Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Woodhaven church objects to liquor sales

From the Daily News:

A Queens church whose members abstain from drinking is bashing a planned hookah lounge that wants to serve beer and wine next door.

The pastor of All Nations Baptist Church in Woodhaven argues the alcoholic offerings would be unacceptable "in God's sight."

The Rev. Dan Shafer voiced his objections to Community Board 9, which will vote Tuesday on the beer and wine license sought by NEBU Hookah Lounge.

"Spiritually, we oppose what they're doing," Shafer said. "It's kind of a sad commentary on society."

But lounge owner Yunior Espinal questioned the legitimacy of the 115-year-old church.

"I can fight them on this," he said. "It's not a church. They don't even do Masses there."

The 80th St. lounge will open in mid-October and operate from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m., Espinal said.

He said he may ask the board to postpone the vote scheduled for Tuesday while his landlord sorts out Buildings Department violations.

The case has ignited debates on whether the state should allow the sale of beer and wine so close to houses of worship.

The State Liquor Authority does not award licenses for hard liquor within 200 feet of a house of worship or a school, but it has no such rules on licenses to serve beer and wine.


Anonymous said...

Silly church, blowing a big chance to save lost souls! Seriously, whatever happened to separation of Church & State? What if I found the church of Vegetarian Man-Haters, may I get meat-eating males banned from a 50-foot radius? Or will my church have to be practicing for 115 years first?
Silliness. Anyway, the community board reviews liquor license applications - it's not something for a single entity to control. Of course, if the church is active, tey could cram the meeting...

Anonymous said...

I'm offended that they built a ton of churches in my residential neighborhood. I'm offended that they swarm my neighborhood and take all the parking every Sunday. Its bad enough they take all the parking and don't pay taxes, Why should they tell other people what to believe.