Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Slow is the progress at the Lefferts Blvd station

Good morning,

In light of Andy Cuomo's decision to cut funding to the MTA I posted recent pictures on the super slow progress on the renovation and rebuilding of the Lefferts station.



JQ LLC said...

Update, the stairs were finally implemented. That's it.

Completion date still undetermined.

The partitions by the turnstiles have more pigeon feces though.

Anonymous said...

Well just take a look at the neighborhood this station serves. It's a pigsty and bordering on ruin. Who will notice?

JQ LLC said...

I do. And just because a town looks unappealing should not determine whether it gets improvements, infrastructure or visual, or not. The same goes with law enforcement. This is why southeastern queens is getting a modern day redlining.

Anonymous said...

Alas, this is exactly what political PRIVATE SPLENDOR vs. PUBLIC SQUALOR looks like. So, remind me again how much that worthless slug-parasite in City Hall raised the salaries of the city council (32%), when everyone else's salaries are stuck in 1985? And, this time he bumped the salaries by creating a special commission (with appointees from Conde Nast, no less), instead of the old fashioned and crooked way like Czarina Christine Quinn did, when she outright ignored the public hearings that rejected a city council pay raise in 2009, and simply greenlighted herself and every single derelict council member a raise for whom We, the People were unaninimously opposed. THIS IS DEMOCRACY?

The way New York City/State government operates is like having an uncle in the Mafia, where THIS time 'round, only the innocent get whacked over and over again!

JQ LLC said...

I have an update on the stairs. And they look cheap.