Friday, February 17, 2017

Addresses will soon need to be posted

From Crains:

Believe it or not, there is no law requiring New York City landlords to post an address near each building entrance. That is set to change today, 13 years after the bill first came before the City Council.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer first penned the legislation in 2004 to help ensure that firefighters and police were not delayed in responding to emergencies due to unmarked buildings—of which there are many. A 2010 study found that nearly half of all buildings along several Manhattan commercial corridors did not have a building number visible from the street.

"For years, New York City's streets have been like something out of a Harry Potter book, with storefronts and whole buildings that are only easy to find if you already know where they are," Brewer said in a statement announcing the bill, which was expected to pass the council Wednesday before heading to the desk of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Current regulations require building owners to post an address only at the front entrance—which has complicated efforts by first responders.

The new law, which was introduced by City Councilman Jumaane Williams, requires an address to be posted at any doorway used by pedestrians, and it increases the initial fine to $250 from $25. If a required address is not posted within 30 days, a $50 fine would accrue for each day afterward.


Anonymous said...

To be implemented by the year 2045.

(sarc) said...

Wow,another bit of common sense that must be taken over by the government and legislated.

I am sure a new, never ending agency will be created for the enforcement.

The ever growing Leviathan...

Anonymous said...

Great. Im always amazed how many places dont have addresses posted. Now if the city could replace all the faded and missing street name signs I might be able to tell where I am.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but with the increased fines, will probably be abused for revenue enhancement.