Thursday, February 23, 2017

50-unit building planned for Woodside

From Sunnyside Post:

A local developer is looking to put up a new building in Woodside that will include nearly 50 residential units as well as a supermarket, daycare facility, and other commercial spaces.

According to a permit filed with the building department last week, Queens-based developer Cheung Kiu plans to build a four-story, 64,472 square foot building at 31-19 56th Street in Woodside.

The plans show that the development would have 40,099 square feet of residential space, 18,711 square feet of commercial space, and 5,662 square feet of community space, with 47 apartments on the upper floors and retail and offices on the lower levels.

Kiu plans to build an attended below ground parking garage with 68 spots on the site, according to the plans.

Well, I don't think that drawing quite depicts a 50-unit building but what do I know?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful.... Keep building without more public infrastructures and transportation and street parking. Keep up the good job mayor dumbdumb.

Anonymous said...

NYC has THE ugliest new construction in the country!

Anonymous said...

The DOT just took out about 7 parking spots under the trestle on 31 Ave right next to this location. They put in a bike lane that runs right up along the curb at that spot. Then, to add insult to injury, they began bombing the cars parked there with summonses, weeks before they even put up No Stopping Anytime signs.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need more homes and people !

Anonymous said...

If this guy is putting up that building, you can bet the construction will be shoddy crap, the "inspectors" paid off--just like most Chinese construction. Wouldn't be surprised if it collapsed during construction. And there is a huge chance that it will be a warehouse for illegal Chinese trash. Like they care about stressing an already overused infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

This is up to Queens Civic Congress or something to get moving on this over development plague.

There are glimmers in Manhattan and Brooklyn about this and its about time Queens does something. And I don't mean with those fake civics or others ready to drop out of the fight for a dog bone.

Either do something or go home. Simply repeating the obvious while in your jammies does squat.

Take a page from those rallies the pols are putting together to further their party agenda, and take that collective energy to help communities!!

Anonymous said...

No one who lives in CB2 will be given apartments. It will be all Chinese just like the apartments in Long Island City. They've turned Woodside into a total crapper.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful.... Keep building without more public infrastructures and transportation and street parking. Keep up the good job mayor dumbdumb.

Don't worry, city council and our illustrious Albany contingent will pass legislation to put a stop to that mayor! right?


Anonymous said...

Immigrants ‘represent a large share of the demand supporting house values’, says a demographics expert amid warnings the system could be tested.

"Is Donald Trump, the property tycoon turned president, about to bust the housing market? That’s potentially one of the unanticipated impacts of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration, according to demographics experts and immigrants’ rights groups."

So there it is again, like the bikes and waterfront development with no infrastructure, the property developers are behind these protests against deporting illegals. If that means that the housing crisis is cooled down if they are blocked at the borders, then, well....

what will the snowflakes say when then finally stumble on that nugget?

Rob in Manhattan said...

What is this stupid "snowflakes" crap. Some talk radio junk for morons.

look at reality, every diner, coffee shop, florist and non-union construction co. uses undoc's as their workforce. this has been true for over 25 years and its not gonna change because some lout-gasbag got elected. There is just too much economic and political power against it now.

Trying to conflate the arrival of immigrants with the rise of big apartment complexes is another idiotic comparison.

The main reason those people established communities in the areas where they have is because the housing was less desirable for younger Americans. Look at all those shitty old frame houses and walkup apartment dumps along Roosevelt Ave. No one who could afford anything better would choose to live there. Those areas were slowly emptying out and succumbing to insurance arson 30 years ago.

The reason LIC is now desired by young Americans and better skilled immigrants is due to modern housing stock and proximity to Manhattan where many of them work.

Rob in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Drove by lic this past weekend. Surprised at the number of hipsters i saw. Used to be a dump.

JQ LLC said...

The motherfuckers who planned this building, which looks like a hotel, built a big ass garage for a clientele who will definitely be riding bikes and skateboards to work. And as mentioned above, a bike lane was placed there unceremoniously to discourage parking by residents and others.

Talk about municipal chicanery and hubris

Anonymous said...

Drove by lic this past weekend. Surprised at the number of hipsters i saw. Used to be a dump.

Pretty much still is.

Tall new buildings in a dump is a typical feature of 3rd world neighborhoods. Interesting to see what happens when Jimmy's hipsters discover a lessening of immigrants means cheaper rents.

Anonymous said...

I know this area very well. I grew up right there.

They are showing the south side of 31 ave between 56 st and the train tracks. Until the early 1970s the building that was to be demolished was a car park for those who lived in Boulevard Gardens across the street. Then the building was abandoned, a weed strewn lot, and a magnet for all sorts of crime. Then the current grocery and bagel stores moved in and did a land office business after the grocery store on 31 ave between 54 st and 55 st became a CVS.

To replace those old and ratty buildings with this is a major improvement to this great neighborhood. It will increase property values and rents for the many landlords who rent out parts of their house. Grocery stores and more retail is very much needed there. A good deli can also serve the many people who com to the Honda service place (which was the NY Telephone Lot) on the south side of 31 ave between the train tracks and 58 st.

