Saturday, February 22, 2020

REBNY bought their man for Queens Post

The powerful Real Estate Board of New York is throwing its muscle behind Councilman Donovan Richards to become Queens’ next borough president — and is helping to fundraise for the Far Rockaway Democrat, The Post has learned.

“We firmly believe Council Member Donovan Richards would best serve in this role,” wrote REBNY president James Whelan in an email that was sent to the organization’s board last week and obtained by The Post.

Whelan pointed to Richards support for rezonings and for controversial public-private partnerships to pay for rehabbing decrepit public housing developments as reasons for backing him.

“We can’t expect to see eye-to-eye with every elected official on every issue,” he added. “We can expect, and should support, those candidates who are willing to have direct, honest conversations about ways we can work together to move the City forward — and we believe Donovan is that candidate.”

Whelan’s Feb. 14 email called for REBNY’s deep-pocketed members to contribute to Richards’ campaign and included an invite to a Feb. 19 fundraiser organized by Queens real estate broker Eric Benaim.

They got theirs...


Anonymous said...

Bad enough that he's the Queens Democratic Party machine's candidate. I also read that most of Elizabeth Crowley's campaign contributions come from the construction industry.

On the day of the election, we have to make sure that neither of these two candidates prevail.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as a life long New Yorker,
who is still planning on voting Democrat locally this year?

I may be wrong, but from my perspective, everything that these elected idiots have foisted on the people over the past few years has been a direct affront to common sense and the working class individual.
-decriminalization of crimes that any thinking human would think deserve punishment.
-closing a well-placed jail which is currently away from the law abiding population, in favor of placing jails (and all the trash that goes with them) in middle class areas of the city.
-dismal results with school improvement initiatives.
-attempts to dismantle those few high performing schools like Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech
-complete failure in maintaining public housing
-complete failure in containing the issue of homelessness in our city
...and the list goes on.

So please tell me, who out there will defend these Democrat initiatives?
If not, is there something you might tell others who are still stuck with the idea that the Democrat party is somehow upholding middle class values?

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Look seriously to vote for Quinn.

Anonymous said...

"also read that most of Elizabeth Crowley's campaign contributions come from the construction industry."
Why is this unusual?

She's a union darling (Painters union etc.)

TommyR said...

Wish someone like Stringer would run for BP. Not that BPs can get much done anyway, but apparently REBNY thinks otherwise. That sign at the point - perfect sign-off.

Anonymous said...

Harry Haller- Spot on in your analysis but you know as well as I do that the electorate here will overwhelmingly support Democrat candidates regardless of logic.