Sunday, September 11, 2011

No room for first responders


Anonymous said...

this is my yearly honoring of fallen hero/first responder, JOHN P. ONEIL, the F.B.I."s embattled counter terror warrior. he made it out of the W.T.C. called his family ,and returned to help others.( K.I.A.
Sept. 11, 2001.)

His letter to his first grandson,5/2001 : "You have been born in the greatest country in the world. It is well to learn the ethnic backgrounds of your parents, to love and cherish the ancient folklore. But never, never forget you are an American first. And millions of Americans before you have fought for your freedom. The Nation holds all the terms of our endearment. Support, defend and honor those whose duty it is to keep it safe.

from "The man who warned America" ,by Murray Weiss

the A.B.C. movie version was partially censored by W.J.Clinton officials.

CJ said...

Never forget.

Deke DaSilva said...

No room for the Fire Department at the podium?

That's bizarre, because 343 of them bravely gave their lives 10 years ago on the very same spot!

Anonymous said...

The one that gets to me is when HRC appeared on stage at Radio City at the Concert for NYC. I remember seeing it live and she got booed, as many people recognized the WTC attack with Clinton's weak presidency.

Have subsequently seen the same images and the boos were turned into cheers.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

How did thse officials partially censor anything? Was it censored in the same way that the movie about President Reagan was taken off of CBS and moved to Showtime because some people objected?

Anonymous said...

The real shame is how the government is screwing first responders out of paying for their medical care resulting from them being exposed to toxic conditions.

Found no link between later developed Cancers and being at the WTC site.


Anonymous said...

the A.B.C. /Disney movie,in 2006,"the path to 9/11", was aired once on TV and no dvd was made..Starring Harvey Kietel.

because of the attempted censoring and actual cutting demanded, by W.J. Clinton and Sandy Berger,a extended version is available "WHO WAS BLOCKING THE THE PATH TO 9/11".


google "the path to 9/11"


Anonymous said...

netflix has a dvd of "blocking the path of 9/11"

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

Just as what happened with the Reagan movie, then.

President Clinton was out of office for six years in 2006, by the way. What you had here was his representatives telling the people who made the movie that he was being portrayed unfairly, and asked that it be changed. Most likely, legal action was threatened.

The movie was then aired with the changes. Most likely, it was changed because they wouldn't be able to back up what was said in the movie. Just like with the Reagan movie and appropriately so in both cases.