Friday, February 28, 2020

Neir's may yet be destroyed - by the de Blasio administration

Bioswale BS may be the biggest fraud perpetrated on city residents other than ThriveNYC and the homeless shelter industry. What the hell are they doing here? Watering rocks?

 Admin note:

It was only a few weeks ago when de Blasio invited Loy to the state of the city address at the American Museum of Natural History to witness his promise to save the small businesses of this city right to his face. They featured the bar on the city's website

Such a bastard. -JQ LLC


Anonymous said...

such a nice old building. Here's my two cents. In the left of the photo just past the stop sign is a door. Not a front door. It's The Ladies Door. Until the mid 1960's, women were required to go through the ladies door. It led into a supposedly quieter atmosphere, sometimes called a snug. tables, chairs, maybe booths, curtains, tablecloths, lamps maybe, an awning over the door protecting the fairer sex from rain and snow. It was for The Ladies. In earlier times a woman going into the front door of a bar and grill, was verboten. You may send your children into the front door of the bar looking for your husband and the Friday paycheck, but you, if you were truly a lady, had to go through The Ladies Door. Most of these now are ghosts but if you look you will find them- bricked up, painted over, seek and ye shall find. They're still there as ghost Ladies Doors.
What can one expect from a corrupt administration that is backed up by the corrupt and unethical civil service unions but lies. DeBlaz used the bar for free PR and now the use has run it's course.

Anonymous said...

The comments should be leveled at the borough - not one individual, but everyone part of this dysfunctional country. You should see how the community mobilizes in Manhattan or Brooklyn - entire projects gets stopped, floors removed, elected officials funding community preservation seminars! One can go on and on.

Queens? In a few places here and there resistance, but by and large its indifference and resignation - and yes greed. Maybe AOC, and her associates, should start boro-wide workshops, study what is going on in other areas that are moving forward, and try to do the same here. Whatever opinion you might have, what we are doing in this borough is not working and the faster we realize that, and do something about it the better it will be. Whining and complaining wastes everyone's time.

There are no happy endings in Queens.

Anonymous said...

There are no happy endings in Queens

You’re not going o the right spas

Anonymous said...

Yea, put that line in on purpose as bait with complete knowledge that, faced with a serious challenge, it would be the only thing Catherine of Branganza's people would focus in on and comment.

You did. Adding another eye rolling layer of evidence to the rest of the dirge. How can you move forward, or why should anyone care, if the borough is stuck in the 7th grade?

That is your problem. When one goes to conferences on preservation and everyone in the room are exchanging ideas on what works, and you mention Queens, there is an embarrassed pause, someone mentions something that happened 50 years ago, and the conversations resume.

Anonymous said...

@There are no happy endings in Queens

Try Flushing.

Anonymous said...

I would say two types of businesses that were a big part of classic New York are endangered, one are diners, and the other are pubs like Neirs. Given the demographic change, we have chicken and rice carts on every corner as well as haute coffee houses that sell you a 6 dollar cup of coffee.
I have noticed pizzerias from back in the day, many are still around, Amore's still open in the one of the most heavily Asian neighborhoods, Flushing. If places like Amore ever close, I will finally leave. I am doubtful its going to close anytime soon. I was there a few days ago and it was busy. One of the few truly good slices left in NYC. I guess pizza is one thing that might survive all the changes in this city.

Anonymous said...

So bioswales are coming in after all? I actually want the one they planned in front of my building, but that was nearly 3 years ago, and nothing.

@Anon 5: kek. That deserves a rimshot.