Thursday, February 9, 2017

BdB investigation halts sale of prison to film studio

From SI Live:

The sale of the old Arthur Kill prison site to Broadway Stages was rejected by the state comptroller's office because of the company's ties to investigations into Mayor Bill de Blasio's political fundraising.

The office of State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli returned the sale contract to state agencies unapproved for "lingering vendor responsibility issues" and questions over the public's investment in the land deal.

The $7 million sale price may be as much as $45 million below market value.

Charlotte Davis, the comptroller's director of contracts, detailed reasons for rejecting the sale in a letter to Frank Pallante of the state Office of General Services on Dec. 21, 2016.

"As discussed," Davis wrote, "Broadway Stages and its owner and president, Gina Argento, appear to be involved parties in State and Federal investigations into campaign contributions to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio."

While the state can resubmit the contract, the rejection further stalls plans for a new production studio at the closed Arthur Kill Correctional Facility in Charleston.

Three years after the state selected Broadway Stages to develop the land, concerns have been raised over political contributions, tax issues, business integrity and the property's value.

Exactly when the new studio will open is still unclear.


(sarc) said...

Broadway Stages is just getting ready for documentaries about their friend, the Comrade Mayor...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone get that invite for Queens Council of the Arts fund raiser at the Knockdown Studio.


For heavens sake, this entire boro is mobbed up

JQ LLC said...

To the once mayoral victor, went the spoils...

Gina has had tremendous success and made a boatload of cash, producing hit shows, landing development plunders/deals and buying all the canopies in Brooklyn/Queens for her husband, since her CONY donie.

This has striking parallels to Koch's city for sale, the difference being Koch was actually oblivious, maybe willfully, to his fellow electeds and appointees felonious behavior ripping off the city coffers. While Mayor De Faustio was active and directing the honest graft from his phone, running a 501 c 4 in government office and bringing his de facto unregistered agents in city service and planning meetings. And the CONY money laundering to state senate campaign kitties.

And both scandals got initiated and exposed by suicides. Donald Manes in 86 and Detective Michael Ameri in 2016. It doesn't get much attention, but de Blasio's troubles began when Ameri killed himself after being questioned about police escorts and favors shown to those Brooklyn sleazebag developer donors to his mayoral campaign and CONY slush fund.

Get ready for the st. valentine's day massacre of neoliberal honest graft.

The fact that the Dope from park slope has received teachers union and A-list celebrity endorsements despite of these damning naked charges just shows what a bizzaro nation it's become.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another Rivington House scandal. How much $$$ deblowsio have in offshore accounts??

Anonymous said...

Ameri was a Deputy Inspector,a commanding officer,not a detective.

JQ LLC said...

"Ameri was a Deputy Inspector,a commanding officer,not a detective."

Thanks for the correction. The higher rank gives it more significance. There was also a police lt. related to the scandal that tried to off himself.

Anonymous said...

I used to work there, allot of people got displaced. The place is just sitting there abandoned. Damn shame.