Thursday, February 23, 2017

You've been warned!

From the Daily News:

Airbnb hosts and their neighbors are about to get an education in New York’s new law cracking down on the advertising of illegal short-term rentals.

Share Better, an anti-Airbnb coalition that includes politicians and the hotel industry, is launching a new ad campaign and website Tuesday warning about the new law and the costs of violating it.

Ads will also encourage neighbors who suspect illegal rentals in their building to alert the city.

“AIRBNB HOSTS: KNOW THE LAW,” the headline on one ad reads. “YOU COULD FACE FINES UP TO $7,500 & EVICTION.”

Another ad reads: “If your neighbor is renting an entire apartment for less than 30 days, they are BREAKING THE LAW.”

The ads will run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other websites.


JQ LLC said...

One time a year ago, I came home to find all the electricity off and the fixtures removed. I had a weeks worth of groceries ruined. It looked like my landlord was trying to goad me into leaving.

When I went outside after he was done replacing everything, I went back to the supermarket the next day (I wasn't even reimbursed for all the food that was ruined), and I saw these two dorks in their twenties, milling around on my block looking for my address. I asked them why and they were suspiciously tentative. And they said they were looking for a room they rented. I got in their faces and asked them if they used Airbnb and if they did they better get the fuck off this block and they scurried off.

Airbnb can bitch and moan all they want. But the sun is going down on their criminal enterprise here, those lucky millenial twats running it should take their billions and find an island somewhere or reserve a seat on Elon Musk's stupid ass rocket.

And all these fucking tourists, if you can't afford a hotel, don't fucking come here, because you idiots have made affording to live and run a small business in this city impossible.

Anonymous said...

They should let whistle-blowers keep 10% of the fine.

Anonymous said...

No they're not "Coming after" you. More smoke a mirrors from an ineffective city council of blowhards and do nothings...

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Ready to report any and all.

Anonymous said...

What I do in my private home (where I reside) who my visitors are is none of the governments god dam business! This "crackdown" is against the Constitution and the courts will see it that way.
By friend & family cant afford $250 - $500 a night (more with a car) to visit New York yet dont want to impose on my so that why they use Airbnb.
Both our current and past mayors created Airbnb with their shitty progressive socialist liberal policy's.

Remove the Sanctuary city policy, outrageous 20% hotel tax, greedy hotel owners driving $250 a night hotel stays and you wont have this problem !! Go after them and set fixed rates. Better yet, have the shitty Mayor stop luring all these broke ass effing airheads parachuting in from every state in the country with free stuff.
The Mayor is the problem, New York City is NOT some shitty little village in Guatemala yet !

Anonymous said...

What I do in my private home (where I reside) who my visitors are is none of the governments god dam business!

If you use AirBnB, they're your customers, not your visitors, and that commercial activity is the government's "god dam business". Did you pay the hotel tax?

Anonymous said...

Law cannot be enforced. Will be overturned by courts. Sponsered by hotel industry? Lol

Anonymous said...

Has this law been upheld in court?

Julie B. said...

JQ LLC, great story, glad you stood up to them. But I think AirBnB rental rates by now are comparable to hotel rates, what with the greed factor of the a-holes who post their rooms. What gets me are the tenants who have the gall to rent out their rooms in order to pay their rent. They cry about how they can't afford to live here without Airbnb. Screw them!!! Let them move somewhere else then. I live in a Douglaston coop, commute 2 hours each way, and no one here is allowed to make a dime off our shares. That's the way it should be, having respect for the rules and your neighbors

JQ LLC said...

It didn't take much, I just smelled a rat and didn't broach the subject. Just let him make the necessary "repairs". The couple were just stupid hipshits and it's certain they found a place to crash in Bed-stuy.

Airbnb's defense, especially when they mention the middle class and black families, is laughable. The latter of which they claim is using it, but could be self-incriminating proof of the majority of apt. buildings in Brooklyn being wasted as lodging instead of living full time in. And the majority of their hosts from that borough are unscrupulous slumlords

Anonymous said...

> Ads will also encourage neighbors who suspect illegal rentals in their building to alert the city.

Remember, citizen, it's YOUR job to be vigilant and protect the profits of the hotel industry!

Anonymous said...

Sponsored by hotel industry?
YUP !! BTW most these hotel owners aren't even Americans who don't give a shit about the community's they operate in. Whores, drugs, gamblers, swingers, politicians and crime lurk all around these hotels.
Its if all these operations are asshole magnets.

Airbnb is much cheaper and safer alternative, if Joe blow in his parents handed down $250 rent controlled apartment on Columbus ave don't want to pay a fare market value after 20 years the F _ with him !
Too many rent controlled brats is the problem, not some family in Ridgewood having some HOUSE-GUEST couple from Poland booked through Airbnb.

Has anybody seen the new water and phone bills, I pay plenty of tax already.

Sonny said...

---Has this law been upheld in court---

Not that I know of ever, its nothing more then un constitutional harassment on private homeowners to protect the special interest of immigrant hotel owners who invested over $500K to buy green cards and have the whole family live in America.
Tax coffers and overseas investors crying hardship over not filling up hotels in Brooklyn & Queens what this is all about !!

From what I'm experiencing as you not hosting AIRbnb guests in a garage or placing them in danger the city cant do shit other then wanting to tax people paying on paypal or credit cards. --Now if that's EVEN currently even enforceable.
If the homeowner resides at the same location as the listing they cant do shit and you don't have to talk to or even let a city official in without a warrant, sheriff and cops to enforce that warrant.

Aint gonna happen in De Blasio's broke ass fun-house, a great place for bad guys especially when the cops are in the handcuffs and thumbscrews.
All these people bitching can do the same and advantage of the opportunity instead of bitching. people will need that extra money for when the socialists come a knocking to place some 3rd world family of 8 in your basement

This proposed law to help hotel owners could also be a smokescreen or "trojan" to get into your home to evaluate unused or potential living space.

All curtisy of Mayor De Blasio who will be re-warded with re election


(sarc) said...

Neighbors snitching on neighbors.

How Stalinistic.

Quite fitting for a City run by communists...

Anonymous said...

>How Stalinistic.

It's Stalintastic!