Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brooklyn house hole

Just wanted to point out that a construction fence around the side yard is not very effective for a house demolition...

Not sure what happened here; an application for mechanical demo was approved in 2014, yet this is what the building looks like today, vacate order and all. They want to replace it with an 8-unit building.


Anonymous said...

Zoned R6A? YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Alas, whether it be house holes in Brooklyn, or assholes in city and state government, living in New York is a losing proposition for the proletariat and bourgeouise alike.!

Now, my once beloved, inclusionary city that was destroyed-and-transformed (into a luxury brand, strictly for tourists, transients and moguls!) by a venomous viper like former Mayor Mike Bloomberg (and notorious tax cheat that makes President Trump look like an amateur), New York is now a hollow (literally!) and nihilistic wasteland for even hollower and more nihilistic people.

Get used to it, folks, if you intent to coninue to live, I mean survive here, because under the current administrations of city and state anarchy, it's only getting more dehumanizing and Orwellian by the hour!

JQ LLC said...

Where is this exactly? East NY, Bed-stuy?

What a fucking abomination. That looks like a relic of ye bad olde days. It's the equivalent of a corpse rotting in a ditch.

Not a surprise that the proprietor of this is from the dirty southeast of Queens.

Business Name: ROYAL ENGINEERING, P.C. Business Phone: 718-883-1555
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Anonymous said...

It looks like termites have already done the demolition.

Anonymous said...

A number of years ago, the DOB stopped Soltanizadeh ... that is old news. Here is what Google has currently: