Sunday, February 23, 2020

Flushing middle school children are contemplating thoughts of suicide Post

Kids aren’t talking about soccer or English class in the halls of JHS 189 in Flushing.

They’re talking about killing themselves.

Sixty students have expressed suicidal thoughts in the past year, Principal Magdalen Radovich told a recent gathering of nearly two dozen elected officials and community leaders. The Department of Education claimed Radovich “misquoted” the figure but refused to give The Post any data.
None of the children made good on their threats, and parents were called in each case. But shocked local lawmakers are calling it a crisis.

“If 60 kids on the Upper East Side talked about suicide, Mayor de Blasio would be there interjecting himself,” Assemblyman Ron Kim fumed of Hizzoner, whose wife, Chirlane McCray, has made mental health her signature cause.

“Sixty … is a staggering number, but even one is too many,” said City Councilman Peter Koo, who attended the Feb. 7 legislative breakfast at the school along with Kim and Flushing Chamber of Commerce’s John Choe.

Just the mention of the 60 cases — about 8% of Daniel Carter Beard School’s roughly 740 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders — sucked the oxygen out of the room, the men said.

The movers and shakers had even been scheduled to tour the school but ran out of time because they peppered the principal with so many questions about the suicide talk.
“It is shocking to me that central DOE has not yet communicated this data with us,” Kim said. “How could DOE have dropped the ball in addressing these issues?”
Radovich brought up the figure after she asked for the group’s buy-in for a mental health and wellness center on campus.

“She was trying to make the point that she had never seen anything like this in her years of being an educator,” Kim said.

Kim also wants a deeper discussion of what is behind the scary talk. He and Choe, the Chamber’s executive director, contend the crisis doesn’t stem from peer pressure or group think, but from Flushing’s lack of affordable housing and skyrocketing commercial rents.


georgetheatheist said...

Just HOW do the kids express suicidal "thoughts"? They are overheard in the school lunchroom? They write about it in their composition books? They alert the school nurse?

Anonymous said...

Flushing is a shithole...I'd want to kill myself!

Anonymous said...

Poor kids. It’s the indoctrination. They are so confused these days they can’t even tell what sex they are when they look down their pants. Morons like AOC telling them the world will end in 12 years. No wonder they’re depressed.

TommyR said...

Kids are sponges. Doubt it's merely fashionable to joke about in pseudo-ironic way millennials love. Could be parents are feeling rent/food pressure, coupled with good ol' Asian parental peer-pressuring techniques (only 99? Why no 100? Jimmy Ma say he got into Stuy..) As is..this is kind of a nothing story until (hopefully not) something happens. or Sixty somethings happen. Kinna pointless to post otherwise, except for the 'weak' tie-in with increasing CoL...which has only been a trend in Flushing for two decades, at least, now.

Anonymous said...

It's Trumps fault. Or Putin's.

Anonymous said...

"It's Trumps fault. Or Putin's." In the NYC Far Left Liberal echo chamber the anwser is YES !

Anonymous said...

Another glowing success for Commissioner Carranza. Asians are no different than whites in his eyes - too successful in school, and therefore responsible for holding other kids from other groups back by setting expectations too high. He'll be celebrating if enough of them die or leave, opening up more room for the groups he wants to give special treatment to.

Joe said...

These kids have suicidal thoughts because they live 6+ to a room under a "house mothers" , who claim the parents are away working overseas.
Its a scam for Korea & China to ship & educate its kids to Queens on our dollar. The problem and massive destruction of single family homes has spread as far east as Manhasset where the now Democrat communist controlled township claims "its a good thing, your all just racists who should retire and move" at town board meeting's.
Oh and the other good one "why do you live in Manhasset if you don't have no kids -MOVE!"
The thugs with guns then escort you out of Town Hall and ban you from future meetings and public referendums.
I was arrested once because council member (pulling the old Hollywood cellphone to the ear) claimed I threatened to throw him out the 3rd floor window.

Now $8000 school taxes alone for all the 25+ ESL teachers, pensions, benefits, multicultural bussing and special classrooms for these kids that cant read or write in English.
I'm Manhasset they kicked the K1 & K2 local born kids out the local school and bus them to some converted warehouse to make room for the illegal kids & ESL bullshit.
Pure madness !!
Long Island is fucked with garbage from the city, Asia, El Salador and Mexico!!!

I sold the house in Manhasset, closing today good riddance to $30K taxes and bullshit.
Moved back to the city.
The people in Ridgewood, MV and Maspeth don't know how good they have it with all the services, food, bars, 24-7 bodegas, shopping, M train and $4800 average taxes outweigh the problems in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Joe said... Well said !

Anonymous said...

Who was the old hag BP from Whitestone,she made millions selling Queens to china.

Anonymous said...

Claire Shulman Queens BP 1986 - 2002
Stiil alive 94 years old !