Thursday, September 22, 2011

Disano hit with violations for scaffold collapse

From DNA Info:

The Department of Buildings is expected to issue several violations against the construction company that was carrying out the demolition of a building that partially collapsed along with its scaffolding on 125th Street, injuring 18 people Tuesday morning.

"We will be issuing violations to the contractor [Disano Demolition]," said a spokeswoman for the Department of Buildings, declining to cite specifics.

Six violations will be issued against Queens-based Disano Demolition while the owner of the building will face one violation, said Councilwoman Inez Dickens, whose office has been following up on the accident.

"They found equipment that should not have been on the site and the demolition was not done correctly," said Dickens.

Violations will be issued for illegal mechanical equipment found on the site as well as an improper course of demolition, among other problems, said Dickens. The demolition, being done in stages, should have been completed in a certain order to prevent problems, she claimed.


Anonymous said...

"Sano"...AKA..."Disano"...has the lock on practically every demo job around.

Might they be mob linked?

Anonymous said...

these guys never do anything right , so many pepole sue them its crazy .