Saturday, February 1, 2020

Man gets stabbed to death in front of a hotel homeless shelter

A father of two was fatally stabbed outside a Queens homeless shelter while walking home from work, relatives and police said.

Bodega employee Jose De La Cruz, 54. was minutes away from home when a suspect knifed him several times in the chest outside the Garden Inn and Suites, a hotel-turned-shelter, in Jamaica about 10:15 p.m. Friday.

Medics rushed De La Cruz to Jamaica Hospital, but he could not be saved.

Stunned relatives were struggling to understand Saturday how the Dominican-born man could’ve met such a tragic fate so close to home.

“He was very friendly, loved by the community. He was always smiling," his cousin, Milton Cruz, 41, said.

Witnesses told police that De La Cruz was arguing with another man before he was attacked outside the Baisley Boulevard shelter near 134th Ave.

The Garden Inn and Suites provides rooms to the city’s Department of Homeless Services to house homeless men, authorities said.


Anonymous said...

Deblasio lied, people died.

RIP Jose. Hard working NY’ers deserve better.

Elmhurst Hag said...

Here we are on the verge of a pandemic, and this poor man (RIP) is killed by some garbage person. If I’ve learned anything from umpteen seasons of The Walking Dead, it’s that deadly viruses are not mankind’s greatest threat: it’s fellow human beings.

Anonymous said...

NYS Assembly Democrats are responsible for New York’s new bail law !
Daily I read my newspapers reporting horror stories on crime going unpunished.
Keep voting liberal Dems into office and NYC will be toast again like the 1970's !

Anonymous said...

Elect Jim Quinn BP!

Anonymous said...

It can't be. Those are good people, just down on their luck.
Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Why is there 4 to 5 shelters in Springfield Gardens? We all know the answer because it is a black area.

Anonymous said...

and you want the homeless to go into these shelters? even outside the shelter residents are dangerous. Let's find out the murderer had many prior convictions.

Solution? put those with a criminal history in their own shelter. Those with serious mental illness in their own shelter. I wonder how many mothers with children who are put up in the homeless hotels have had ACS cases for neglect and abuse on their kids. If they're in a hotel they're no longer homeless.... stop with the nonsense already. The DHS is to blame. close that agency and open up a Dept of Really Affordable Housing for the Working Person.

I can't stand when I read the victim and perpetrator were arguing. If someone tries to rob you it's normal to start screaming. This kind of reporting gets the perpetrator off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Simple stop giving letting other’s come to our country it’s Fucking getting ridiculous and we wonder why the crime rate has gone this why i walk around with protection with these migrants walking around with knife’s and razors makes me not come out as much anymore cause not trying go to jail for a unregistered🔫