Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are Bronx and Queens strays out of luck?

From the Daily News:

City health officials are promising to renovate a small Bronx animal receiving center and relocate a Queens facility for stray and homeless animals.

But it's little comfort, advocates say, for the only two boroughs lacking full-service animal shelters.

The City Council is weighing a bill that pumps more money into the budget-ravaged New York City Animal Care & Control in return for repealing part of a law that requires full-service shelters in all five boroughs.

That would boost the AC&C budget to over $12 million by fiscal year 2014, a 77% increase over current funding, said Daniel Kass, deputy commissioner at the Health Department.

But that's not sitting well with some elected officials.

"This seems like a form of extortion," Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) said at a hearing last week on the bill. "I can't allow the animals and the people in the Bronx and Queens to be treated differently."

The new bill is especially painful for Vallone. His father, Peter Vallone Sr., sponsored the law it would partially repeal.


Anonymous said...

"I can't allow the animals and the people in the Bronx and Queens to be treated differently."

Great he wants dogs like treated the same everywhere, but when it comes to community preservation, its ok that Manhattanites are treated like people and Queens treated like dogs.

Anonymous said...

"Are Bronx and Queens strays out of luck?"

Does Queenscrap post rhetorical questions?

Is today thursday?

Anonymous said...

Naw, the only people out of luck are Vallone's constiuents.

thanks for posting another fluff effort by Junior.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg keeps raising our taxes, but we get less services. He figures that the residents of Flushing will take care of the dog and cat overpopulation.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, they melt the meat off the live dog with a blow torch because it is more tender and makes you virile.

Anonymous said...

Remove the animal shelters from Manhattan instead - where animal owners can bring their unwanted animals to new shelters in Queens and the Bronx instead. The Shelter Police and facility should be relocated or divided to Queens & Bronx. Manhattan rents are too high so rents saved could pay for new facilities. Manhattan residents should be taxed higher rates for their animals - taxed by animal dogs by weight especially.