Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Coney Island still looks like crap, but getting more amusements

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The city is asking amusement-park operators to pitch rides and games for the empty lots between the Cyclone roller coaster and MCU Park — part of a long-running redevelopment plan to expand the amusement area.

It’s another step toward the new Coney Island envisioned under a 2009 rezoning, but officials say they will pick proposals that harken to the area’s glory days as a “publicly-accessible, affordable amusement park, a place for experimentation, innovation, whimsy and surprise.”

A stretch of W. 16th Street between Surf Avenue and the Boardwalk could become a concession­aires’ row, while the empty lot between the ballpark and the Thunderbolt roller coaster may become a new thrill-ride hub, according to a request for proposals the city issued on Feb. 6.

What happened to the luxury condos and affordable housing?


Anonymous said...

The reason why it looks like crap is because the projects is only a few blocks from there. So ghetto ass people equals ghetto ass looking places. The people who live in project housing anymore are just mostly (not all) trashy people. If you want to build up a neighborhood, you have to take away the project housing but that will never happen because then we will have yet more homeless people on the streets and those fresh out of jailbirds will be homeless instead of confined to their one area in the projects, so Its a lose-lose situation until they start fixing up the project houses and start drug screening and do random checkups on everyone living in those apartments just to make sure they are not harboring some ex cons there. I guess when the city built those project houses, they didn't foresee the types of trash it was going to house in them or else why else would they have built what was suppose to be a tourist attraction around a bunch of trash? It's the same thing with Atlantic city. The area around Atlantic city boardwalk is just filled with ghetto ass trashy people.

(sarc) said...

"Affordable" amusement rides.

Keep the masses distracted.

Our politicians would be great carnival barkers...

Anonymous said...

But the public housing is full of Democratic votes and give plenty of employment to agencies full of Democratic supporters.

Living on a handout is the same as living on the plantation and waiting a handout by Massa.

We need to force people to work, of find them work forcefully. Its one thing for help during an emergency, its another as a lifestyle choice.

Those that do so must pay back society in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Has looked like crap since the 60s! Maybe even the 50s. Will never look any different. Same with Jamaica. Same with scary places in the Bronx. The scary and the crap will always be with us, and they need to be somewhere. That somewhere is these places.

Anonymous said...

The NYCHA projects in Coney Island are the largest concentration of public housing projects in all five boroughs. It is a depressing sight. No trees, no shrubs, no gardens. I suppose they are all cut down so criminals can't hide behind them. Try going to a supermarket near these projects. Total ghetto scene, rotting vegetables, very little fresh fruit. Mostly black with a mix of Russians and Vietnamese, Cambodians thrown in.

At one time Coney Island had character and history. Thanks to arcades and rides being torn down in 2008, at Christmas no less, it no longer does. It is a sleazy creepy and dangerous place.

I guess what happened to the luxury condos is that potential buyers realized it would take too much to move the projects.

Anonymous said...

Just like Rockaway.

JQ LLC said...

What happened to the 80/20's? A few theories:

With the impending indictments against Mayor Big Slow, his whoring staff, and quite possibly those scumbag agents of the city and predator developers steering zoning and services with donations to the CONY bribe kitty, whatever glass monstrosity and useless amenity project that was considered there is now suddenly unfeaseable.

Also, probably unreported universal rejection from the residential community there at the prospect of pestilent gentrification.

And probably another desperate attempt to attract the hipshit demo to the amusement park and beach. In the hopes of finding space for a new obnoxious and overpriced foodie and drinkie festival similar to the lame ass beach bazaar if they can't attract new investment for rides.

Although the answer might be a casino since anon 1 mentioned atlantic city.

Anonymous said...

Go there and buy a piece of property, leave it dormant for a few decades for your grand children, it will become gold later on.

Look what happened to the meat packing district, Soho and LIC, back in the 70's those areas were ugly, smelly, ghetto filled with garbage, whores, pimps, drugs and so on and so forth. Try to buy a piece of property there today.

Anonymous said...

Whadya mean no gardens? Have you never been to Carey Gardens projects on W23 st? 3 Beautiful 30 story buildings..... ah, I love the smell of urine in the morning! Thanks democRATS!!

Anonymous said...

"The glory days"? Do they mean just a decade ago, before Bloomberg gave the place over to Thor Properties to destroy?

I miss "Shoot the Freak".