Thursday, February 2, 2017

De Blasio won't kill innocent groundhog this year

From SI Live:

Mayor Bill de Blasio won't risk dropping Staten Island Chuck again this Groundhog Day.

Three years after a potentially-fatal fumble on his first Groundhog Day as mayor, de Blasio will skip the Staten Island Zoo's annual ceremony for the second year in a row.

"The Mayor's on Staten Island as much as possible and that will continue in 2017," de Blasio spokeswoman Jessica Ramos said. "We doubt the groundhog will be heartbroken."

The mayor's office didn't say what de Blasio would be doing on Thursday instead of attending the 7 a.m. ceremony.

The Staten Island Zoo said Public Advocate Letitia James will officiate instead of de Blasio.


(sarc) said...

Groundhog Day, just going to talk to my Attorneys.

Groundhog Day, just going to talk to my Attorneys.

Groundhog Day, just going to talk to my Attorneys.

Who is paying for this? Oh yes, the taxpayers...

Anonymous said...

SI Chuck probably committed suicide after being associated with deBlas.

Joe Moretti said...


Anonymous said...

Lettie stepping in as Mayor? Is that an omen of things to come?

Anonymous said...

Keep him away from all animals.

Anonymous said...

Alas, between de BlASSio and his Affirmative Action-hired pal, 'Lettie the Lurker,' the only living things getting slaughtered daily are We the People, whom they brazenly continue to ignore with impunity——every single day!

Frankly, I can easily understand why both of these intensely incompetent, public fools never had a real job between their combined, wasted lives of monstroulsy failed public service (that has never even pretended to serve their ever languishing constituents): It's the only jobs to which they can commit OPENLY PRACTICED government tyranny and anarchy, and STILL continue to serve (themselves, naturally——and lavishly so!), without ever requiring, much less enforcing, public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency! And, the public be damned (again and still)!

No wonder a vulgarian crumb like Tony Avella never gives up (as he tries YET AGAIN to unseat YET ANOTHER waste of skin (and useless, dangerous crud), who is depleting the Earth of precious oxygen, whilst 'Avaricious Avella' continues to compete for MORE city and state, taxpayer funded pensions than Michael Phelps has Gold Medals)!


JQ LLC said...

Groundhogs can sense megalomaniacal assholes. They react accordingly.

Anon 4 on Lettie-spot on. The bad news about James being mayor, is that Aja Worthy Davis will be promoted to a deputy mayor position.

Gary W said...

C'mon Groundhog Day in Queens is always the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.