Monday, February 13, 2017

Gianaris behind protests of IDC members

I had to laugh when I saw this. Avella just got re-elected by a gigantic margin after being in the IDC for 2 years and there were zero protests before the election. His constituents seem to be content with his decision. But Gianaris got some heat recently for tweeding, so this is the reaction.


JQ LLC said...

When I read that Peralta was joining the IDC, I was wondering when it was going to get around to mayoral candidate Avella.

I am down with the figurehead Trump resistance for it's obvious that he's using the presidency to market himself, his kids and his oligarch pals, but our local electeds are exploiting the movement for opportunistic political gains. So much for working together for better solutions and stronger policies. And trying to curb petty partisan bickering.

Oh, and what happened to "he will not divide us".

Joe Moretti said...

I guess when an elected official (Gianaris) does not do the job they are supposed to do for their community and constituents, they use some lame excuse of Republicans and Trump to bash without any merits elected officials like Senator Avella who actually do their jobs and care about their community and constituents. Funny, during election time, the voters had no issue with Avella and put him back into office with huge margins.

This is what lazy corrupt elected officials do, they look for made up problems where no problems exist to take away from their inability to be good public servants.

SHOVE it Gianaris. Guess you never heard of two parties attempting to work together for the good of the people and America. NO, your kind, like many Republicans, would rather have everyone at each others throat and damn the people.

Again SHOVE IT Gianaris.

Anonymous said...

Gianaris is a hack that does nothing for his community. No problem, they don't know what to expect from their elected officials so its just fine.

He lives on their taxes, and has access to enormous amounts of money from their taxes, but does little (except show up in carefully staged photo ops which give the locals a dim feeling that he is doing something it is fine with them.)

Their taxes go to help build the party and take care of the needs of party donors, read developers. They read about this in the Queens weeklies, so it must be good, right?

So what does he do as he all that free time? Why he works almost exclusively for the Democratic Party, not his community - just like Joe Crowley. Interesting how the politicians from Queens have all this time to pursue the interests of their party, and almost nothing of substance for their community.

Not to worry, you do have participatory budgeting though.

And they have cocoons of hack staffers that tell you to call 311. Fake civics, and appointed community boards and good buddies in the media that need their revenue and business.

Anonymous said...

Which side is Tony on? The people.

Which side is Mike on? The needs of the Democratic Party.

The two are not the same.

Anonymous said...

The Party is bigger than one man,unless that man is Oboma McDreamy.

Anonymous said...

Avella is smart...By joining the IDC, he gets tons of $money to bring to his constituents district; a lot more than Gianaris can bring.

georgetheatheist said...

Mystery Mike Gianaris . . Just WHO is this guy? I only see him with ear-to-ear shit-eating grins in those photo op pix in the Queens Gazette

Anonymous said...

Tony should try for the GOP and conservative endorsement since they don't have a credible candidate.

But please, have him retract support of the dopey SAFE Act and his machete initiative.

Anonymous said...

But the point the people in Gianaris district don't know any better or they would demand he actually do something.

As an exmaple, someone went to a Dutch Kills meeting once and heard him, along with Baloney Maloney, tell the community of the billions that is going into their community saying it was the beneficiary of one of the largest awards of money of any community in the city .... all earmarked for the East Side Access.

Everyone sat there with a big smile on their face.

Yes, they got the shaft in more ways than one. Its tough being around those Queens pols when they are hoodwinking their community and watching the hoodwinked sit there with a vacant smile on their face because someone important has shown up to talk to them.

Anonymous said...

I like how they are stirring up the people like a bunch of fascists. Tough when people cannot follow a script. Scared eh?

You know what, maybe we can hijack their efforts for community building.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Avella is a true representative. He and his office are very responsive and conscientious. He's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Avella is fair, hard working, honest, reputable, loved by his constituents, and unafraid to depart from the democratic machine. He is a rarity in politics, especially in Queens, where the machine rules.

Gianaris IS the Queens machine. Along with Crowley. Along with Vallone. Along with Rozic, Schrieber, Kelty, Aperian, Koo, Kim, and Meng, who took twenty thousand fucking dollars from Spa Castle during her last election. Fucking Spa Castle. That's the democratic party here in Queens. Money from Fucking Spa Castle and REBNY.

Avella is real. Gianaris is a god damned pimp.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Tony! You are one of the last few good politicians. Don't listen to these other assclowns.

Anonymous said...

Tony is gonna lose. He is not a household word political product and, therefore, obscure in the minds of city voters.
Too bad. I still hope he wins having donated to his cause already. But I'm afraid that I have become a cynic.
Want to bet, that despite De Blasio's woes, he'll take a second term? Voters are dumb,

Anonymous said...

Lot of you are missing the point. The IDC is with the upstate republicans who promote Trump's sexist, and now treason-ist agenda. NYS dem party has a lot of problems, but empowering the fascists is a no-go. Doing so makes them traitors.

Gianaris and the Queens Machine are only reacting to the groundswell of lefties who are incredibly pissed at the direction of the city, state, country and even democratic party. He's fooling himself if thinks he's not going to get primaries. The Queens Machine is fooling themselves if they think they can keep doing business as usual.

They want to be independents? Fine, drop the dem party label. Most of them would never have gotten elected if they didn't have D next to their name. (I suspect Avella would be an exception to this though, his record of responsiveness speaks for itself).

IDC members would have the very same power if they caucused with their actual party. Instead they're being a bunch of traitors. Hopefully Avella comes to his senses cuz I'd honestly hate to see him dragged down by this.

