Friday, September 23, 2011

Parents lying to Dept of Ed to enroll kids in schools

From the Times Ledger:

Parents are forging documents to get their children into a sought-after but swelling Glendale school, and the practice could edge out longtime residents who actually live in the district, a principal said to a tense meeting last week.

The school is popular due to its dedicated staff and high calibre of education, but it is so popular it also attracts students who do not live in the district, a number of distraught parents said.

“I can pick out 15 faces right now whose children do not belong here,” said Jennifer Bonowitz, who attended last Thursday’s meeting because she hopes to send her young children to the school, at 78-23 87th St.

A set of city Department of Education rules called the Chancellor’s Regulations requires that parents must prove they live in a certain district if their children want to attend a locally zoned school.

But those regulations are far too lax, Pranzo said.

Once Pranzo sent out an attendance officer to check up on a student whose parents he suspected of using a false address. Instead of being commended by the DOE, he was rebuked when the city found out, he said.

The problem could mean families who actually live in the district would have to go somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Throw the parents in jail. The sentence should be equal to the time the student was illegally in the school.

Anonymous said...

Are parents in Glendale paying higher taxes for their kids to go to this particular school?

Anonymous said...

happens in long island every day cars come from queens to L I .

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this has been going on for a long time throughout the city. Back in the 1970's when I went to school, everyone knew who lived or did not lived in their school district. Nothing was done then and nothing will be done now.

Klink Cannoli said...

Thank you, someone remembers.

It's an old practice. Specially in my district.

Privatize and let the money talk and the parents control. You'll see these kinds of issues disappear. Good schools will cost more. Crap will be cheap. You invest in your children how you see fit and to your means. Even better, hire a private tutor to your specifications as an educated adult to teach yours and your neighbor's or like minded adults kids. Low overhead, total control of the curriculum and a more personalized education for your children.

Get the city, state and feds out of education. Period.

Cherokeesista said...

The D.O.E. needs to look into P.S.32 in Flushing kids are being bused in from other districts and kids that live only a few blocks away are told there's,no room for them ;-( Not to mention the creepy 5th grade teacher there that friends 10 and 11 yr old girls on Facebook ...

Anonymous said...

Check out all the out of district Chinese parents lying to get their kids into high end P.S. 32 grade school in northeast Flushing.

And very few Asians attend (the too "colored" for them) Flushing High School.

The Q 28 is always packed with Chinese and Korean students returning to their Flushing homes from Bayside High School.

Enough so, that 3 buses pass by filled to the roof at the end of the school day.

The 4th bus passing is empty enough to finally take passengers.

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy....
all of those racially tolerant Asians!

The Chinese generally dislike the Koreans and vice versa....but they both agree on their hatred of "Blacks" and dark skinned Latinos.

Anonymous said...

With all of those "smart Jews" gone....we need "Oriental Jews" like the Chinese to save the student body and our schools.

The term, "Oriental Jews", to describe the Chinese, was coined by a close Chinese friend of mine.

Yo, bro....
do you really think the hip hop crowd will become the future brain trust of the USA and keep us competitive in the world market?