Saturday, February 11, 2017

DOT work causes flooding

From the Queens Chronicle:

When Michael Hannibal and his wife paid for the reconstruction of their driveway along with the curb and sidewalk in front of their house to stop rain from getting into their basement, they didn’t expect a bureaucratic nightmare to follow.

According to the homeowner, the DOT raised the height of Eton Street in Jamaica Estates, where their house is, as part of a citywide resurfacing and milling initiative in July 2015, the year after the reconstruction. With the street in places above the curb, the agency effectively undid the fix. Their work also created a parking problem: Without the curb high enough above the road, a car parking on the street in front of Hannibal’s home will easily go onto the curb.

Hannibal and his wife filed a formal complaint with the agency that month “with the understanding that the Queens Borough Commissioner and Operational Unit would provide recommendations by August 20,” according to the homeowner.

He is a member of Community Board 8, and he worked with the board and the office of Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) to communicate with the DOT, emails show.

DOT official Richard Gippetti visited the site and said that it would be resolved, but did not follow up with the homeowner, Hannibal said.

In August 2015, the Queens Street Maintenance team found that no damage was done to the curb by city work; Hannibal was informed of their inspection last September.

After the office of City Comptroller Scott Stringer disallowed Hannibal’s claim and said that the city was not responsible, he filed a civil lawsuit against the city.

The homeowner is suing for $5,750 — an estimate given to him by a contractor — to have the sidewalk redone.


Anonymous said...

Were I live in North Flushing the DOT screwed up my whole block they same way by paving over my Belgium block curb. What jerks !

Anonymous said...

Everything, EVERYTHING, the DOT touches turns to shit. And to make it worse, I swear it's part of their game plan to blame it on the public... The DOT is staffed by Incompetant buttheads, who can't find gainful employment in the private sector so we get burdened with their buffoonery...

Anonymous said...

Look who works at the DOT. and you will realize that the incompetence is planned. They are all illegal aliens and convicted felons getting a paycheck for doing lousy work. Typical NYC agency that your tax dollar pays for.

(sarc) said...

A bit of history and some thoughts for the day:

“Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so.” ― Ronald Wilson Reagan

President Reagan new about "fake" news before it was fake news.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana (16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain – 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy) was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -- Albert Einstein

Yes! Keep re-electing these fools.

Some things never change, and too many people never learn!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep...the same shit on 165 St, north Flushing.
Call Vallone's office about it?
Are you kidding? He's a no show except when it comes to his developer pals. Then he is always Paulie on the spot.
Waddaya expect? He lobbies for them. He does not represent you.
On,y his own best interests are in his play book.
Dump Vallone!

Anonymous said...

The current managers at DOT are the worst I've seen in years.