Sunday, February 23, 2020

Liz Crowley and generational nepotism infects faculty staffing at a public school 
NY Post

The sister and nephew of Liz Crowley, an ex-city councilwoman running for Queens borough president, are getting special treatment as teachers in a city middle school, a whistleblower charges.

The politician’s sister, Patricia Crowley, returned to IS 5 the Walter Crowley School — named for their late councilman uncle — after a higher-paying Department of Education assignment to land an easy gig supervising kids in a detention room, insiders told The Post.
In what one staffer called “cronyism,” Patricia’s son, Eugene Cullivan, a day-to-day substitute, was filling in for an art teacher on leave. But when that teacher returned in November, Principal Kelly Nepogoda let Cullivan keep the class full-time instead of returning it to the licensed specialist.
“This is not just about favoritism. It’s about hurting students,” a veteran DOE teacher said. “The art students are subjected to a substitute when an experienced, licensed teacher is available.”
The veteran called it “preferential treatment” for the politically-connected duo. The Crowley sisters’ cousin is Joe Crowley, the longtime congressman and former Queens Democratic Party boss defeated in 2018 by primary challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Patricia Crowley declined to discuss the arrangement. Nepogoda did not return a call or answer an email. Liz Crowley did not return calls. A special election for borough president is set for March 24.
Patricia Crowley, 50, is licensed to teach children in pre-K to 6th grade, and special education. She taught 6th grade science at IS 5 before taking a special, two-year DOE assignment as a “peer evaluator” in other schools, making $141,300 last school year.
Since returning to IS 5 in September, her salary reverted to $121,862,  the DOE said. She doesn’t teach a class, but supervises the SAVE, or in-house suspension, room. Typically five to 10 students at a time come from various classes with work assigned by their regular teachers.
A SAVE teacher may help kids with questions, but no lesson planning or grading is required. It’s considered an easy, less stressful job.
Crowley could be teaching a regular class, or helping reduce class size, the DOE veteran said: “Her services should be utilized helping students with the greatest need, instead of being put in a practically phantom job.”
Her son Cullivan, 27, was subbing for an art teacher on medical leave when the school year started, Nepogoda granted his request to keep the class after the art teacher returned on Nov. 22.  Nepogoda assigned the art teacher a class of students scheduled for music, replacing a music teacher she had removed for alleged misconduct. The school is now without a music teacher.


Anonymous said...

Hey,its not who you know, its who you blow!

Anonymous said...

You must me talking about AP Winkler,How did she get hired???? #metoo what school did she work at before conveniently getting placed at I.S. 5.?
The Crowley umbrella stretches throughout school district 24. Nepotism is standard administrative hiring practice for district 24. long time democratic district leaders son was placed as principal in the same building as the superintendent. Councilman Moya even used his address to finance his campaign. Click link to read article
Did he hire Nepogoda as well? How has Superintendent Chan not been removed? How did she get hired???? District 24 is full of of nepotism. Why are there no Hispanic female administrators in district 24? Why are all the special education Hispanic students being suspended?
I.S. 5 and I.S 61 have worst issues in NYC yet chancellor Carranzza speaks nothing of Hispanic students being disenfranchised. Moya and assemblywoman Cruz advocate for dreamer students yet do nothing for the thousands of Hispanic students in their own district.
click on the link for special education suspension data I.S. 5 had the worst t last year and another district 24 school I.S. 61 are still the highest. Superintendent Chan needs to go!
Thank you Bob Holden for all you do! District 24 students need your advocacy!

TommyR said...

the DoE's one giant incestuous orgy of nepotism. I remember one of my teach's back in the day was the niece to the then chancellor, she wasn't great but she wasn't terrible. This was thirty years back..

Anonymous said...

Nepotism can be stopped/slowed by the Civil Service Exam !

Anonymous said...

She's still a looker !

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with TommyR on this one !

Anonymous said...

She never met a frog she didn't kiss

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