Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mayoral candidate makes some good points

From CBS 2:

“How can de Blasio think it’s okay to go into debt with a law firm that frequently does business with the city?” mayoral candidate Paul Massey said. “No ordinary person can get legal services with no plan to pay for them.”

Massey wants to unseat de Blasio — he has the independent party endorsement and is seeking the Republican Party line as well. He sent letters to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and US Attorney Preet Bharara demanding an investigation into the mayor’s dealings, questioning whether the legal defense fund violates criminal law, the city charter, or ethics laws.

“Mayor de Blasio often likes to say that we’re living in a tale of two cities,” Massey said. “He’s right, he believes there’s one set of rules for Bill de Blasio and one set for everybody else.”


JQ LLC said...

Mayor De Faustio keeps harping on the fact that he isn't a millionaire or a billionaire as a lousy justification on why he's STILL fundraising while he is the mayor. You still broke the law jackass.

It's apparent that this is a dig at someone with whom he shares similar atrocious traits with and is trying to get away with the same shit he's pulling now as an elected official, meaning Figurehead Trump. And both are individually compromised at their positions for their debts to their financiers, as Kramer/Levin is practically acting pro bono because of all the wonderful favors De Faustio gave them and Trump in his monetary debts to Deutsche Bank and Russian oligarchs.

Gary W said...

Good points, but since he doesn't have a 'D' after his name he must be compared to Hitler and destroyed.

Anonymous said...

If Preet indicts DeBlasio, will Hillary announce her candidacy for mayor?

Anonymous said...

Under the de Blasio administration, I was asked to leave the Public Advocate's office on Friday, May 9, 2014, and was escorted out of the building by two building security officers (both of whom apologized for the ruthless dictatorship that removed me), and all because de Blasio's pal, Director Laura Acosta refused to answer questions about my unresolved pension issues for which the Public Advocate's office unbelievably screwed up (and continues to ignore), that are STILL unresolved to present day——it's a bureaucratic nightmare that the administration itself continues to willfully bungle at the soul-crushing expense of my family and I!

I'll never forget that dehumanizing day (and I had a witness with me who saw the entire debacle). It was like living in Nazi occupied Germany, and being escorted out of an office where I had legitimate business by the Stasi Police.

And, because of the mayor's dereliction of public duty (and now the Public Advocate's Office), I am at the mercy of collecting food stamps and SSI that were arranged by Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-Woodhaven), in lieu of all restored pension benefits that I should be collecting right now, but for the fact that there is a criminal enterprise and cover-up at City Hall and other rogue agencies that refuse to allow evidence and facts to prevail.

Since a criminal sociopath like de Blasio became New York City's 'default-and-derelict' mayor, I've been bullied into submission by the greatest thugs in city and state government that make actual gang members look like amateurs. Now, de Blasio's assistant, Jean Ross, hangs up the telephone when I call, and she is not alone. What kind of government ignores its constituents with impunity (and without consequence)?

Anonymous said...

Vincent Cannato correctly dubbe dhis book Ungovernable City. THis city has grown too big to govern. Devolution and disagregation are imperative. Break up the city into ten units.

Anonymous said...

>Break up the city into ten units.

10? How will that work?