Friday, September 23, 2011

A nice place to represent, but they wouldn't want to live here

From the Daily News:

Deputy Mayor Robert Steel insists he lives in the city - but his wife, his Porsche, his Mercedes-Benz, his Lexus and his four yappy dogs all live in Connecticut.

"Where would you rather live if you were a dog?" Steel asked when the Daily News confronted him in the driveway of his extravagant Greenwich mansion. "I'd rather live here."

City law requires all top city officials to live in the city.

Although most major unions have negotiated the right for members to live in the suburbs, Mayor Bloomberg issued an executive order insisting that top officials - except those granted a waiver - reside in the city.

Just 32 employees have been granted that waiver. Steel never requested one.

That means he had 90 days to move to New York after becoming deputy mayor for economic development in August 2010.

Also from the Daily News:

The city official charged with fixing the problem-plagued $2 billion upgrade of our 911 emergency response system has been doing much of his work from home - in sunny Florida.

Glen (Skip) Funk, the man Mayor Bloomberg appointed in August 2010 to a $200,000-a-year post as director of the Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, still lists an address in St. Augustine, Fla., as his legal residence.

Property records show Funk and his wife are receiving a $50,000 "homesteading" tax exemption Florida grants to residents who claim a property as their primary home.

In addition, Florida voter records show Funk and his wife both cast ballots in that state's election last November - more than two months after he started his new job for New York City.

Bloomberg's take?

"He lives in the city. What is your evidence? What are the allegations? Why do you try to assassinate somebody?" Bloomberg demanded.


Anonymous said...

Telecommuting, I guess,Mikey- yeah, that's the ticket!And where do their taxes go? Oh-they're like you, they don't pay taxes either!

Anonymous said...

That's a good one. I guess they don't pay taxes because they are job-creators.

Anonymous said...

Compliance Mayor Bloomberg - enforce the policy fairly across the board. The last thing we need is a Greenwich resident as a NYC Deputy Mayor!

Anonymous said...

The Staviskys haven't lived in their district for years!

Evan, an NYC district leader, lives in Rockland county.

Nobody's asking these bozos to step down.

When are you going to make mamma a grandma Evan?

Snake Plissskin said...

Hell, if its ok for 'Honest Joe' Crowley (backed by editorials in the Queens weeklies) what is the big deal?

None of the movers and shakers in Queens said anything about it - so why don't you ask them?

Anonymous said...

What papers did editorials backing Crowley? That I gotta see.

Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, it doesn't bother me that a $1 annual salary deputy mayor lives in Greenwich -- but what ticks me off is the blatant lying that he lives in NYC. Just admit it: "Hey, I only get $1 a year, so I'll live anywhere I damn like." Maybe living in CT was part of his agreement with Der Kommissar when he took the job?

Anonymous said...

Why do you try to assassinate somebody? - Bloomberg

Because they work for you - and 90% of what you've done for this city has been pure bullshit.

That he lives in CT. is the second reason.

Anonymous said...

Evan Stavisky may need a phony address in Queens so he can continue being a District Leader and selling Democratic endorsements to candidates that hire his firm. I'm not sure?

Anonymous said...

If Steel walk around Queens look like that, he get beat up.