Friday, September 30, 2011

FAA says RKO Keith's needs a scalping


georgetheatheist said...

Now ask yourselves, folks. Where, where would you find out about this except here on Queens Crap? Even the editors of the Queens rags get their info from here.

Kudos, Crapman.

Anonymous said...

Only 117' (approximately 12 sotries) allowed? What about the other buildings, which were built in this neighborhood in recent years, such as 133-53 37 Avenue?

Eric, ghost of the RKO. said...

what does "Multi Media/Queens Tribune's"....former "bag man" for Donald Manes....Michael Nussbaum have to say about this?

After all,
he's on record stating that he's "representing" the Keith's owner Patrick Thompson.

We thought that Thompson is already being "represented" by Howard Goldman's law is evident in this document.

Was Nussbaum hired merely as a public relations "consultant"?

Why would Thompson agree to hiring a man with such a shady background to "represent" him?

Was he ignorant of "Nussie's" past or was he strongly "advised" to do so?

Nussbaum just barely skipped going to jail when he worked for Manes by the skin of his teeth.

Now he works for Schenkler/Ackerman's news rag....featuring its numerous massage parlor offerings.

Is Thompson just a front man for a group of silent owners?

Thompson doesn't have much of a record as a major developer on his own.

"Google" him and see for yourselves.

While you're at it, "Google" Nussbaum for some real juicy history lessons.

Will the Keith's soon be flipped to another owner?

It's funny how both the current lawyer (Howard Goldman) and architect (Jay Valgora) both worked for Boymelgreen, the Keith's previous owner.

The 25 year old mystery is still playing on the torn screen in the carcass of the RKO Keith's.

Sit back and I do daily.

Anonymous said...

It looks like CB#7, Boro Hall, the board of Standards and Appeals, et al....have been all caught with their pants down!

Is the Keith's now going back to public review stage?

It should be going to the attorney general's office for investigation!

Zoning chair "follow the buck" Chuck Apelian is sure to be red- faced as he reads this in his daily favorite "Queens Crap".

Can't afford not, Chuck?

Might another printing contract be soon gone with the wind?

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's Inc. said...

I'm mystified, but certainly never surprised, at anything that might play on the stage of the RKO Keith's!

Anonymous said...

CB#7 needs a good scalping for letting this one get by!

Better yet...shave 'em all bald and throw them out into the street....
like they used to do with Nazi collaborators during WW II in France!

Zoning chair Apelian, clearly isn't fit to do his job anymore!

Why is he still parking his ass there?

Anonymous said...

You won't see this featured in the Ackerman run Queens Tribune for sure...because good buddy Nussbaum works for the Trib as well as Thompson, the Keith's owner!

Thank you, "Queens Crap" of the truth!

"Crappy", would you forward this to the FBI, please?

Congressman Ackerman needs to be thoroughly investigated too!

He's got his fingers in too many pies...the "Xenonics Corporation", etc.

Now it's the Keith's, via his confederates at the Trib.

Anonymous said...

Public needs to stay on top of this. How exactly is the public going to become informed if the FAA conducts "further study"? What exactly are the FAA regulations under which the project is classified a "presumed hazard"? How will the developer evade those FAA regulations?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! There should be an investigation of the FAA's relationship with Queens' movers and shakers!

The FAA allowed the city to build it's garbage transfer station at the end of LaGuardia's runway in College Point!

No harm, no fowl?

Anonymous said...

I just learned that this story will be covered tonight on the WCBS Channel 2 news at 6 p.m. The reporter saw the story on Queens Crap today!!!
Way to go Crapper!!!

Queens Crapper said...

Anyone else see the irony in the mayor going around gassing geese for air safety while simultaneously encouraging skyscrapers in the path of aircraft?

SWCphotography said...

Hey how about giving credit to where you found out this info and pic(it will help the cause):

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, I didn't find the pic there, it was e-mailed to me by a reader. Maybe he got it from there.

Anonymous said...

You all know what the end result of this is going to be... don't get too excited.

The builder will appeal the decision crying about how this restriction will have a negative impact on the community, because the community needs a project like this; they will believe the bs and a waiver will be granted.

Alan said...

FYI---The WCBS reporter was informed about Chris Kellberg's Facebook page being the source of the FAA letter. Credit where credit is due!

SWCphotography said...

