Friday, September 30, 2011

Mayor Moneybags and his "missing" money

From the NY Post:

There always has been something very strange about the Manhattan trial involving $1.2 million of Mayor Moneybags’ fortune, but it is entirely consistent with his weird third term. If Bloomberg ever wants to spot the day it all started to go downhill, he should revisit Oct. 23, 2008.

That’s the day he invited a black cloud to dog him by getting 29 dimwits on the City Council to change the term-limits law. He was all for a limit of two terms -- until he realized there wasn’t a chance in hell he wasn’t going to be elected president that year. Suddenly, he liked the job he had so much, he decided to keep it.

First, he would have to renege on a promise never to fight the law, then round up enough council quislings so he could seek a third term. It’s amazing what money can buy.

He got what he wanted, but his victory increasingly looks like a curse. Blame the cloud.

Rocked by scandals, snowstorms and a diminished legacy, Bloomberg now faces the indignity of having to explain publicly, and under oath, something he tried to keep secret. He and his campaign team are spinning like tops as they try to make the $1.2 million payment to the Independence Party seem honest.

It wasn’t. It was designed to be hidden from the public and the campaign-disclosure rules.

It also had an unsavory intent. Defense lawyers convincingly argued on the first day of the trial that Bloomberg made the payment secretly because he was embarrassed about its purpose.

Part of the reason he's not ranking so high these days.


Anonymous said...

" He was all for a limit of two terms -- until he realized there wasn’t a chance in hell he wasn’t going to be elected president that year."

Any of retired teachers that care to take a red pencil to that sentence?

I guess in Murdoch's crumbling empire the proof readers get axed first.

What has happened to Bloombag is a classic case of "incumbency rot". People naturally get complacent -even in high places and some staffers who have stayed around longer then they should have realize that they had better start feather their nest (if they haven't already been doing so).

He should have thrown his then, considerable weight, behind Quinn (or whomever) and retreated to being a Putin-esque figure.

Huge ego -typical of his type.

Missing Foundation said...

The blame for this man's recent record is city council - and from the way you all act every time they walk into a room and throw some change at you nothing is different.

Bloomberg can happen again and again - the key to changing New York is through the city council.

Anonymous said...

The man is continuing to feather his own nest by having kickbacks from all these ontractors,developers,publishers
and charter school operators who now effectively own the city for the foreseeable future (on our dimw!) wired into the offshore accounts he seems to feel the need to disappear in order to check up on.Audits, forensic accountants and charges- are you listening Messrs. Liu,Vance,Schneiderman and Bharara?

Anonymous said...

Board of Estimate 1989 showed the only way to change NYC is Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

I admit, I am not a regular reader of the NY Post, but I find it surprising they are criticizing Bloomberg like this considering the VERY close ties between Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch.

Joel Klein went RIGHT from heading the NYC school system to apparently becoming Murdoch's right-hand man (to the point of very visibly appearing at hearings in Parliament against Murdoch). Murdoch has sunk a lot of money into campaigns to privitize schools which apparently has had a lot of influence on Bloomberg, which one might interpret this as laundering public taxes into Murdoch's hands.

I wonder if the Post's blasting Bloomberg is tied in with Murdoch's serious legal problems in the UK...

Anonymous said...

prior to Joel Klein's nyc dept. of education appointment by Doomsberg, he worked for W.J.Clinton. his Dept. of Justice, led by Janet Reno, dismantled the MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

i think a guy by the name of Bill Gates was involved.

did you know that Klein went to Bryant H.S and is a wannabe basketball star ?

Anonymous said...

"Janet Reno, dismantled the MICROSOFT CORPORATION."

What gramps?..or as you might say "?????"

There is a commie under your bed.

Anonymous said...

Since when was the Microsoft Corporation dismantled?

Anonymous said...

RE: "microsoft being dismantled"... a poor choice of words, i agree .

The F.T.C.,In 1990, set it's eye on microsoft for possible "COLLUSION".

It marked the beginning of over a DECADE of legal clashes with the U.S.Government.

Klein,was the lead prosecutor and U.S.Asst. Attorney General , AntiTrust Division during the U.S. versus Microsoft case , which by 2000 the Court handed down a judgement that "MICROSOFT WAS AN ABUSIVE MONOPOLY"

Microsoft settled with the D.O.J in 2004 ???

Reno was W.J.C's A/G...1992 - ? (Ruby Ridge killer / David Koresh/killer

Anonymous said...

David Koresh? The child abuser?