Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Are DOT's plaza projects misguided?

From QNS:

Local businesses in Ridgewood are feeling the pain during a months-long project to make the 71st Avenue Plaza a permanent site.

Much like their Glendale counterparts — who are facing plaza construction issues of their own — several businesses that abut the ongoing construction site along Myrtle Avenue are seeing a decrease in customers, and in turn, a decrease in profits.

Although businesses are hurting right now, Ted Renz, executive director of the Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District (BID), asks business owners to look at the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

“Once the sewer project is complete, then work will be going on in the plaza itself,” Renz said. “Vincent Arcuri (chair of Community Board 5) and I met with the contractor with DDC (Department of Design and Construction) on [Feb. 16] and he expects the sewer project, with the big gray sewer connections, to be completed in three weeks. Then work will be commencing in the plaza itself and the visibility will be greatly improved.”

Renz also mentioned that once construction is completed — scheduled for September of this year, according to the contract — that the new permanent plaza will be a major boon to the same businesses that are suffering right now.


Anonymous said...

"Major boon to business" . Ok businesses, make sure you all have your records showing how much business you did before and after this stupid plaza is installed. I guarantee NO CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

Are DOT's plaza projects misguided?

You can be the judge: https://disqus.com/by/disqusnyc/

This link has been deleted due to major website changes:


This letter was written by Mr. Renz's Brooklyn counterpart. It is still in Google's cache.

Anonymous said...

If this were In Manhattan a bunch of those with inherited millions would be complaining and appearing at elected officials offices with petitions to speed up the progress and promising campaign donations for said alacrity.

But since Ridgewood has a dearth of trust fund babies they get form letters and the shit end of the stick from those in charge.

Anonymous said...

It's all about granting contracts to favored construction groups in exchange for the money that they pour into political campaign coffers.
Those fucking bike lanes have ruined NYC and have contributed to pedestrian casualties. The ERs of many a hospital are now dealing with the victims of bicycle accidents.
Rip 'em up!

(sarc) said...

Pedestrian Plazas are Vision Zero MPH "Traffic Calming" measures.

If the legitimate businesses suffer and another Dollar store shows up, it is a bonus.

This is all part of increasing the misery factor for the motorists.

We are seeing the retribution from the elite political class for not allowing congestion pricing.

The infrastructure being installed for cashless tolls will be turned against us, We the People, one day when in a midnight legislative session all sorts of congestive tolls will be foisted upon us in one of the greatest City money grabs of our history...

Anonymous said...

these plazas are stupid and useless
all they do is mess up traffic & give teenagers & bums a place to hang out
so how is this waste of money going to help businesses?
some guy sittin there feedin pigeons ain't helping business
the only one it helps is ted renz
he was staying in ridgewood, now he's comin to glendale
you can keep him
he gets more money & grants to clean up the plazas
and we pay for chairs getting put there & put away every friggin day
growing HIS BID business & shakin down the other businesses so he can boost his salary
hope they look at his books real close
the guy is a leech

JQ LLC said...

"But since Ridgewood has a dearth of trust fund babies they get form letters and the shit end of the stick from those in charge."

Didn't the NY Times wrote that Ridgewood was hot a few years back? Judging by this comment it looks like it hasn't come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

CB5 denies permit for Fresh Pond Street Fest...again:


It is ironic that the words CB5 uses for Fresh Pond Road do not apply to Wyckoff Avenue.