Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anemic response to Willets Point RFP?

From the Times Ledger:

The city Economic Development Corp. said Tuesday it has received developers’ proposals for the overhaul of the first phase covering a dozen acres of the city’s $3 billion planned overhaul of Willets Point.

Although few details were released, the announcement that the city got the proposals Friday serves as a milestone in the six-year saga of one of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-stalled pet projects.

The city pushed the deadline for submitting proposals back a month to last week after at least one builder asked the city for more time to prepare plans, and three sources said in July that few companies planned to submit proposals because the project was too unwieldy, inflexible and expensive to justify the risk during a down economy.

Michael Meyer, president of TDC Development — one of the premier firms in the Flushing development industry — said his company was one of the ones that submitted a first phase proposal. The company has long been a part of the ongoing process to choose a proposal and developer for the site.

“I’m just going to say at this point, since [the EDC hasn’t] gone public with anything that from the time we submitted our Request for Expression of Interest six years ago, we’ve been consistent throughout,” Meyer said Tuesday. “I am very interested to know how many people submitted.”

From Willets Point United:

Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. TDC has been an integral part of the Claire Shulman LDC crime scheme - you know the one that cloaked the selfish interests of developers like TDC under the umbrella of a phony not for profit; a not for profit we may add that is enjoined from legally engaging in any lobbying whatsoever. This same entity received $500,000 in tax payers money to advance the interests of Mr. Meyer's company. Nice, no?

This is the fraudulent scheme that AG Cuomo was supposed to have been investigating before he got the endorsement of the mayor - can you say, quid pro quo? It is the scheme that the current AG, Eric Schneiderman is - at least according to his staff discussions with us - supposedly still investigating. What's the hold up, Eric? Not interested in taking on the mayor and the Queens Dems - led by Virginia's own Joe Crowley?

The bottom line in all of this is that Mike Bloomberg, Mr. The Rules Don't Apply to Me, concocted a plan to create a phony grass roots support group to advance the Willets Point development - and created an LDC that was simply a stalking horse for TDC and its cohort of developer colleagues. So, in essence the tax payers funded an astroturf effort to deprive the WPU property owners of their Constitutional rights.

And another WPU comment:

TDC has turned to Chinese investors and possibly breaking the project’s construction down into phases in hopes of getting a shovel into the ground soon.

So let's get this straight. The city is actually allowing a company that - as we said yesterday - was part of an illegal lobbying scheme to bid on a project that will displace American land owners, and do so with foreign money? Isn't it enough to violate Constitutionally protected property rights without adding insult to injury by outsourcing the land purchase?


Anonymous said...

When questioned during 2008, then-Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber could not rule out the possibility that developer firms that are members of Claire Shulman's LDC -- such as TDC -- would be prohibited from bidding on the proposed Willets Point development, presumably because they financed the LDC's unregistered/unlawful lobbying. See video of Lieber's testimony here:


Now, three years later, TDC is a respondent to NYCEDC's Request for Proposals for the proposed Willets Point development. Given that in 2008 Lieber had to "check with the lawyers" regarding potential disqualification of LDC member firms, when and how was it ever determined that the LDC member firms are eligible to be considered as potential developers of the Willets Point site?

Anonymous said...

Chinese money is flowing into LIC development, too.

So lets get this straight: city resources are not being channeled to benefit city residents but investors from Red China.

Sort of explains that vacantly smiling Liu in every photo of politicians.

wouldn't you like to know said...

You're missing the point.

WPU....focus on the silent threat!
Pull all the loose threads together.

Wellington Chen is the main thrust behind all of this.

He's the ringleader!
Just follow the money!

Although this diminutive man tries to remain behind the scenes....he's the one who's really pulling the strings.

Michael Meyers is just the Chinese's American white faced pussy boy....no more than an Asiatic footman.

He couldn't land a reputable job with a real firm, so TDC gobbled him up.


Shulman is just another front man for the Oriental colonists!

In decrepit condition...geriatrics will eventually solve that problem.

After she's gone...it's Wellington Zhou Chen who will pick her successor.

Chen was a CB#7 member for too many years and served on the NYC Board of Standards & Appeals....a real pack of villains!

He's now director of the Chinatown Partnership (promoting over development) and has wormed his way onto exclusive boards to increase his credibility.

I believe he's still a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This is the guy to fear because he's hooked up good all over the place.

Shulman & Meyers are just bobble heads who get a salaries.

Chen is the connection to the far east's money.

And don't forget Ackerman & Nussbaum.

The Queens Trib is practically a propaganda sheet for Asian development interests.

Congressman Gary sits on the Asia Committee and went to Taiwan in the early 80s for an illegal fundraiser with (?) Tommy Huang!

Anonymous said...

Some well connected Asiatic commie sympathizers are well placed here in NYC thanks to the likes of Gary Ackerman, John Liu, Wellington Chen and the rest of their supporting cast of players.

You'd better all get used to
egg roll government....
one Congressman from corrum "A" and two locals from corrum "B"!

Anonymous said...

We're facing a worldwide DEPRESSION, not a recession!

Overseas investment money is scarce even in China!

If the Chinese are going to invest in NYC, they'll do it closer to Manhattan in LIC, the Brooklyn waterfront, etc.

Sites adjacent to the heart of the city, Mamhattan, is worth more than "farmland" in the boonies!

Flushing is too far away and losing its luster to Oriental investors.

Flushing is junk bonds while LIC is blue chip.

Willets Point will remain undeveloped or drastically scaled down.

I've got my money on that!

Anonymous said...

send TDC back to china , with the mayor , both are no good for queens

Anonymous said...

TDC is headquartered in Shanghai,Communist China and Queens Crossing on the west end of Muni Lot #1, Flushing.

So where's the "Tea Party" when they're needed to picket TDC?

We're doing business with the Reds!

They're just another bunch of blowhards offering empty promises.

The phony "Tea Party" is part of the act folks and every politico is on the same script.

Anonymous said...

TDC's big plans
for Wellington (Willets) Pointe
(and Flushing Commons):

Big thunder....little rain!

Development money has dried up.... just like Michael Meyers testicles.

But, NEVER FORGET....CB#7 gave both these projects the green light!

What was to be Chuck & Gene's (and Marilyn's) cut from this?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight WPU!

Time is money to these TDC land rapists and the longer this boondoggle is stalled...it will ultimately fail!

Anonymous said...

When will someone put these criminals in jail where they belong?

Anonymous said...

When will someone put the crooked judges who are supposed to be sentencing these criminals in jail where they ALL belong?

Get my drift?

The finest "justice" that money can buy is plentiful in Queens!

Just make sure that your payoff fits your crime!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry....justice will be served by the grim reaper.

Looks like Shulman will soon be doing her time in afterlife prison....judging from her appearance lately.

Anonymous said...

TDC/Wellington Chen's Claire Shillman?

"Bang....zoom....to the moon".

A one way trip...not like her astronaut daughter's two way ticket..

By the way....how much influence peddling did Congressman Ackerman sling around Houston, Texas (after Claire's bribe money went into his pocket)to get Dr. Ellen (Shulman) Baker into the space program and on board a shuttle craft?

H-m-m-m....a lot of unanswered questions still linger in the atmosphere!