Saturday, July 30, 2011

Will campaign for office - any office

From the Daily News:

When it comes to their political futures, elected officials in Queens are keeping their options open.

Several Queens politicos and wanna-bes have filed in the "undeclared" category with the New York City Campaign Finance Board for the 2013 elections.

That includes Democratic City Council members Jimmy Van Bramer, Elizabeth Crowley and Daniel Dromm, who are not term-limited from seeking four more years in their current seats.

In addition, Councilmen Leroy Comrie and Peter Vallone Jr., two Democrats eyeing a bid for the borough president's spot, are not locking themselves into that category for their campaign filings.

Political insiders said candidates might be waiting until the various special elections are over before hitting up donors.


Anonymous said...

The thinking is that politics exists so that a very small number of people can advance themselves.

The public's interests is something that can be shaped quite easily so its a non-issue as the antics continue.

Anonymous said...

Before the usual "throw da bums out" -I ask that you consider this:

Career politicians who depend on at least some degree of public service to those who'll elect them.


Term-limited opportunists who must maximize their connections and influence with what will be their future employers.

We have enough of the latter already.

Anonymous said...

We have enough of the latter already.


As well as the former!!!

A lose/lose scenario if ever there was one! How sad.

Anonymous said...

Lazy pond scum who aren't capable of holding real jobs!

At least Vallone is an accomplished ambulance chaser.

Anonymous said...

The incentive for becoming a politician is that they can line their pockets with taxpayer dollars, align themselves with schemers and make back door deals. Term limiting them is the only way to deter them from becoming millionaires. Their party backs them up and puts them up for re-election. The people don't even get a say about who is running. This is what happens when you have a one-party government. This is why the city has gone down the tubes. It can't get much worse than it already is.

Anonymous said...

bring back the citizen-legislator via term limits. bring back the draft. you serve your government one of two ways: in the armed forces or in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

If "Joe the iceman" were to run, I'd vote for him and not the clowns who are in the City Council now. Must everyone of them is swimming in swill they themselves have created. We all pay their salaries so vote the bums OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

"bring back the draft. you serve your government one of two ways"

Typical right-wing fascist perspective.

A lesson for you: In a Democracy the Government serves the people who elect them.

We don't have a monarchy. Yet.

Queens Crapper said...

Typical right-wing fascist perspective? Charles Rangel has been sounding the horn for this for years!

Anonymous said...

Q-C it is the way it was stated -"serve our government".

Authoritarian crap.

The right statement in a democracy is "serve your country".

That is what Rangel and others have said.

America is about it's people NOT it's government.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately we are NOT a democracy. Democracy is about mob rule over the minority. The Correct response is Democracy is to serve the majority.

We are a republic. As Franklin responded when questioned on what he helped draft "Sir what have you given us?" "Franklin: A republic....... if you can keep it."Lets just hope we do keep it, given all this left-wing authoritarianism.