Monday, February 10, 2020

Zero Vision shown by city regarding destroyed fire hydrant in Whitestone


 For years the residents of 5th Avenue in WHITESTONE Queens have been advocating and begging for safety. They have asked for extension of bollards to prevent speeding cars and trucks from turning up their narrow residential street to a one way conversion going toward the bridge. Always met with different excuses, never once coming up with a safe Solution.  

In the last 3 months, the hydrant on the corner has been taken out three times by speeding cars careening into oncoming traffic and jumping the sidewalk. A few months ago,  a speeding car took the turn at such high speeds that it bounced off the hydrant and spun to the other side totaling a parked Jeep. The mother and her two daughters and just parked the Jeep and missed getting hit or killed by two minutes. 
When will enough be enough. The residents of 5th Avenue need help. 

Also, the hydrant is now MIA and the block has a missing hydrant over 3 weeks. GOD FORBID THERE IS A FIRE!  

The residents have reached out to all the elected representatives as well as DOT and DEP. NO reply on when if ever the hydrant will be replaced


Anonymous said...

Now is good time to have a house fire and sue city

Anonymous said...

Have your "Savior" Phony Tony Avella hold a rally around the defunct hydrant and call out the electeds so he can get his name back into the spotlight. then you'll get you hydrant.

Anonymous said...

They just can't help themselves in Whitestone. The name of your City Councilman is Paul Valone, send him an email, or better yet, visit his office with a petition. Remember that the Vallones ruined Astoria, their doing the same in Whitestone. It's tough, I know; who ya gonna trust?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the City can put in cameras on every major roadway designed for 50mph driving, but can't be bothered to worry about residential blocks where driving should be 25mph or lower.

Anonymous said...

Only four comments from Whitestone? No big deal, then!

JQ LLC said...

I just posted it on my twitter feed.