Tuesday, February 28, 2017

40 hotels in Queens serve as shelters

From NY1:

The mayor is expected to unveil his homelessness plan on Tuesday. But before that, the city gave NY1 data revealing where all of the city's homeless shelters are located and which neighborhoods are more burdened than others.

Queens is a hotbed of hotels turned into homeless shelters.

For the first time, thanks to a Freedom of Information Law request, NY1 is getting a look at where all of the approximately 650 sites that house the homeless actually are.

We uncovered most of the hotels are in Queens.

And de Blasio's solution? Build 90 more permanent shelters throughout the city so his wealthy friends can continue to get rich off poor people's misery. We wouldn't want to actually reduce the number of homeless, now.


JQ LLC said...

O clusters in Queens. Interesting.

Preet has to pounce on this one. Even Cy and Eric has to investigate the books on the profitable non-profits behind this. Especially since the coalition for the homeless is represented by fucking berlinrosen

Anonymous said...

Why do we need 90 MORE homeless shelters? Soon everyone will be living in a shelter on the few remaining working peoples' dime. How ridiculous is this? Slackers are streaming into NYC to take advantage of the bleeding hearts' misplaced generosity and get themselves free housing, free food, free medical care, etc. This is not sustainable in the long run. When will working NYers finally get fed up at Comrade DeDumDum's redistribution of wealth schemes? Kick this bum out and banish him from the city limits. Let him go live in his beloved Cuba or Nicaragua.

Anonymous said...

Can we lock up everyone at City and Borough Halls and just start over? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Are you ready Queens? Bend over and assume the position.

Joe Moretti said...

Coming to a “select” community soon: MORE FUCKING HOMELESS SHELTERS courtesy of deBlasio and his administration to the tune of 90. While it is stated:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected on Tuesday to unveil a plan to open roughly 90 new homeless shelters throughout New York’s five boroughs, a stark increase devised to address his most vexing citywide problem.

I doubt that you will see any opening in his hood of Park Slope nor will you see any in Queens BP Melinda Katz’s hood of Forest Hills. I no doubt expect to see them dumped in the usual suspects, black communities, immigrant communities, low income hoods, you know places like Jamaica, South Ozone Park and all of the SE Queens. Probably will not even seen any in East New York, since the plan is to unload folks there while the area gentrifies and have them cross the borough boundary and into SE Queens.

The article also states:

Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington have experienced similar increases, even as the number of homeless people nationwide has declined in recent years.

This is not rocket science behind the increase. But the article does not state WHY the increase. Well, that is because LA, San Fran, Washington and of course NY are “right to shelter” places, meaning that those places will take in everyone from other cities, other states, other countries and then house them in shelters taking the burden and cost off the places the homeless originate and making them the burden of the new places like NY and in the process not only dumping the homeless in select communities, but passing on the cost to tax payers and fucking up an already fucked up quality of life in this retched city.

Any wonder that the ranking of NY is dropping like the morals of SE Queens elected official (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/new-york-ranks-no-17-best-states-report-article-1.2983996).

So WELCOME TO HOMELESS SHELTER ARMAGEDDON, but only for “select” hoods.

“If it’s good for families, it’s good for Queens,” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Anonymous said...

More evidence that De Blasio and the progressives are doing everything they can to make NYC Ghettostan, remember that election time people

Anonymous said...

Add Playland Motel to the mix in homeless shelters, they're building a homeless shelter onto the motel. So much for gentrification in Rockaway Beach.

Why so many shelters? Can't they build apartment buildings?

Why do we have to house homeless illegal immigrants and people from outside NYC? Let them go back home. Illegal immigrants are destroying our infrastructure- transportation, education and yes, taking jobs away from Americans.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan , The Bronx and Brooklyn appear to still have way more shelters. Why aren't more shelters going to Stanton Island?

Anonymous said...

How about fixing this problem? Warehousing them in hotels is not the solution. The solution is jobs and getting out of the welfare system. Main thing helping those stay in their homes.
Hotels are not the solution. States must help their residents just don't send them all the NYS/NYC for what you should provide.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Queens, you city council will take care of you the same way they are taking care of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

All of Queens is destined to be one big homeless shelter within 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Stop describing the problem and doing nothing
Stop your fatalism as it solves nothing.
Stop blaming the mayor cause he ain't the problem.

Go after city council !!!!!

You look at them crossyed and they will pooh their undies!

Res Ipsa said...

Why isn't there ever any discussion on improving the conditions inside the shelters so that people actually want to stay in them? They don't have to be the Ritz Carlton but they shouldn't be so unsafe and disgusting that people would rather take their chances on the streets. At the same time, there wouldn't be so much community opposition if the residents were kept in check and not allowed to loiter and litter all over the place. It's not that complicated.

Anonymous said...


As your property taxes increase yearly,the freeloaders multiply also. CALL I.C.E. to protect your Constitution &Community & Disposable Incomes.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Bramer is all for this as usual -

(sarc) said...

Diversity is the strength of Queens...

Anonymous said...

They say do the math...wants 90 shelters and we have 5 boroughs which equals 18 shelters in each borough and he wants the people to stay in their communities. Ok will this end this problem no it will not and the way things are ever rising here in this city you will see more homeless. Deblasio needs to go and we need real solutions here.

