Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cell phone thief busted

From Bayside Patch:

The suspected crook recognized by his copper colored sneakers was allegedly caught red handed last week.

The alleged mugger with a fondness for Blackberries and iPhones was observed by watchful cops robbing teens of their phones on a handball court at the corner of 190th Street and Underhill Ave. in Fresh Meadows.

Over the past several months, Eric Colvin allegedly jacked phones from 14 victims from Brooklyn and Queens.

His story was always the same. He would allegedly tell victims that his sister’s phone was missing before making away with the phone by threatening to pull out a gun, which he never brandished.

According to a police source, Colvin was recognized by the tattoos on his neck depicted in a police sketch and his trademark Nike foam sneakers in copper.


Anonymous said...

Never showed a gun and these victims gave it up without a fight. That never should happen. How about giving him a good old knuckle sandwich ? Ever hear about fighting back ?

Suzannah B. Troy said... sorry to be off topic but it does involve stealing -- Mike Bloomberg the king of funneling money will be in court Tuesday and it’s about him breaking campaign laws to steal a third term! Bye Buy Cy Vance says Mike did not break campaign laws! Yeah right. Reminder vote Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me out, Cy Bye Bye.

Captain Renault said...

By age 24, Colvin, who is from Far Rockaway, had eight prior arrests, including two for criminal trespassing, one for marijuana possession and another for theft of service........
Colvin has also been arrested as recently as Aug. 30 for allegedly driving with a suspended license....


Another ban lieue scoundrel will soon be heading to le hoosegow!

But much work remains!

As always, the Captain would like to remind les citoyens:


Anonymous said...

"How about giving him a good old knuckle sandwich ?"
Big black man (thug) with a neck tattoo claiming to have a gun vs the JHS/HS Asian kids who play handball in that park. It's kids with something to lose vs a guy with nothing to lose. I don't blame them for giving it up.
They could call his bluff on the gun, but who really wants to take that gamble.

Georges said...

What a dirt bag.

Joe said...

If those kids got together and leveled this animal they would likely be called racists and charged with a hate crime.
This city like many others has a crummy legal system and NOT a justice system.

A wile back I nabbed a purse snatcher on Cypress ave after a 3 bock chaise. (they always run south) The animal got hit head-on by a car then had his legs run over by another wile wrestling with him in the street.
The 104 DT tried to blame it on me and would have hadn't it been for a witnesses.

In the pre 80's Ridgewood, predator savages like this wouldn't stand a chance doing this. They never even dare come into our park and hangouts.

BTW: Gold sneakers, colors, arm bands tied a certain way "colors" is gang related. Sometimes the savages use the cell phones to commit other crimes within minutes.

Law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry and use gun for self defense after completing a safety and use program. Its better be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
Queens is becoming another South Central LA.

Joe said...

"How about giving him a good old knuckle sandwich ?"
Asian kids are small, they wouldn't stand a chance throwing fists.

Odds are unless you can hit like a boxer and throw your upper body into the punch it wont do anything to a black male. This is due to their bone structure and thick facial collagen
-- And thats when you will get shot or stabbed for sure. (one may want to use a baseball bat or blackjack) AND WHATEVER YOU DO DONT MISS...then SPLIT, stay away from storfronts (cameras)
One may want to slip into a doorway and get rid of your outer shirt.
..If the "powers that be" find you the savage and his court appointed lawyer will have access to your name and address.


Emir said...

Lock him up for good.

BTW, you gotta love Captain Renault!

Hell Gate Kid said...

I'll say!

Anonymous said...

Exclusive Areas
Areas within the parks designated by the Commissioner for exclusive use shall include:
1.Exclusive Childrens Playgrounds: Adults allowed in playground areas only when accompanied by a child under the age of twelve (12).

Please add to list of charges..

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this perp have parents or grandparents?

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't this perp have parents or grandparents?"

Of course. A mother who is dealing with some problems, and a grandmother who raised him.

Anonymous said...

"Please add to list of charges.."
The handball courts don't qualify as a child play area.

Anonymous said...

Mace/pepper spray can be legally carried by a person 18 or older.....i like the the ones that have dye..............easir to find the skell!

Anonymous said...

Hey it wasnt only asian kids only 2 and 3 of other races and i was one of them .... at that moment we were so confused we obviously believed him but when the cops came we knew we made a mistake