Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gangs selling fake IDs to illegals

From the Times Ledger:

Police arrested 18 people, many who have suspected ties to the international street gang M18, on charges of running a fake identification mill for immigrants in Jackson Heights, the Queens district attorney’s office said.

Those who were taken into custody, 13 of whom are Queens residents, included seven men believed to be M18 members who allegedly gave forged documents to the police when officers asked for their identification papers, three men who were allegedly caught exchanging a fake Social Security card and permanent resident card for cash, two suspected M18 members and document forgers, another man and a woman who allegedly had forged documents and four other alleged M18 members, the DA said.

The arrests were made as part of an investigation beginning in June 2010 by the NYPD’s Manhattan Gang Squad of an alleged M18-run forged document organization centered in Jackson Heights, the DA said.

State Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Jackson Heights) said Elmhurst, Corona and Jackson Heights have become an epicenter of gang recruitment of children and he applauded Brown’s work.


Anonymous said...

I know about the "MS 13" gang,
but who are "M 18"?

There are so many gangs and newly emerging gangs out there these days that it's hard to keep up.

Anonymous said...

M 18 is actually the rival gang of MS-13. It's some california shit so a New Yorker may or may not be familiar with it. They always post up on 90th and Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

The falalcy of "identity" is a direct consequence of socialism boxing us up into the status of clients. Under common law, you may assume any identity you wish providedit is not fraudulent. How ironic that those who promote socialist concepts of identity also decry the lack of privacy. So perverse is the fallacy of privacy that you are not allowed to send an email to your physician on the grounds of it being a HIPAA violation.

Anonymous said...

"Socialism? Under common law, you may assume any identity you wish providedit is not fraudulent.

"you are not allowed to send an email to your physician.."

What are you talking about? Too many Fox-News-isms here, man!

Anonymous said...

RE the "M 18" info you've provided....thanx.

Anonymous said...

They almost resemble the names of British security agencies (MI5, MI6)!