Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hotel plan for College Point

From the Times Ledger:

The architect behind a plan to redevelop an aging manufacturing building into a massive mixed-use edifice appeared before members of Community Board 7 and area civic leaders last week to present the details of the project, which is currently under construction at the site of the former Gelmart plant.

The architect, Raymond Chan, says the work is being done as-of-right, but Chuck Apelian, vice chairman of CB 7 and president of the board’s College Point Corporate Task Force committee, told Chan at the meeting that he needs to respect the community’s wishes if he wants the support of the board and task force.

“You have a lot of uses that are going to bulk up the parking and the traffic,” Apelian told Chan. “You’re going to need a lot of help on this project, you’re going to need curb-cut help, you’re going to need one-way help .... If you want our help, I want your help now. I want you to keep in mind now, while you’re working on the project, to keep in mind the impacts this project will have on the surrounding community.”

Chan said he would take the concerns expressed by Apelian and other task force members — which include representatives of groups including the College Point Civic/Taxpayers Association and the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Association — to his partners in the $7 million to $8 million plan to redevelop the site at 20-07 127th St. But the groups have no power to force the architect to make any changes.

Chan said the L-shaped, 140,000-square-foot building will also include an organic farmer’s market, supermarket, 200-person conference center, home center, Laundromat, office space, food court and probably a Denny’s restaurant as well as more than a dozen retail shops to include a florist, pizzeria, tea house, clothier, Mexican restaurant, souvenir shop and more.


Anonymous said...

That area needs a project like that like a hole in the head.

fiscus1 said...

If that isn't one of the dumbest places for a project like this. This used to be one of Kleinert's buildings and unless the developer intends to buy the west side of 127 Street and put in trees on it - and 128 Street, the finished project can never possibly look as it does in the rendering.

Anonymous said...

I thought that area is supposed to be a corporate park!

How come there's already a Korean church (behind DMV) that violates the zoning code and those kiss-ass nut-less wonders at CB#7 allow it to remain?

Now this dumb project comes along that will create even more traffic jams....with only 2 measly roads entering College Point?

"Follow the buck" Chuck Apelian should be investigated.

This big mouth is always allowing projects that screw up an already over saturated area to go ahead.

Grow a pair or resign....rug head!

CB#7 is as of wrong as usual!

Anonymous said...

College Point needed a middle school to be built in this building, not another hotel, not another spa. Give college pointers something they actually want and need!

Anonymous said...

It is all quicksand landfill which will liquify in a quake or hurricane. Casuists are incapable of industry and can only do hotels, retail, lawyering, nothing productive.

fiscus1 said...

A3, you're wrong. 127 St. & 20 Ave. is still solid ground. The soupy muck begins about three blocks further out on 20th. Target was built on that crud (and how many pilings were lost during it's construction). That site is still sinking.

I'd also have to question the wisdom of putting a school there. There were a lot of nasty chemicals used and spilled there for decades. I'd want to be certain that there are no toxins remaining.

Anonymous said...

A 'Notel motel' is exactly what College Point needs desperately. Oh, BTW isn't that developer/architect a member of CB7 too? Another sweetheart deal by CB7!

WTF said...

a hotel? . . . wtf?

look at it this way College Pointers / Whitestoners - you now have yet another reason to leave NY.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is going to a souvenir shop in college point??????

Keep packin them in there, china!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the building should have been converted to a middle school as well, especially with the bussing issue taking place, where are our college point kids suppose to go to school?

Anonymous said...

They have to promise customers will stay at least a week to prvent hookers.

Nora from Dutch Kills said...

I'd also have to question the wisdom of putting a school there. There were a lot of nasty chemicals used and spilled there for decades. I'd want to be certain that there are no toxins remaining.


Come to Community Board One and Two. We will show you how its done!

Anonymous said...

This building should be artist lofts - you don't want an eyesore like Pisstilli did to the Sterns Warehouse.

Low impact on the community and would add a much needed boost to community activism.

College Pt.'s charm is being systematically destroyed with stupid ideas like this.

Anonymous said...

Taking in the environs of Willets Point, College Point through downtown Flushing (eventually reaching into Corona/Elmhurst)....Donald Manes and his currently serving survivors at the Flushing Chamber of Commerce; the Flushing BID; CB#7; local shady pols (going back 3 decades)....have long plotted the creation of an Oriental colony right here on US soil.

Well here it is boys and girls....we're nearing the end of Western Civilization in this portion of eastern Queens

Please enjoy the squalor, congestion and unsanitary conditions.

This has become a "destination of choice" for hordes of the barbaric unwashed.

An added "welcome" by product of this colonization is that those "pesky" people of color are being forced out.

After all, "We don't want the wrong element here".

Attributed to Ms. M.B.H. "prominent" social engineer of the Stavisky/Manes/Dem Clubhouse Machine School.

Anonymous said...

here comes the pay offs

Anonymous said...

Why the hell are they building more apartments when we need another spa in College Point!

Anonymous said...

Condos would have been a better idea. Who the hell is going to want to stay at a hotel in College Point???