Thanks QC this needs all the attention it can get. Note I had contacted the Board of Standards and Appeals a number of times (and have the records) about this issue, well before they unanimously voted to approve waviers to zoning laws for the second time. After the developer reapplys to the FAA for further study, which he has 54 of 60 days to do, it will be open for public comment for 120 days. After that he will have to reapply for another extension on time to complete with the BSA, since the current one runs out at the end of the year. All this will undoubtly do wonders for obtaining a loan. Support the FB group "Save the Flushing RKO Keith's"

Anonymous said...

Excuse me "SWC photography"....but what is left of the Keith's that you want to save?

I hope you are only referring to saving its landmark ticket lobby and grand foyer.

There is no theater left but these remains of one to save.

If you are certain the entire theater can be restored....pony up $20,000,000 to repay the owner's purchase price....then add an additional $80,000,000+ to restore it!

That's about one hundred million bucks....old sport!

C'mon fella....have you got that kind of money stashed in your piggy bank?

What you don't hold the deed to you can't do squat with.

Anonymous said...

Another scenario might be that Thompson does not get any approval from the FAA even after an appeal.

Then he has to go back to square one with a shortened plan to CB#7, Borough Hall and BSA.

If he can't make enough money after incurring the cost of restoring the landmark spaces with a curtailed building design....he might then apply for a hardship case exemption from the Landmarks Commission and any landmark status can be withdrawn according to law.

Has anyone though about that?

Anonymous said...

Notice....that in tonight's 6:00 PM CBS news spot RE the Keith's....that Michael Nussbaum couldn't be reached for comment.

LOL....I'll bet!

Nussbaum was probably too busy changing his soiled pants and gulping Imodium.

Anonymous said...

CB#7's Chuck Apelian was too focused on the vehicular traffic that would increase with Thompson's RKO project but he apparently neglected to consider air traffic and flight paths.

Bad, bad boy Chuckie....
falling asleep at the wheel again?

Anonymous said...

With the many tall buildings that have sprouted up in Flushing in recent years....the likelihood of a plane in trouble....striking any one of them worries a lot of people these days.

Anonymous said...

looks like someone's proposed building a (much shortened) tower of babble that will fend off investors (if there are any out there in this economy) with this latest wrinkle from the FAA.

Now let's see if Nussbaum is worth all the money that Thompson payed him for his "expert" representation.

Anonymous said...

Jealous that a "Facebook" page couldn't generate a channel 2 prime time story like feisty "Queens Crap" just did?

Everybody follows "Queens Crap" even the mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap---the original InYourFaceBook!!!

SWCphotography said...

I'm delighted that QC has picked up the story, far be it for FB to be a monopoly, however if you want to see what's left of the theatre the pictures are there. I've been inside and I've seen far worse restored. I won't have to pony up a dime, it'll be a city owned property before long. Bomylgreen took a loss when he sold so will Thompson when he bails just like many Flushing condo and home owners have. The quoted restoration prices are way inflated. Too bad we don't have a BP like Brooklyn does; he managed to secure $70M for the Loew's Kings in a far less "economically vibrant" area. In Flushing the mantra has shifted from "thriving" to "teeming" a few thousand more apartments with more little ones going up every day won't help anyone. How's Flushing Commons' 600+ units doing these days?

Joe said...

Before becoming a sound engineer-musician I studied to be a pilot but got kicked out for being dyslexic.

Apparently the current RKO Keiths sits directly below not only LGAs RADAR beacon but a navigation and data stream radial.
Those operate at a base radial elevation as low as 1.45/1.50°
Another system (Doppler) uses part of this radial to detect wind shear

Its pretty safe to say the RKO's builder is F_cked !!
Yep, Bye Bye investors !

Anonymous said...

According to, the Cong Rep for the RKO Keith (135-35 Northern Blvd 11354) is ACKERMAN.

Cmon Senators Schumer and Gillibrand -- pls look into this ...

SWCphotography said...

Hey QC I just posted (on the Save the Flushing RKO Keith's FB group page) feel free to post it here) the FAA finding from 2003 showing the RKO condo tower in violation; the claims to the contrary in the BSA filing are at the top. This is the third time that both CB7 and the BSA have seen and approved this application. But this is the first time it has gotten media attention. I would oppose this development even if the RKO was a vacant lot just like the former Peck's site has been for 2 years. In fact why doesn't the developer just go there? 357 units a little closer to the sparse No.7 train is just what Flushing really needs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedie "SWC photography".

