given to Cuomo. All Trump has to do (as he has undoubtedly done) is dig up (pun intended) the causes of this plague (yes folks that is what it is) and the rest of the country will have a field day with the Dems.

Anonymous said...


The dirt on Cuomo - seems like he is as guilty as Trump in getting us here.

Anonymous said...

"But why are all people who died at home in recent weeks assumed to be coronavirus casualties? I'd love to know how many people usually die at home in a given day, week, month?"

Agreed, it appears that everyone with any terminal condition that happens to test positive for coronavirus, is now being labeled as a coronavirus casualty.

So, if someone had terminal cancer and happened to die in the last two weeks,they are classified as a coronavirus fatality if they tested positive.
Same with Myocardial Infarctions (heart attacks), if they tested with coronavirus they died of coronavirus...despite the blockage of the arteries leading to their heart.

This is suspected to be the case in Italy as well. Some ask why? Because of politics again. In Italy, it's supposed to be a referendum on the European Union which is blamed for very poor response to the crisis and for creating third world conditions in Italy by allowing the unfettered immigration of hundreds of thousands of middle eastern men into Europe.From what I've read, the Italian separatist movement wants to use this as their main argument to exit from the EU.

In NYC, it's easy to draw the parallel. The Mayor and the toady media have an ax to grind with President Trump. The more they can point to a high death toll, the more they think they will get traction in blaming the President for the high death toll. Despite the well understood malfeasance by China and the cover-up by the World Health Organization on the severity of the disease early on, the Democrats now want to pivot to the "blame Trump for the virus" game.

Will it work?
Not likely, they would need the rest of the nation to follow their lead in assigning every death for the next month to Coronavirus. Most counties in the US are Red and so will not likely play along with those types of political games when it comes to death certificates.

The liberals/democrats are also working on the ol' racism trope as well. Bernie the Communist Sympathizer was clear about noting that today in his "campaign suspension" speech.
I looked at the numbers broken down by race here in the city. The numbers were 5-6% points higher per capita in the black and hispanic communities. Now, could this be blamed on racism? We understand that viruses have no brains, and are purely strands of dna or rna that reproduce using the minimum of organic material, so the virus isn't racist.
More likely, the cause of the disparity in numbers is a socio-economic issue having to do with the types of jobs involved where exposure is more common and underlying health and genetics as some groups suffer from heart disease more than others. Heart disease is a leading co-morbidity.

the death toll model used by the US government has downgraded the number of predicted fatalities again:


...stop the hysteria libs/democrats, the sky is not falling, this virus will run its course and start asking yourselves the correct questions: where did this virus originate and why did China suppress information and access to US scientists early on? The American President is not the enemy in this, if you can't see that, perhaps you are too aligned with the communist Chinese.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

The NYT!! Of all places blasted dum dum and Sonny today. When you’ve lost the NYT...

Anonymous said...

Now that China invented a cure for old decrepit leaches that suck up resources and hold onto the government teet by it's dentures it's time to refine to cover race,gender,faith and deformity,America is doing it's part with abortion,drug overdoses and homicides and Europe covering immigrant starvation and prisioner organ harvesting the world's future is looking pretty bright

Anonymous said...

@Harry "The toady media have an ax to grind with President Trump"
Turns Out Crying COVID Nurse Who Quit Was A HOAX ! Did the Left Media Fake this ?
She did this for attention and the media no longer does their job in verifying anything.
As long as it makes Orange Man look bad, they will churn it out.
Her performance was slightly better than Juicy Smollietes. #FAKENEWS

Anonymous said...

"COVID-19 is Racisssst says the Mayor"
It isn't that #COVID19 discriminates about who it infects, it's the condition of the person who becomes infected that is the problem !