Wednesday, February 8, 2017

De Blasio gets a concession from Preet

From the NY Times:

Mayor Bill de Blasio will probably be on familiar ground when he is questioned by federal prosecutors and F.B.I. agents in New York as part of a sweeping criminal investigation into his campaign fund-raising.

It was unclear when exactly the interview would take place, but it was expected to be conducted in a conference room at offices of Mr. de Blasio’s lawyer’s firm in Midtown Manhattan, people with knowledge of the matter have said, not in the offices of Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan. It was expected that the interview would last about four hours, the people said.

The parameters of the session took shape after extensive negotiations between prosecutors and the mayor’s lawyer, Barry H. Berke, the people said, and it was possible that some details could change.

It is unusual for federal prosecutors to question a subject of a criminal investigation in the offices of the subject’s lawyer. Such sessions, which can become contentious, are almost always conducted in the prosecutor’s offices. It was unclear why the federal prosecutors agreed to hold the meeting at the Kramer Levin offices.

Let's hope it's because the case against him is so good that it doesn't matter where the inquiry is held. In the meantime, Emma Wolfe is absent and a lot of people at City Hall are shitting a brick.


Anonymous said...

Lock him up!

(sarc) said...

Who are these people "with knowledge of the matter"?

A four hour interview?

That is a bit more than "can you believe this weather?" and "what are the kids up to?".

Either the plan is to provide the comrade a bit more rope so that he can be properly hanged, or to torture the mayor just because they can.

Hopefully this is not an offer of a plea bargain, allowing a bonafide criminal to get away with high crimes and misdemeanors!

For the rest of us, the waiting is pure agony...

Anonymous said...

Not only is this filthy low life a total disgrace of depraved indifference, but he has set a new precedent in unmatched defiance and arrogance that even surpassess the hyper-arrogance of his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, a/k/a the devil incarnate of them all!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Hope he doesn't wiggle out of this one. NY Politicians are notorious for committing crimes but never getting their just punishment. Even when they're guilty, they still get paid and still get their pensions.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if (sarc) was alluding to Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac, but remember how that turned out! No charges! There is nothing to look at here! Move along!

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether I would want to see a plea bargain or not.

Give this clown a little less time, if he rolls over on a bigger player? Maybe one with a large office in Albany or D.C.?

If that happened--probably remote, but one can hope--a plea bargain could be worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

We Need a Mayor Who Can Stand Up to Trump

Donald Trump is one of the worst things to happen to NYC. But to stand up to Trump we need a mayor who is up to the job.

JQ LLC said...

This is worrisome. It appears that Mayor De Faustio and his predator developer REBNY overlords are going to get away with exploiting Citizens United at the expense of his doting, dedicated, and naive underlings like Emma, Ross, probably some of his crack rookie team and some of his deputy mayors. Maybe he might throw his Dr Frankenstein media creators and city planning manipulators, Berlin Rosen under the proverbial bus.

I thought for sure he was going to go down like Rob Blogoyovich from Chicago, but it's
turning into a Chris Christie type situation.

I could be wrong though. Which is o.k. to be sometimes, it's not like I'm running the country like a rabid mental patient.

Anonymous said...

***We Need a Mayor Who Can Stand Up to Trump***

We need normal people who can think for themselves not ingest, incite and spread propaganda.

The creator of that video is none other than Bradley Tusk and his "group".

(Prior to joining the Bloomberg Administration, Tusk served as Communications Director for United States Senator Charles Schumer, handling communications, strategy and policy for the Senator, most notably in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on New York City.)

You people really need to get a life, one that is not financed the power structure behind George Soros.

JQ LLC said...

Agree with last anon about video. What The fuck was the point? And why doesn't tusk meet with candidates already out there like Avella and Albanese, there's two right there in front of him.

Leave the resistance to the ones that are willing in congress and the courts, and not the mayor's office, which has more pressing local concerns, say rising crime and affordability for the true forgotten, to deal with than arranging celebrity filled protests. That goes for Mario's son too.

