Friday, September 30, 2011

Repurposing stalled sites


Just before the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, a half-acre site slated for construction on Canal Street between Sixth Avenue and Varick Street has become LentSpace, a temporary public art park. On the Lower East Side, a stalled construction site on 145 Ludlow St. has morphed into a rentable ‘backyard’ with grills, sprinklers, wading pools and live bands. In Downtown Brooklyn, a stalled mixed-use development has been transformed into Dekalb Market, home to six urban farms, independent retailers, eateries and work-sell spaces.

These are just some of the many examples cited by “Arrested Development: Breathing New Life Into Stalled Construction Sites” released by the Office of the Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer on Monday, available for download here. The report calls for creative land use solutions and new policies to help transform stalled places into vibrant public spaces that generate revenue and create real estate opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Oh sure the site near our homes me on 57th Ave off 80th street could be a performance space! This would dove-tail nicely with the Mexican bordello next door that frequently host live amplified bands and DJs at began 11 pm at night. They need the extra space to expand their bar area while patrons wait to take care of business inside the green frame house of Chicas. The livery driver get a commission to ferry customers to the site and wait for the tapped customer to stagger home. So the city can expand it's illegal workforce while keeping them happy at the expense of working middle class homeowners who cannot get the police to shut down the late loud late night events outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Prev poster.

Stop bitching.

Get your cell phone and ask your elected. Ask your community board.

Get their bullshit response.

Post on crappy....

.... or just go home and seethe.

Anonymous said...

Stop bitching.

Elected officials don't return calls, in fact they like illegals and are often used to vote and vote again where they can. SO no interest there. Police don't arrest chi ca houses as they get a little to look the other way fool!