Sunday, February 26, 2017

Interesting timing - Rivington house figure fired right after Preet meet

From the Daily News:

The city official who approved lifting deed restrictions that allowed a Lower East Side nursing home to be flipped for luxury condos has been fired.

Ricardo Morales, a deputy commissioner at the Citywide Department of Administrative Services, was let go on Friday — hours after Mayor de Blasio’s highly anticipated sit-down with federal prosecutors, his attorney confirmed Saturday.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the firing.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is investigating the Rivington deal as part of a broader investigation into whether de Blasio’s administration gave special favors to donors.

Guy Oksenhendler, an attorney for Morales, said he found the dismissal — in the context of the day’s events — to be highly problematic. “I find the timing of my client’s firing extremely suspicious,” he said. “Around the time that meeting would have concluded, my client was terminated.”

Oksenhendler added that he believes Morales was targeted by the mayor himself.


Anonymous said...

Morales will certainly turn up at some cushy overpaid job a few months from now as repayment for not blowing the whistle on Bill.

Anonymous said...

And let the coverup begin!

JQ LLC said...

This guy was just a measly pawn following orders to keep his high salaried government job. The real culprits are his superiors deputies Alicia "Fixer" Glen and Anthony Shorris.

With this hasty termination, De Faustio and the aforementioned deputies and his wormtongued parasite friend Capalino might have awoke a sleeping litigious giant.

(sarc) said...

"It is almost always the cover-up rather than the event that causes trouble." - Howard Baker