Monday, September 26, 2011

City paid dead people's rent

From the Daily News:

A shocking new audit from city Controller John Liu discovered that city bureaucrats paid out $11.8 million in rent subsidies in recent years to nearly 4,000 people too dead to enjoy them.

Instead, their landlords or relatives cashed in.

"There's no excuse for losing this much money - management lapse, willful fraud or otherwise," Liu said in a statement.

His office turned its findings over to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. to determine if any crimes were committed.

City officials say they've already recouped $3.3 million of the posthumous profit - and vowed to collect the rest as soon as possible.

They say they had spotted some of the errors even before Liu flagged the screwups - and began implementing safeguards to make sure the dead are never again on the city dole.


Anonymous said...

of course it was all Section 8 vouchers. blame NYCHA, it's corrupt.

Anonymous said...

If the dead don't have free apartments how will they have an address?

If they don't have an address how are they to vote?

Anonymous said...

In Cooks County, Chicago...tradition has it that the dead don't need an address to vote other than lot#1 plot#2.

Anonymous said...

notice the double coincidence:

Anonymous said...

What about the over $600,000 in fines that Sanitation leveled against Liu in the "09 election for illegal postings? When will he pay up?

Anonymous said...

liu got away with not paying ,because of a alledged technical mistake by the D.O.S. ?

Anonymous said...

Were the dead people registered Democrats?