Anonymous said...

Will this also decrease the amount of solid human waste on the sidewalks and in the subways, Duh-Blaz? There has been a huge increase in that during your time in office. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

What is the real solution?

Can someone give an example of an expensive urban city without homeless people?

There are always jobs at the low end of the pay scale and there will always be people that can't move up the pay scale.

Maybe a homeless shelter system that partners with universities to get these people undergraduate degrees.

We should also legalize sex work so many of these people have another legal income source.

>>we need real solutions here.

Anonymous said...

BUILD MORE HOUSING, not shelters. Perhaps residents could develop equity by contributing to the construction? Shelters are not a solution to HOMElessness. Finally, housing should be just that: housing! Not a base for an agency's day program, with at least half the units for people with serious mental health issues (e.g. - if 4% of the population experiences serious mental health issues, why are 50% plus of spaces allocated to that group?) That's where community context, and acceptance, breaks down entirely.

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green is the answer.

Anonymous said...

So how do you convince developers to build more housing that is affordable as opposed to being able to make a larger profit?

Companies are in the business to make a profit. AND, how do you convince NYC that high denistiy housing is needed (in their neighborhood)?

I would also say, build more and faster trains to more suburbs so people can live in Vermont (for exmaple) and get to NYC in 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

ANON: faster trains to more suburbs so people can live in Vermont

vermont is a great state & they got enough screwed up dope smoking libtards there
why do we want to screw it up even more?
tons of people are working from home
more & more stuff is outsourced to india
jobs are being replaced by machines every day
look at self checkout everywhere
uber will be self driving in a few years
at this pace half of nyc will be unemployed & homeless in a few years

Anonymous said...

Look, you want to stop this blight, go after your councilman. Protest, do all the things they are teaching you to do against Trump, a crazy creation from their mismanaging of the country.

Everything else is sound and fury and of no significance.

Anonymous said...

Reopen Creedmore Mental Hospital and the other one, was it Kings Point? Make it nicer and more humane, put the elderly homeless and those who can not care for themselves there. Many of the homeless have developmental disabilities, TBI, head injuries, mentally ill and can not hold jobs. It really upsets me that Americans are sleeping in the subways while illegal alien families are given hotel rooms. Why do our politicians insist on screwing us over?

Anonymous said...

how do you convince NYC that high denistiy housing is needed (in their neighborhood)?

Improve the neighborhood amenities and infrastructure. The upside of living in the transit deserts of Brooklyn and Queens is that there is low density and you have some breathing room. What is the benefit of living like a sardine AND having a long commute to any and everything? If I have to live like I'm in Manhattan with all the people and garbage and noise, I want the amenities too.

Julie B. said...

Guys, can Trump end sanctuary cities? Will cutting federal funding do it? You would think DeBlah would stop effing us of his own accord. But no. We need outside intervention before we are taxed into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

There will be more. Without the Latino work force servicing hotels, restaurants, etc. NYC has already seen a downturn in tourism with much more to be expected. So empty hotels mean new homeless shelters.
Thank you fake president Trump.

JQ LLC said...

I heard there are hundreds of apartments that are vacant in Bruce Ratner's utopian downtown Barclays Village.

You know the funny thing about this is that De Faustio is getting praised for his transparency about the homeless crisis he exacerbated by criminally doling favors for the REBNY overlord predatory developers and Brooklyn slumlords with this preposterous proposal and the prospective and certain ineffectiveness with the lowball estimate of housing only 2500 in 4 years. Which out of the 60000 is just a small percentage in a certain amount of time. So don't expect any change in policy about hotel usage. Unless someone gets murdered in one, then you will see action, in the shutting down of one site, like the one run by BEDCO in the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

"Without the Latino work force servicing hotels, restaurants, etc. NYC has already seen a downturn in tourism with much more to be expected. So empty hotels mean new homeless shelters."...What a absurd statement. There is no shortage of maids and busboys. Any downturn in international tourism is more likely due to the strong $ vs foreign currency and while international tourism is down domestic tourism is up. The City usage of hotel rooms to house the homeless has nothing to do with tourists and everything to with our lousy economy, the redistribution of wealth, and the rise of the welfare state. Nice try pinhead.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of benefit. But, if the commute to work is short than that is a big benefit.

>>What is the benefit of living like a sardine AND having a long commute to any and everything?

So you are saying if you take a quiet neighborhood and add amenities and improve the infrastructure then the current residents are going to be on board with building high rises all over their nice quite neighborhood with great amenities?

>>Improve the neighborhood amenities and infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

It's a great state that is basically all liberal yet you are mocking liberals.

It's like saying you love The Beatles but too bad the liberls took over. That is what made it that way.

>>vermont is a great state & they got enough screwed up dope smoking libtards there

Anonymous said...

If one wamts over-population/illegal immig./cost of this Marxist fiasco to the U.S.taxpayer,INFO UP TO DATE, See:Jessica Vaughns Blog CIS.ORG/BLOG/13---Center for immigration studies. & @JESSICAV_CIS (twitter)

JQ LLC said...

vermont is not all hippies