Anonymous said...

His ex-wife divorce him because he was gay-gnarly-arse

Anonymous said...

So far, I have printed three posts on this thread that correctly debunk Tony Avella (and his endless, womb-to-tomb quest for the perfect New York City/State pension plans [plural!] and, not a single one printed)! WHAT GIVES HERE???

Who are you protecting, Queens Crap? Isn't this blog supposed to be about free speech and public forum?

Alas, Avaricious Avella is just another politician (not public servant!), and his cradle-to-grave record is a testament to how he has NEVER held onto a REAL job——you know, like the ones for whom his ever languishing constituents work at daily (while lunch-and-a-manicure is a stressfull day in state government for Avella himself, a public service fraud and impostor)!

Don't let this New York hustler fool you, 'SHEEPLE'——he is an integral part of the reason why there IS no honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example) throughout New York State——and he's profiting from YOUR tax dollars with every step of the way, as you continue to rot in virtual obscurity!

Hey, Tony: Get a REAL job already, will ya?——and, I DON'T mean the mayoralty!

Anonymous said...

A losing camdidate just like Hilary Clinton.
The big fish eat the little ones.
Avella is a pip squeak in a sea of leviathans.
Even Scott Stringer could whip him.

Anonymous said...

Tony is an honest guy, that's why he will lose the mayoralty race.
Only real estate industry owned candidates get to be the mayor of real estate coty.
Dreaming, ain't doing.
Every place that Avella goes, the crooks are after him.
He simply does not have enough money to win the race.
He's another Bernie Sanders, full of good ideas, but unelectable.
Idealists always lose to the strong nasty realists. In this case the candidates who have lots of money behind them.
That kind of money comes from developers.

Anonymous said...

Another career politico.
From the CAU to city council to senator.
Now mayor? This is a high stakes game.
Where's the campaign war chest filled with cash?

Anonymous said...

IDC members would have the very same power if they caucused with their actual party. Instead they're being a bunch of traitors. Hopefully Avella comes to his senses cuz I'd honestly hate to see him dragged down by this.

Unfortunately this isn't true.

There are 31 Republicans in the State Senate plus 1 Democrat, Simcha Felder, who will caucus with the Republicans no matter what. That's 32.

There are 23 "Mainline" Democrats in the State Senate. There are now 8 "IDC" Democrats. That's 31. So, even if they were unified, the Democrats would still be in the minority in the State Senate due to Mr. Felder.

If the IDC caucused with the Mainline Democrats, they would not have the "very same power" that they have now. They would have no chairmanships, they would not be able to bring much legislation forward and they would have very little to bring back to their districts because they would still be in the minority. This is the way things work in every legislature - the majority party controls the power, rules and purse strings.

On top of that, the IDC has managed to moderate the Senate Republicans considerably and gotten meaningful (and progressive) legislation through. No IDC, no legislation.

Even more important, which many people do not know: The Democrats in the State Senate have included in their platform that they will never, ever, ever allow a Caucasian to be Majority Leader again should they take over the Senate. This is part of why Jeff Klein, the leader of the IDC, refuses to rejoin the Mainline Democrats.

As a Caucasian man and a Democrat, I am ashamed at the racism that is being displayed by the Democrats in the State Senate.

One final note: so far, the IDC has managed to avoid any of the systemic corruption that seems to plague the Senate Democrats AND Republicans: since 2010, 6 Democrats including 2 majority leaders and 1 minority leader have been indicted and are doing jail time and 4 Republicans including 1 majority leader and 1 deputy majority leader are in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adam.

You can go back to Vallonia now. The post is printed.

Anonymous said...

Who are you protecting, Queens Crap? Isn't this blog supposed to be about free speech and public forum?
Yes, free speech. The residents of Queens are getting tired of a corrupt Democratic Party that is starting to divide communities, trash the credibility of the media for their agenda, and are beginning to lurch towards fascism with all this stirring up of communities to 'organize.'

Be forewarned, hack, if the public tastes what its like to talk to each other, they very well could toss the script you give them and organize to protect their families, homes and communities, things they have invested in, things they believe in, things they love, instead of mouthing empty platitudes to protect your cozy hack nests funded by their sweat.

Anonymous said...

You missed my point completely, last Anonymous. I am no hack, but a third generation native New Yorker who is sick to death over the two-party-machine-failed system that now DEVALUES all honesty itself.

I wrote about Tony Avella because as a former constituent, he and his arrogant henchmen ignored serious corruption when I came to their office for help, way back in 2006. Then, after Avella managed to finally write a letter on my behalf to the New York City Department of Investigations, the letter was never answered, and worse, Avella didn't demand any action from this vapid, unresponsive agency, despite that the corruption that I complained about had grave consequences on people like me who were left to rot in obscurity, and left to my own devices.

It's now eleven years later, and Avella STILL hasn't taken any action, nor has anyone else. That's not leadership, folks, much less honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example). At best, it's 'selective' and 'occasional' representation, and at its worst it's a willful dereliction of public duty.

Wake up, 'SHEEPLE!' A career, cradle-to-grave hustler like Tony Avella is not anyone's answer to public service because he is, and always has been, a politician (not a public servant). And, after decades on the city and state public payroll, why isn't he back in private industry doing something else (ANYTHING ELSE), to prove that he can PRODUCTIVELY work for a living, and get fired if he doesn't work like anyone else without the teflon protection of a publicly elected city, state or Federal job. And, given his record as an active and self-enriching 'lurker' of all city and state pensions, we may never know!