Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Irene took down 2 historic trees

From the NY Post:

Tropical Storm Irene knocked down two giant 200-year-old oaks in Bowne Park in Queens that once towered over the family farmhouse of 19th-century Mayor Walter Bowne.

The trunk diameters of the massive trees near 158th Street were 64 and 72 inches, according to the city Parks Department. They were about 80 feet tall.

“They are invaluable. You can’t replace them,” said Carsten Glaeser, a Queens arborist.

After the storm, the trees were mulched during the cleanup. The Parks Department is looking to honor the fallen behemoths with a plaque or bench after receiving requests from local officials.


Anonymous said...

If nature took this down then I am OK with it but sad to hear.

I am just upset at the aborcide that was on their earlier mentioned post.

Anonymous said...

The Parks Department has been trying to de-nude this park for years. All too many trees have been cut down and never replaced.

In addition, the bocce players have usurped the courts and made it impossible for anyone to play there if they are not part of the "group". They leave their assorted chairs around the courts (even during Irene), gamble and toss their cigarette butts all over the place.

The pond is again covered with scum because the mid-pond fountains are not being operated correctly.

People are letting their dogs defecate all over, including in the playground, without fear of ticketing.

Complaints to the dept. of parks, Halloran and Lancman go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Irene, it was the blindingly colored fuschia t-shirt!