Catherine The Great's winter palace was restored (from old B/W photos) after being practically demolished during WW II.

Soviet determination and quadrillions of Rubles over a very long time did the trick.

What kind of money do you have to offer?

Does it even amount to 5% of your words here?

Anyplace else but Flushing....things get restored.

In Queens you had, and still have, a government that's hostile toward the Keith's!

The real plan for Flushing was to introduce Asians (pretty much like a species) to drive out "people of color" which has been almost completely accomplished.

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown"!

And there's no money to restore a 3,000 seat theater for the benefit of low class Fujianese and Taiwanese patrons.

It won't play!

The Loew's Kings in Brooklyn has the full support of their borough president AND the city owns it.

It'll happen in Brooklyn but not in Queens.

I believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy as well, but they're not giving me more than $5 to donate to the Keith's restoration fund.

Keep on dreaming Mr. Photography!

Nice Facebook photo documentation this Mr. Kellberg?

Anonymous said...

All mouth + no money = "0" results.

The RKO Keith's Theater no longer exists or is economically feasible to restore.

Only a fragment remains.
Restore and enjoy that!

Put a turd in one hand and a bag of wishful thinking in the other and what have you got?


Jerry Rotondi, comm. to Save keith's Inc. said...


On the CBS news site I am identified as a "supporter" of Patrick Thompson's project.

I've sent in a correction stating that---I AM DEFINITELY NOT!

My comments were taken out of context and were abbreviated into a misleading soundbite---which was then incorrectly labeled.

The only thing that I, along with our committee, supports is the restoration of the landmark spaces which include the ticket lobby and grand foyer.

georgetheatheist said...

Nooseman, at least they gave your name right. ("Moronica" Morales calling Avella "Joe"?)

And I luuuuv your Ginja Warrior chapeau!

ex-gov.a.schwarzenegger said...

Ja, Tchery. I akree. Der hat is a shtepp in der right direction, but ve shtill haf to poomp you up a bit. Shtick vit me. Hahr, hahr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck, how much money did Thompson and all the other developers spend at your printing shop? Don't think we don't know about this. It's just a matter of time before one of these guys gets disgusted with your greed and decides to report you. I would bet there already is audio and video of you and your shady dealings . That little shop in LIC is not as inconspicuous as you think buddy boy. We also know about the money you make from Shillmans group with Grodendick at the table. Your time will come and oh the people you will take down with you.

Jerry Rotondi, comm. to Save keith's Inc. said...

Thanks George.

Your namesake---George Burns (and Gracie Allen) played the Keith's in its hey day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chuck gets all of Parkside's printing business.

He's living awfully large while trying to keep a low profile.

Ring his neighbor John Liu's doorbell and ask Mr. Comptroller to audit Apelian's dealings with NYC.

Liu and Chuck live right across the cul de sac from each other.

Anonymous said...

the city doesn't want the property.

They weren't interested in seizing it via eminent domain proceedings when Tommy Huang owned it.

You're a little out of touch and grossly uninformed, bub.

should the city take title to the Keith's....they'd be more interested in demolishing your "theater"as an eyesore that's holding up "progress".

City owned properties ARE EXEMPT from having to abide by the landmarks law.

Look up the NYC landmarks statute for yourself.

So the ball's back in your court again....where's your money?

Anonymous said...

Maybe with all of the photos of the Keith's that exist...."Pixar" might be persuaded to do a virtual reality restoration.

Put on your helmet and light up some smoke....and the RKO Keith's Theater is reborn!

KG2V said...

I'd hate to say it, the reality is that the Keith's is gone - there is basically nothing left to save - the developers should do time for destroying it, and it this pint, it probably IS best to knock it into a pile, and say, put in a park (so the developers can't profit)

From the photos out there, it's gone - there is basically nothing salvagable - the only thing left to do is punish the guilty

Anonymous said...

When they finally get to Chuck, a lot of will be enjoying the perp walk ceremony!

Anonymous said...

Found something interesting in the video newspiece. Is that a UFO in the upper right hand corner of the screen at around 35 seconds in???

Alan said...

I saw it as well. WTF?

Eric, ghost of the RKO said...

It's me flying through on sky patrol.

Anonymous said...

If only they had this for Flushing Commons.

Anonymous said...

the airplane can navigate around it. What's a big deal?