Monday, September 12, 2011

Gay marriage not acceptable to many immigrants

From the NY Times:

Larry Yang, the Korean-American owner of a hardware store next door, said he resented such a public promotion of same-sex marriage. He said many among the large number of Korean-American Christians in Queens felt similarly but feared that if they spoke out they would be demonized by a liberal majority.

The legalization of same-sex marriage in New York State has been embraced by many in the city. But in some neighborhoods heavily populated by immigrants from countries where homosexuality is less accepted, the idea is stirring feelings of unease or, at times, outright disgust.

Sunnyside has been transformed in recent decades, first by immigration, and more recently by urban professionals priced out of Manhattan. As in some other parts of the city, same-sex marriage has laid bare the clash between the social conservatism of many immigrants and the values of the often wealthier and more liberal newcomers to the neighborhood.

Many immigrants in Sunnyside are Muslims from Turkey, where the military, the guardian of the country’s secular state, regards homosexuality as a disorder. On a recent day on 46th Street, a group of men hunched over Turkish newspapers next to a mosque in a part of the neighborhood that includes kebab shops, a Jewish community center, a Romanian restaurant and a Russian hairdresser.

In Flushing, Queens, one of New York’s most polyglot neighborhoods, with one of the largest Asian communities in the country, opponents of same-sex marriage said they had felt sidelined during the debate over it.

...Mr. Yang, the hardware store owner, dismissed the free wedding reception as a cynical ploy.

“It’s a business thing, because a lot of gay people live here,” he said. “I have no problem with my gay customers. But we are Korean. We are conservative. No one says, ‘This gay marriage is a good thing.’ What is this world coming to?”


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new about the fact that people from backward nations and cultures often have a hard time getting use to the ways of America.

A bit of friendly advice" gay marriage has no practical effect on me, If that is also true in your case (immigrants) move-on.

The Turkish comments are good for a laugh. Reminds me of an old saying a Turkish cook once said " Girls for the home -boys for the bed".

In fact the awful practices of bacha bazi (boy fun) and the killing of female rape victims makes these sick societies ineligible to render -any- sort of judgment.

The hell with their opinions. If they can't stand a liberal Democracy -leave it for the sort of dictatorship they are more accustomed to.

Reality check:

Anonymous said...

Some people are so full of hate, they piss lighter fluid. True fact.

Anonymous said...

Those people should go back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

So why did the gays spend so much time villifying Catholics, most of whom don't care, when the main opposition is non-Catholic immigrants? Who's doing most of the gay bashing these days? It ain't Italians from Howard Beach...

Anonymous said...

“It’s a business thing, because a lot of gay people live here,” he said. “I have no problem with my gay customers. But we are Korean. We are conservative. No one says, ‘This gay marriage is a good thing.’ What is this world coming to?”

Exactly my sentiments - Dysfunctionals from society being celebrated - lipstick on a pig a concept heteros are being forced to accept. It was tolerated previously - now it's being forced upon us by law. Is beastiality acts next to be sanitized and put out there as acceptable??

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is useless.

Auntie Invasion said...

America- Love it or leave it.
if they are so uncomfortable with our country and the culture here perhaps they would be happier back home?

Anonymous said...

So they're only "vibrant and diverse" when they aren't opposing liberal agenda...

Anonymous said...

Since most immigrants actually oppose of gay marriage then they should stop voting liberal. For "liberal" Koreans they do have a better sense of whats right ad whats wrong then American born liberals.

Anonymous said...

bacha bazi is actually specific to AFGHANISTAN, not Turkey.

It's a pashtun thing.

Anonymous said...

Look this whole gay acceptance thing is based on their pervasive cultural influence (partially as a result of the vacuum left by the retreat of religion - note how borough hall extols diversity when the temple/mosque makes a nice backdrop for a hack, but looks askance when it interferes with tweeding gays) but more importantly Tammany Hall needing to put a potentially dangerous segment within its wigwam.

And from the behavior of Quinn and Van Bramer they seem to have got that right.

Lets get it clear: its not for a more just society.