Once this building is up and the stores are running I see demolishing the stores on 31 ave between 54 st and 55 st and putting the same sort of building there.

The subway stop for this area is called 'Northern Boulevard' which is at the corner of 54 st and Northern. It is barely used and has plenty of capacity. Of all of the subway stops it has possibly the fewest residents nearby it who use it daily.

OK, you may not have ready street parking but who cares. This neighborhood is really becoming a 'live with no car' area as it is Manhattanizing.

I plan to retire and live in the first floor of my house which is very close to this proposed building and have no car. A quick cab ride or a quick subway ride can get you anywhere from there and I mean anywhere. Having handy walking distance retail is also very important and the stores they plan to build are what is very necessary. I just know that renting the rest of my house will become very profitable.

I hope they do this AND the other project I proposed between 54 and 55 st.

If you want to live and drive everywhere and have parking wherever you go and not pay for it, move! like I did!

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is a real estate shill and more than likely someone in the good graces with the ruling class of Queens.

The point is this is a terrible place to plop a lot of people, but then, again, living next to railroad tracks seems to be the thing our elites believe is good for campaign donors, i mean the public. Who needs schools, stores or parking places when you can bike to work, and have the stuff delivered to your door, an expensive way to live and a stupid way to commute, but hell, daddy and mommy pay the bill and you are told its a hip lifestyle - its on the internet and in the Queens weeklies so it must be true, right.

Besides, who cares about community. You will soon be moving anyway as the building begins to fill with the 3rd world drying clothes and tomorrow's dinner on the postage stamp 'balconies.' After all, the pols tell you millennials its a hip thing to march for those people but for heavens sake, you don't have to live with them, and you will certainly be gone to greener pastures with better schools in the outside chance that you will be able to afford children.

A new name for this building style: a Calliendo for that award winning darling of the LLC crowd.

Anonymous said...

I lived in that neighborhood from when I was born in the early 1960s until I moved out in 1991. Yes, I still own my old house. I know plenty of people across the street in Boulevard Gardens. And, no, this is not a third world slum as is the 'other side' of Woodside. Everyone here works. There are no clothes out drying. Nobody dries meat outside. Nobody raises chickens. This is a neighborhood for people who have jobs who come from all sorts of backgrounds. And very few of them behave like third worlders.

There is a grocery store on the site where this will be built. There are two more on 30th ave behind Bouldvard Gardens. There are plenty of schools in the neighborhood. And I can say that there are FEWER schoolchildren now than when I grew up there in the 1960s and went to Corpus Christi (60 st and 31 av). To the person who called me a shill......Did you ever go into DeDona's pizza or the Garden Grill????

And yes, I now still own my house (bought in 1982), my parents' house (bought in 1960) and my grandparents' house (bought in 1945) and I rent out to fine tenants with good on-the-books jobs. None can be classified as 'hipsters'. They all work and pay their keep. I can safely say that none of them are on any sort of public assistance based on the paychecks that were presented to me when they rented from me. So get off of your whining high horse about hipsters. This area was working class back in the day but is now the new middle class.

If you cannot handle a neighborhood with Asian, Latino, a few Middle Eastern, Indian, and White folks do not move there. The neighborhood is cleaner than it ever was. Crime is at its lowest. Property value is through the roof. Retail is now at its best. Add some more and you can really live without a car.

And the 'Northern Boulevard' subway station is barely used. Nobody from the south of Northern walks there. And all you have on the north is Boulevard Gardens and a bunch of single family homes. I still use it and it is nowhere used as much as 46 St or 65 St which are the stops around it.

The new building will be next to the Amtrak tracks which are much less noisy than an elevated subway. And there are plenty of one family homes along 56 st that back up to those tracks!

Build this! Then build something better and more expensive on 31 Av between 54 st and 55 st! I look forward to a very profitable secure retirement. And so do a lot of small time building owners in the neighborhood bounded by Northern Boulevard, the Woodside Houses, the train tracks and Boulevard Gardens.

Yes, millennials and soon-to-be old people like me, really enjoy life without a car. And we cannot afford Manhattan because foreign investors are really bidding up the prices.

Like I said earlier.....If you want to live in a place where you own a car and drive everywhere and want free parking.....move.

georgetheatheist said...

The Northern Boulevard station is used quite a bit. Two bus lines have stops right in front of the entrance to the station.

Anonymous said...

I lived in that neighborhood from when I was born in the early 1960s until I moved out in 1991. Yes, I still own my old house.


If you cannot handle a neighborhood with Asian, Latino, a few Middle Eastern, Indian, and White folks do not move there. The neighborhood is cleaner than it ever was


Unemployed said...

This is an R5 residential zoning lot at about 33K s.f. with FAR 1.25 so the developer is allowed to build up to 41K s.f. of residential apartment. There is a 85% off-street parking requirement and some reports show the developer is planning close to 80 spots which could help the parking situation in the area (although I am bit skeptical). What is really killing the parking in this part of town is the nearby Honda dealership who parks the cars it services on the street commercially.

I am actually looking forward to this development as the previous commercial spaces, the supermarket and the deli were quite shitty. Also I live directly across the street so I hope the new building could buffer some of the Amtrak noise.