Anonymous said...


Alas, rank-and-file Democrats (read, DemonRats!), are doing a HORRENDOUS job of understanding the DONALD J. TRUMP phenomenon. In fact, it is APPALLING how isolated these two groups STILL are from one another; how these 'DISGRACED-and-DERELICT' publicly electeds can share a country with tens of millions of TRUMP voters, without ever talking to a SINGLE ONE of them about their worldview, is STAGGERING, and beyond all reason!

Hence, there is a reason why BERNIE SANDERS continues to tell people (both before, DURING and after the election), that TRUMP wasn’t elected because of stupidity or racism, but nobody’s listening to the messenger, much less the message to which he dutifully points.

Because, TRUMP, like SANDERS (and like ALL progressives who are worth their mettle), is an anti-globalist. He opposes the way multinational corporations and banks have used legislation, war, and predatory trade deals to subvert the needs of the nation to powerful elites who are not limited by, or loyal to it. One can not understand the TRUMP movement without understanding globalism and the anti-globalization movement, and most, if not ALL DemonRats refuse to listen to their subjects (We the People), as they now OPENLY engage in taxation without representation with a vengeful impunity that is unprecedented, to date!

After all, anti-globalization was the crux of TRUMP'S entire campaign in the first place, and most liberals are still squealing about racism and sexism (used as diverting factors) that cemented his election. This is a 'KNOWINGLY FALSE' falsehood, and the rank and file left will be unable to mount any meaningful grassroots counteroffensive until all truth, fact, evidence and proof finally prevails.

Tragically, I seriously doubt that any and all of the hyperventilating DemonRats who are breathlessly gasping that TRUMP is the next Adolf Hitler have taken a moment to reflect on the fact that Hitler himself was not exactly the posterboy for non-interventionism. TRUMP has been advocating non-interventionism so extensively that some critics have been accusing him of isolationism, which, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is the exact opposite of trying to conquer the world and make everyone look like a superhero!

Non-interventionism happens to be an essential part of both the progressive and anti-globalist movements. Hence, if anyone is in support of America’s policy of military interventionism and world-policing, then that person or persons are not progressive at all, but rather the very definition of a war hawk like Clinton and the Bush dynasty (of epic, humanitarian-and-ecological fail)!


Anonymous said...

A true protege of H Clinton. How long will karma wait to overtake him?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they can always get him with the lying to a federal agent charge.... it was good enough to put Martha Stewart in the pen.

Anonymous said...

De Blasio will win a second term , regardless of any of this.
Who will unseat him...Tony Avella?
Already the Democrats are feeding propaganda that Avella, and his Independent Democrats, are voting with Republicans.
NYC, like it or not, is a machine Democrat voting city.
I think I just wasted some money donating to the Avella For Mayor campaign, but I live in hope that Avella might win.

Anonymous said...

Avella could never win.

Anonymous said...

Alas, adversity is the first path to action, and vigilance is the price of liberty.

Hence: Never give up, never give in and never take 'NO' for an answer (whenever public goodness is at stake). Because, the public good must ALWAYS outweigh the crushing weight of all private (and now public and political) gain—and, it's NOT NEGOTIABLE!

❝Never lose your sense of outrage.❞ —BERNIE SANDERS

❝Adversity doesn't BUILD character—it REVEALS it.❞ —ANONYMOUS

STOP HAVING FUN, Y'ALL—and, START PRAYING HARD—then, move your feet toward all activism, protest, rally and resistance!

Finally, it's time to punch back—TWICE AS HARD (as Saul Alinsky and his instructional book, 'The Rules For Radicals' correctly dictate). Because life is a battle, fellow patriots; if you do not enter it armed—then SURRENDER IMMEDIATELY!

Finally, the DNC (and their corporate fascist backed oligarchs like George Soros) is DOA! Because without challenge—there can BE NO CHANGE!