When we see how the middle class, new immigrants, good government, and civic leader/developers issues are treated it become obvious to the brighter of us out there that this city cares little in social justice beyond lip service.

I will bust a gut laughing once this gay issue is taken to the next step: abolishing every restriction: number of partners, age, and species.

When political donors become Sybaritic as ancient Rome so will become our society.

Thank the machine for that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of these newly arrived tweeded ARE good for one or two things after all.

Anonymous said...

No one says, ‘This gay marriage is a good thing.’ What is this world coming to?”

Apparently, its getting more homophobic, you fucking savage.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to wanting to come to America and become an American? Why do these new invaders want to make all the effort to come to this country, but then bring with them all the idiotic things that made their country a crapfest??? Homophobia, suffrage of women, illiteracy, lack of social respect, lack of hygiene...

They are taking our country backwards!

Anonymous said...

Easy solution: if they don't like what's happening in our country then they could go right back to Korea. In america there is freedom of speech, religion, expressing oneself, and living a happy life with everyone's rights being respected. If these does not sit well with the Asians,what are they doing here? they could go right back to their communist countries.

Anonymous said...

Trust me , Wang, there are plenty of white folks left that don't agree with allowing fudge packers to marry.

Countervail said...

So why did the gays spend so much time villifying Catholics, most of whom don't care, when the main opposition is non-Catholic immigrants?

Actually the Catholic Church in New York has openly opposed same-sex marriage, as they have around the country and the world. The pope regularly denounces homosexuality and gay marriage in very ugly terms, and the church itself has funneled significant amounts of money into anti-gay marriage initiatives. Immigrants may not agree with the idea of gay marriage, but individual opinions matter little unless they organize and donate to religious organizations or anti-gay marriage organizations like National Organization for Marriage. How many of you know what your church spends money on and if it goes to anti-gay initiatives? I bet you'd be surprised.

It's easy to demonize same-sex marriage as the slippery slope to the eventual moral destruction of the free world, those who have strong views against it in the first place will never be satisfied by any argument. But in a society where marriage is basically intertwined and over-regulated by our government, gay couples have no choice in how to get the same equal treatment under the law than by joining the marriage game. There are literally hundreds of specific benefits afforded by law to opposite-sex couples, that are denied to same-sex couples. It's simply unfair. So until government gets out of the marriage game, do not be surprised that gay organizations will push for equality. I have been with my partner for 11 years, and know many other long-term same sex couples that live right in the heart of Queens, some even with children. Litigating away equality does not litigate away the reality that these partnerships exist. Gay people don't simply disappear if you just make enough laws against it. And in so many of these other countries where immigrants are coming from, the penalties for gay behavior are savage, often including death. It is the diversity of our culture that has even allowed for immigrants to come to this country and enjoyed the freedom of life they hopefully appreciate. Let's remind them, and ourselves, that we're no better than these other countries without a commitment to individual liberties and freedoms, a "live and let live" spirit that makes our country the place where people want to be, not be from when they emigrate to another country.

Anonymous said...

Wake up! Gay people everywhere in every country. (America, Asian, Europe, Russia, Australia and even Antartica) It's just a matter of whether it is overted displayed or not.

Anonymous said...

The passing of the up the ass bill was just put into law to break down what was left of the American Moral Family Christian Structure in New York. Outside of the northeast it is laughed at. Even retarded backwards third world broke california has yet to pass the law.
You can't smoke in NY, but you can get aids and anal cancer.

Anonymous said...

Many South Koreans left Korea after the North Korean Communists (christian murderers) invaded them in 1950-53.if they stayed, the marxists would have killed all who fought with the N.A.T.O. forces.

many Koreans are christian/catholic and adhere to the Ten Commandments.Homosexualism is an abomination. Heterosexual marriage produces siblings, yours does not. case closed.

many of these Korean families assimilated into the Flushing, Queens section well and were accepted by freedom loving Americans.

i feel homosexuality is a disgusting a youngster in nyc,the perverts made sexual advances continuously at the public lavatories.the keepers had to over-clorox to keep them out.

