Monday, February 13, 2017

Stay safe out there!

From PIX11:

A wind advisory is in effect throughout the tri-state area, where wind gusts could reach up to 50 miles per hour or higher and cause power outages Monday.

Winds blowing down limbs, trees and power lines are among the chief of concerns listed in the advisory, as well as isolated power outages. These winds will also make driving difficult, and light-weight outdoor objects such as patio furniture should be properly secured.

The New York City Department of Buildings issued a warning to builders, contractors, crane operators and property owners to secure their construction sites, buildings and equipment due to the high-powered winds. They will performing spot-check inspections of construction sites around the city. If sites are not secured, the department will issue violations and stop work orders.


JQ LLC said...

Good old extreme effects of climate change. The big apple is now the windy apple.

I wouldn't put out any garbage bins to save parking spaces if I were you. You know who you are.

Joe Moretti said...

Oh and when it is all over, our NYC trees will be bearing the wonderful fruit, only home to NYC, known as plastic bags.

GaryW said...

Oh Noes!!! A blustery day in February...cue the chicken littles!! Can't wait to see all the exclusive team coverage on the network news of this *gasp*!! wintry day in February.

Never mind that local and State Gov't is corrupt to the bone, and the US is 19 trillion in Debt!!

Are Charles Oakley's feelings still hurt? Who won at the Grammys?

Anonymous said...

Alas, a wind advisory is nothing compared to what REALLY rattles and frightens me to my core: CITY HALL and ALBANY corruption, which has already destroyed all pretense of honest, ethical, inclusionary, NOT FOR SALE, leadership (that leads by example), in New York State, where Manhattan is now a sanctuary city of extreme wealth (that determines worth), privilege, power, unjust enrichment and PRIVATE SPLENDOR (none of which has been earned, much less deserved), versus PUBLIC SQUALOR, adversity, beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation for everyone else in the ever languishing rank and file.

I'll take the harmless wind ANY DAY over the lethally insidious corruption in this ravaged and tonsured state of political corruption that never ends.

It's finally time to make political corruption a capital offense, and to bust up all cartels and monopolies. It's why no one reads all propaganda lying newspapers anymore, because eight mentally ill plutocrats own more than 400 of them, as they control the toxic flow of all extreme corporate fascism——to pathologically high treasonous, traitorous and tyrannical effect! Talk about being un-American and anti-American——MEN HAVE BEEN HANGED FOR LESS!

Anonymous said...


Don't forget "We have activated the Jeep Storm Desk!" tidbit.

With NOAA caught cooking "Global Warming" data, I'd say snow and ice in February are normal, 63F is not, but I take it.

JQ LLC said...

63F to 18F is not normal either.

Gary W said...

What is the normal climate of the Earth?

Was it during the time of the dinosaurs? The Ice Age? The Little Ice Age? November 5th 1955?

Anonymous said...

Nothing compared to the blow jobs we are getting from our politicians.
Purse your lips and kiss my ass, Paul Vallone.
And do not try and pork us with your Valloney baloney!

Anonymous said...

And, for some reason the party boss powers that be are pushing Tony Avella toward the mayoralty (a position that he has already ran for and failed to secure), but no posts are being printed about his shabby record, dereliction of public duty and zero qualifications.

And, if THIS schlepping hustler is the best that NYC can do (after being held hostage by the CURRENT City Hall psychopath without a conscience—or brain), then we will NEVER be a free and independent city again (if ever)!

Avella devalues honesty itself!