Thursday, September 15, 2011

Residential lot becomes illegal storage yard

From NY1:

"I'm living in a construction zone, and it's just unfortunate that I'm embarrassed to bring people over to my yard," said Douglaston resident Tom Macaluso.

Macaluso says he's embarrassed because the only thing housed behind the plywood walls is construction equipment.

"Right now it's a vacant lot with a mud floor that's littered with I think there's probably now four containers, Caterpillar, this morning there was a big truck," Macaluso said.

Neighbors say not only is it unsightly, but it is also disruptive. They claim the owners of the property are using it as a storage place.

"Every morning there's comings and goings of loading and unloading the equipment, beeping noises, clanging, metal, steel grates. It sounds like you're in a middle of a construction in a manufacturing zoning, not this beautiful residential area," Macaluso said.


Anonymous said...

This lot is in violation of zoning codes but the Buildings Department will only issue violations. They wont do anything else.
When will the NYC council and Buildings Department fix this problem.

Anonymous said...

Check out Super Halal Meat Market. at 253-06 Hillside Avenue.This building has a lot of open and overdue zoning issues. The Building Department has issued violations and walked away from this problem. They will do the same thing at this lot.
Why can't they enforce the laws?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dutch Kills and another example of 'all the people that are moving in' that the local bozos touted.

Anonymous said...

That is NOT Dutch Kills.

There is not a hotel soon to be converted to out of zone apartment building anywhere in sight!

Besides, I don't see any bozos.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on NY1 yesterday. The NYC buildings department can only issue violations. It's amazing thats all they can do.
This problem will never be corrected until the owwner of the property decides he wants to comply.

Anonymous said...

Get Google to Street View 150-12 14 Avenue, and go see a similar construction dump in the center lot owned by Yidakitsis in downtown Whitestone. DEP has actually charged such superfund dumpers with manslaughter.