#17...would you detail/list "the literally hundreds of specific benefits afforded BY LAW to opposite sex couples(heterosexuals), that are denied to same sex couples (homosexuals)"

explain who litigated away a homosexuals equality ? where is this law written ? in the U.S.Constitution ?

Big Hairy Balls said...

As a southern Baptist, a hard core supporter of Israel and a human being I take a live & let live attitude. My grandma used to say "the world is big enough for all of us." So true. Only through Christ & loving (used with care) can we find salvation. Death to the Palestinians! Long live my amazing NYC teacher's pension! Long live Queens Crapper!

Anonymous said...

wow the hacks were overtime on this thread trying to vilify ol Crappy.

Anonymous said...

Gay people are going to get squat sympathy for their lifestyle when ordinary middle class people are treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how bigoted some of you on here can be. It boggles the mind. "the up the ass bill"...really, you are clearly someone with a third grade education. homosexuals, are more than just gay men, there are gay women too, but I guess they are okay because you get off to all those gal on gal porns.

It is so funny that everyone who is opposed to gay marriage speaks of moral christian values, and the sanctity and virtue of marriage. What of the divorce rate, being at 50%. what of your morals and values when half of the straight people getting married end up divorced? how are they holding up the christian morals? Others argue that marriage is important to procreate. Really? have you seen the people out there that have a whole bunch of baby daddies, and no wedding rings? This is who we want procreating?

Lets go onto bestiality and and child abuse and the like....How on earth? How on God's green earth do you people equate gay marriage with those things? Marriage is about spending your life with the person you love, and doing so legally. Two consenting adults. Sharing life. Not everyone is some sicko perv wanting to get with a monkey or do things to little kids.

Some of you people are just deranged with the things your minds come up with. I would never think such a things, so I am a little shocked when people say these of the wall things. Makes me think that these may be the activities that the authors of comments like that want to partake in.

At the end of the day, 2 guys getting married or 2 women getting married has no effect on anyone else s lives except for those involved in the wedding. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of Asian gay bars around that are filled with Korean conservative husbands.

"Uh, sorry honey....I'm working late at the office. Kiss the kids goodnight for me".

georgetheatheist said...

And what exactly was going on between Jesus and John the "Beloved" Disciple? Jesus never said anything against homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

#17 , where is the list ?

your dialogue is impotent and nonsense .

undermining traditional heterosexual marrige by "forced political homo - marriage" laws is bogus.

the State of Cal. Homo-Marriage
referendum was defeated by the voters , but a homosexual judge overturned them?

the homosexual lobby lead by bloomberg ,heavily financed the NY State politicians of both parties to vote their way.

the people do not condone homosexual marrige , and will express it in the voting booth next election.

Anonymous said...

It's ok for these people to make a mockery of our laws and not pay tax by having an underground "cash basis only" policy in their "small businesses" but they can't embrace our culture that they have chosen to live in.

The Republicans brought them here to service their MacMansion Society and now they wish they hadn't.

The Democrats desperately want their votes by funneling our tax money to pay for their overpopulation and urban congestion on many levels and they do not vote for them in return, they vote for Republicans and read the NY Post verbatim, IF they read an English paper at all.

It looks like they took ALL of us for a ride by coming here and rejecting everything.

Who's fooling who these days?

The immigrants of past generations would have NEVER come to this country to disobey laws. They came here because they loved the U.S.

With the exception of a small minority, the past 15 years has been a mostly a farce in regards to immigration.

The "Agenda" Unmasked said...

So they're only "vibrant and diverse" when they aren't opposing liberal agenda...

Very true!

But liberals/gays are a bunch of cowards. Remember the vote on Prop 8 in CA a couple years ago? Exit polls showed blacks voted 70% in favor of the ban on gay marriage. But the gays instead throw a big gay hissy fit tantrum directed at Mormons!

Gays don't have the guts to go marching through Compton - it's easier to attack Mormons!

Anonymous said...

And Jesus befriended a whore....Mary who are you to judge what's pompous Bible thumpers?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 27:

And they will by not voting based strictly on this issue. The law is on the books and it will stay there. They will vote on the issues that are relevant to them.

