Monday, February 10, 2020

The Queens Machine three kahunas suddenly gets all transparent.

Beginning next month, the Eagle will devote even more coverage to the
court officers, law clerks and other workers who make our courts run.

Why? -QC


georgetheatheist said...

Only on Queens Crap, folks. In the photo, see the 2 white guys in the middle and the one at the far right? The law firm of Bolz, Reich, and Sweeney - the 3 kahunas of Democratic politics in Queens - in persona. Lefty "progressives": cross the Machine and these 3 guys will come after you with legal barrels blasting. These guys are why Katz, not Caban, is today the Queens DA.

A rare photo of the Machine machers.

georgetheatheist said...

Why are all these South Asian Indo-Caribbeans "people of color" happily posing with the 3 white guys, hmmmm? Political deals being made?

Simon Legree said...

Ahhh. My heart beatheth merrily. The massahs of the machine plantation.

Anonymous said...


Because those are the people who read the Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Sweeney is and always has been the smartest guy in the Queens machine. That's why he lives in a WASPY type gated mansion in Old Westbury. No one comes close to what this guy makes - not even Crowley with his new lobbyist job.

Queenscrap Denizens should be aware that NOTHING has changed on Sutphin Blvd. since AOC's election. The machine is in full control and they are present daily.

Anonymous said...

"Why are all these South Asian Indo-Caribbeans "people of color" happily posing with the 3 white guys"?

Yeah and what the fuck is up with Albert Baldeo these days, he, who pulled a pistol on an opponents wife (Seminerio?) Is he running for office?

Anonymous said...

A machine can't continue operating without the machinists.
In this case, the political machine operates on the votes of zombie voters being led by politicians who get power and union/civic leaders who get favors in the form of cushy jobs.
Just ask yourself how we have politicians in power who think it's a good idea to close the main city jail, or put homeless shelters in middle class neighborhoods next to schools or jails in the middle of commercial districts, and on and on.
Yet, they continue to vote one line every year because they're too brain washed to look at other prospects. As if other parts of the country don't have functional, well run systems.

It's an organic system that has developed over centuries of corruption and abuse of the existing system, not unlike the unusual ecosystem that grows around Flushing creek. It's persistent and resistant to change.