Sunday, February 26, 2017

Locals concerned about Kosciuszko Bridge implosion

From NY1:

"We look forward to the opening of our new bridge, but we got to make sure that the air quality, and the quality for our communities — again as the borough president said — is our first concern," said Tommy Torres, the district leader, of the 53rd Assembly District.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office announced last week plans to blow up the old span this summer, after the first phase of the new Kosciuszko opens in the spring.

The controlled implosion is supposed to speed up construction of the second phase by at least seven months.

"We want to save our waterways, we want to save the air quality in this community," Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said at a Greenpoint press conference. "We don't want to take the giant steps forward that we have taken just to take three steps back."

Local groups say they also are upset because they heard about the demolition plan through the media, and had no input.

"We've enjoyed a pretty transparent relationship with New York State DOT [department of transportation]," said local activist Laura Hoffman. "And we just don't want that ruined."

"I sit on the area board for the Kosciusko Bridge. I've sat on that board for the past five years," said Gerald Esposito of Brooklyn Community Board 1. "There was no mention of implosion or explosion or any other form of dynamiting the structure."

"If a significant decision is being made about an explosion, the community should be consulted," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who represents parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Gonna miss that 7 months of payoffs because of early completion?

Anonymous said...

They don't dynamite the structure.
Dynamite hasn't been used since the late 1950, coal mines included
They cut the main beams to weaken them then insert directive charges of nitro glycerine mix into the cuts. A computer time controls the charges and the whole thing comes down in small truck size pieces like an old Las Vegas hotel.

Its no louder then Gucci fireworks, Some old people may have heart attacks, the time should be made public and posted. Its a dam shame because that new bridge is EURO UGLY and the view of midtown Manhattan from Maspeth and part of Ridgewood is gonna be destroyed. BTW: That demo is likely to be used in a movie, who may have involvement in this and try to block disclosure and professional photography.
Never trust the no good sneaky governor or mayor.

Anonymous said...

I looked on Google maps and there are not a lot homes near the bridge !
Whats the problem ?

Anonymous said...

So how many years of lead paint is on that bridge? If this were private property this would no be allowed.

(sarc) said...

Anonymous said...
"So how many years of lead paint is on that bridge?"

I am sure that millions have been spent on abating the lead paint issue.

There is tons of documentation to back this claim.

I am not saying the paint was removed, just saying there is paperwork and certifications.

As far as lead paint, unless you are ingesting large quantities, it is harmless.

This is just another scam perpetrated upon We the People and Government wasting money...

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, let's get every single person's opinion on everything before we attempt to do something in this city. I'm sure that will speed up the process.

Anonymous said...

Explosive! Gonna get myself some beers, pop some popcorn and stake out my vantage point.

Anonymous said...

Are you freaking serious? Everyone complaining how the implosion will affect the air quality and environment surrounding the neighborhood. Shutup! Let them demolish that old bridge so they can speed up the construction of the second bridge. We don't need to take our time while have thousands of commuters stuck in traffic every day during rush hour just to get into manhattan and back into brooklyn and queens. People gotta stop crying about little things like this. If everyone wants to be so sensitive about hurting the environment TOUGH LUCK, that neighborhood are full of factories anyways. You're really going to complain about it now. And what about the the river??? When is the last time someone even used it?

Anonymous said...

Bridge is ugly!!