Anonymous said...

the Queens/Brklyn voters will judge the first Queens homosexual marriage voter ,WEPRIN, today.

the others ADDABBO, AVELLA,STAVISKY, HEVESI, etc have their voter's judgement in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about what happens to Weprin today, but whatever happens, it's not going to be because of same-sex marriage.

The other four will be reelected for sure, and you know it, Gramps. First you need to find someone to run against them.

Anonymous said...

"forced democrat homosexual marriage " was an issue in the defeat of Weprin, in 2011. the wealthy homo marriage lobby led by C. Quinn was defeated by the citizens, who finally could express their voice in a free election.

other liberal issues were defeated as well, high unemployment,high taxes, abandonment of Israel, excessive spending,etc.

remember the rest of the Queens lib/dems who have suppressed your freedom to subject their forced social engineering laws to a referendum, in 2012.

Anonymous said...

It's not acceptable to many non-immigrants as well.

What you do in your own bedroom may be your own business, but what you insist on making law and, worse, "normal" and morally equivalent to marriage, is offensive, "not to mention", plain stupid.

In typical liberal fashion, they are "protecting" gays while irreparably damaging the children they will raise, in addition to general society.

Marriage is sanctioned by society because that is clearly and unequivocally the best way to raise children. Period. Yes, there are bad parents, just as there are bad everything else-s. And there are also some marriages that don't produce children for whatever reason. But neither of these circumstances, indeed nothing at all, can change the clear superiority of marriage over any other way of bearing and raising children, as any clear-thinking parent - and simple biology - can easily attest to.

Just because some people go out and have babies with daddies who will walk away from them and their babies (and these women are not penalized for doing so) does not mean that anything else should be condoned, much less legislated into normalcy.

Just for the children's sake alone, there is no justification for allowing "gay marriage", much less making it "normal" as in a "civil rights" issue as our Mayor so incorrectly put it.

As another poster wrote, this whole travesty is clearly only a means to an end, which seems to be to destroy the morality and values of this society and turn it into a free-for-all, not because anyone cares for gay rights over the rights and welfare of defenseless children and the society they will be foisted on. Otherwise, it makes no sense that so many smart people could be so hood-winked and short-sighted. Clearly there must be some goal that overrides the welfare of society and its most defenseless.

Queens and Brooklyn said as much loud and clear when spurning Mr. Weprin who voted for this.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 34:

There can still be a referendum, Gramps. Get the guys in your party to file legislation.

We'll hold our breaths waiting

Anonymous said...

the NYS 'INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM BILL S-709 " sponsored by Rochester ,r-c-i Senator Joseph Robach, was passed by a vote of 47-15, on June 7,2011.
the NYS Senate sent the bill to the NYS Assembly.which has a democrat majority.

where is it now ? will the democrats allow the people of NY a voice ,or will they suppress it ?

google nys initiative and referendum, for more info.

Anonymous said...

Does this pertain to referendums in general? If so, possibly. Does it pertain specifically to same-sex marriage? Not a chance, and the Governor will veto it anyway.

Anonymous said...

It goes without saying that it's one thing to get a referendum on the ballot and it's another thing to getting it passed, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

is it possible that the wealthy homosexual lobby has financially influenced the democrat majority nys assembly to sit on the S-708 bil

a new governor can repeal and may not veto against the people?

as a great American "Bob Grant " says "LET'S BE HEARD".

Oh ,the CUOMO'S do not like him anymore, does anyone know why ?

Anonymous said...

The problem is for you that Governor Cuomo will be reelected and by a bigger margin than what he won by last year. Just watch. It will happen because 1) The Republicans have no one to run against him and 2) He's worked better with Dean Skelos that he has with Shelly Silver. Truth be told, a lot of the Republicans like him!!!

The law is staying on the books and you know it.

And the Cuomos don't like Bob Grant? So what else is new? He's been slamming them around ever since Mario was Governor. Why would they like him? And, at this point, who cares what Bob Grant thinks, anyway?