Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A subdivision that should be a crime

"This is the property that is adjacent to the 4 properties developed by Tommy Huang’s son in Weeks Woodland. They’re selling it as two subdivided plots of land - one will have to destroy the house and the other will have to dig up the swimming pool? Anyway it’s such a shame it’s being sold like this!

ML# 2914967 and ML# 2914969" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

Henry Huang, the bad seed son of a bad seed.
Tommy Huang, and family, have the "book" on a lot of politicians. That is how he has been able to blackmail them into letting him do his dirty business, as usual without slamming him in jail.
Was it Myra Baird Herce, that old time CB7 leader that once said of Tommy Huang, "You know, he isn't a pariah!"
This old biddy knows a lot about the crooked stuff that went on in Flushing in the early 1980s.
Preet....let the FBI open the books on this shady lady.
Donald Manes made her executive director of the old Downtown Flushing Development Corp.
When they shut down, $30,000 was unaccounted for.

Anonymous said...

R1-2 requires a 60 foot frontage. That rear lot has only 25 feet as an entry point.

Anonymous said...

Well...check DOB and DOF .... there is no documentation of a subdivision of this lot. This is interesting -- shows easements

Doesn't R1-2 allow just one building per zoning lot??

Anonymous said...

Blame the owner. Greed.

Ms. Tsouris said...

I lived in Flushing during the time that big daddy was setting Flushing on fire, literally, with help from the Tong. This Huang has that same taint of corruption. Of course, it was all enabled by those in power. Developers are all the rage out here in Queens