Saturday, September 24, 2011

College Point becoming spa central

From the Times Ledger:

Alan J. Sigman and H. Irving Sigman, representatives of the project’s developer, S&I Property Management, presented the New York Spa of College Point project before the [College Point Corporate] task force at its Sept. 15 meeting in the corporate park’s trailer on Ulmer Street.

Slated to be built in a 37,000-square-foot building at 131-23 31st Ave., within the special district created for the corporate park, the project would be a major addition to the growing spa industry in College Point and would feature spa pools, exercise programs and classes, therapeutic pools, a nail salon, eateries and more.

The Sigmans came before the board to ask that it make a recommendation to the city Board of Standards and Appeals that it grant the developer a special permit saying it supports the construction of a spa in the corporate park, thus allowing it to move forward.

The criteria for a developer to obtain such a permit under the special district established there requires that any business it plans to open there be “suited to a high-quality corporate park environment” and that it bring in revenues, according to Alan J. Sigman, who said he believes the proposed spa meets both criteria.

The task force sided with the developer, voting 8-1 to recommend that the BSA grant it the special permit application it seeks. Task force President Chuck Apelian cast the lone “nay” vote.


Anonymous said...

Just what Queens needs more spas to keep illegals rubbing your privates. Nail salons to rip hair off your butts and basically a front for gambling that coming there quickly.

Joe said...

Pretty disgusting in my opinion.
Those spa's, tubs and showers are like taking bath with 100 people.
You name it smaller then 4 microns is suspended in that water and who's to say the Bromine levels are proper. (tubs use Bromine nit chlorine)
If one saw or got a wiff of a festering filter canisters pulled from those hot tubs you would throw up.

Why do people need a club to workout & take showers ?
This is also a huge waste of public water

Anonymous said...

How bigotted and small you sound.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a perfectly legit spa. What's the problem exactly?

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot, a real convenient way to launder your money!

Anonymous said...

"Pretty disgusting in my opinion. "
Don't go there then.

"This is also a huge waste of public water"
Really? First of all they pay for it, the same as anyone else, secondly, there is no scarcity of water here.

"Why do people need a club to workout & take showers ?"
Lots of people like to work out in gyms and clubs for a number of reasons. Just because you don't want to doesn't mean everyone else has to be like you.
What's the difference between showering at home or showering somewhere else? It's all the same water.

"If one saw or got a whiff of a festering filter canisters pulled from those hot tubs you would throw up."
I doubt anyone would really do that so I think we will all be fine.

BTW, if you ingested some of the chemicals they add to our (excellent) drinking water supply in concentrated amounts, it would kill you.

Joe said...

What's the problem ?

For starters just wait till you see the traffic accidents caused by the nasty type A clients and those looking for a happy ending these clubs attract.
They put one in off Bayview ave in Manhasset down the hill from my parents house it ruened the area. The traffic, road rage, accidents, cutting off to rush into the parking lot is pure hell.
A good 1/2 the clubs members are like drug addicts needing "a fix" to get their bodys to "juice" its own testosterone levels.
The woman clients with the lizard legs and big SUVs are the worst.

We never needed health clubs when we grew up. We ate properly (still do) walked, ran, climbed stairs, carried grocery's, did our own exercise including walking 5 miles a day to school and a 1/2 glass of red wine after every meal.

Perhaps some "expert" can s'plain why do people believe a special building is going to make them fit and healthy ?
Is it some kind of "in crowd" social issue ?

Whats with these "health club" people ?

Anonymous said...

"Whats with these "health club" people ?"
They are different than you. What's so hard to comprehend?

For starters just wait till you see the traffic accidents caused by the nasty type A clients and those looking for a happy ending these clubs attract.

Because these "type A" clients aren't driving anywhere else around our neighborhoods. If they didn't go to a health club they wouldn't even drive at all. Right.
Happy ending? If you think a 37,000 sq ft building is being developed to cater to the "happy ending" crowd, you are pretty misinformed.

I'm sure we could list many other types of businesses you (or I for that matter) would never need or go to. Does that make their existence somehow unimportant to the people that use them?

BTW, there was always the YMCA, even when you were younger.

And if you really can't figure out why people would go to a gym, people like to exercise outside of their home but don't necessarily want to do it in the hot/cold/rain/snow/etc. And sure, some people go because they like the atmosphere of a gym. Why is that offensive to you?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what are "lizard legs"?

Ned said...

Lizard legs:
(raited G)

Anonymous said...

By "spa" you mean whore house central!

Another zoning violation that CB#7 allowed to go forth.

Anonymous said...

"By "spa" you mean whore house central!"

Because a spa can't exist unless it provides "services", and there is not a market for legitimate spas and spa services.

You ignorant tool.

Anonymous said...

Because a spa can't exist unless it provides "services", and there is not a market for legitimate spas and spa services.

What it will become is like the foot massage storefront in Maspeth - it's amazing how many Chinese guys need a foot massage after dark! I image since the spa planned for College Point is so large that it will offer a specialized message for every part of the body such as an elbow or hand or even (shh!)toes!

Anonymous said...

All you retards out there: It's "massage" not "message". And not every single Asian spa offers "extras" or "happy endings". Seriously. Now get out there and have a good time, or stay home. But stop bitching and moaning about stuff you know nothing about. A good steam and a real massage from a trained professional is worth ten times its weight in beers at the nearest tavern.

Anonymous said...

Who are the yes votes?

Anonymous said...

Spas and Nail salons are what women go to. The rich have always gone to spas. Many well-off communities have community centers and they have saunas. Are you critics anti-commerce? If you don't want that around your neighborhood, move to a well-off neighborhood where the spas are more upscale. LOL. A bunch of crybabies.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that not many realize what a true spa is. This is place for rest, rejuvenation and restoration. Those that do not understand it can disagree all they want, but if you experience a true spa, you would understand. I think that this is what they are trying to bring to the community and there is nothing wrong with that.