Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bushwick bike spite racks

"Hi I saw your post about the spite racks and wanted you to know that Ridgewood is not alone.
I took these pics early Sunday morning (before 8am) along Irving Ave in Bushwick. It's the same story - the bike racks were installed last year and they didn't bother to put bikes in them. And judging by the lack of bikes all these months later, there isn't much of a market here as none have migrated over from racks in other neighborhoods." - anonymous


JQ LLC said...

Just hysterical.

Maybe this also proves that Bushwick has not been totally overwhelmed by the hipster demo.

But they probably prefer to use that Revel motorcycle scooter share instead.

Anonymous said...

Who needs bikes when we have e-scooters.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with bikes. They want to limit the parking by putting as much nonsense as they can in the parking spots, or making everything a no standing zone. This way people get fustrated that there is no parking and get rid of their cars, or the people with cars move. Then they are replaced with people who only use bikes.

Anonymous said...

It increasingly feels like these bike racks aren't intended to house bikes, but rather be an excuse to remove already limited parking spots and make driving even more intolerable.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon re: intolerable

I wonder if the irony is lost on de Blasio, City Council and the bike zealot lobbies of the intolerance they are exhibiting all by themselves towards people who drive or already have their own bikes. It's uncharacteristic of the progressive values they are expected to uphold.