Friday, July 15, 2011

It ain't pretty out there

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Anonymous said...

Flushing is changing for the worst like all of NYC . The city missed a great chance to rebuild the city the right way but instead went with crap that we will be stuck with for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Not all of Flushing is changing for the worst. A large part is protected by restrictive zoning and has been for decades.


There's the right side and wrong side of the tracks when it commes to living in Flushing....Northern B'lvd. being the dividing line up to Auburndale.

All of these pictures show the "no- man's land" south of "The Boulevard" which has always been a zoning shit hole!

A lot of this area is (I believe) zoned R-4 (some higher) which encourages tear downs by mostly opportunistic Asian speculators.

They are in a feeding frenzy to raze formerly gracious single family homes....replacing them with boxy (built to the max) multi family ghetto barracks.

Conversely, north of "The Boulevard" (Broadway North, etc.),
R1-2A zoning preserves the leafy, green character of the nabe.

So buyer beware if you desire good quality of life!

Anonymous said...

A lot of Koreans are moving into the area south of Northern B'lvd.

They are driving out those lower class "troublesome" Latinos.

And isn't that what NYC's covert plan is for the area?

That's why the nabe hasn't been down zoned while the other side of Northern B'lvd. has recently been down zoned even further.

Figure it out for yourselves folks.

NYC certainly isn't going to publish a report on their racist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Good work Kevin!

It would be interesting for you to take 162nd Street in Flushing, for example, and trace it through in photos from north to south across Northern B'lvd. to show the contrast in the quality of housing and the quality of life along just one block.

I live in Broadway/North and I've found it necessary to completely drop "Flushing" from my return address labels.

I now just use Queens, N.Y. 11358.

I don't want people thinking that I live in an overpopulated, unsanitary Oriental Ghetto!

It's looks more like suburban Douglaston here.

Anonymous said...

When we first began shopping for our home in Flushing in 1976-77....
I was told (off the cuff) by a very nice man in the Department of City Planning whom I had phoned for information about the buy, "North of Northern and east of 154th Street".

I remain thankful to him unto this day!

That whole area south of Northern was obviously "red-lined" even way back then.

Anonymous said...

Flushing was once known as the City of Nurseries, now they are getting rid of even the grass, it's sad. Why the hell did you move to Flushing if you don't like grass and trees?

The impervious concrete causes all kinds of problems. Dirt & Grass absorbs water, whereas concrete doesn't. This helps exacerbate the flooding problems. Also this tends to encourage more people to live in the same space which means sanitation concerns etc.

The city should start calculating property taxes in the outer boroughs by the built up vs natural area of lots (taxing obnoxious concrete lawns as if they were living space) That might actually put a dent in this behavior.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart what greed and short-sightedness have done to my neighborhood. One-by-one, I can recall each one of these old homes being torn down before their time to be replaced by this horrid crap. Empty lots, concrete crap-traps half rented, (if at all) & no greenery in sight... that's the new Flushing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Flushing is not the the only ASIAN CONCRETE & BRICK JUNGLE .

Take a look at R2-A properties on 203 street ,northbound from Northern Blvd. to the L.I.R.R. They look like a used car parking lot. No grass or trees have been left .

This once was a suburban style neighborhood in Bayside.

Thank you corrupt D.O.B.......

Anonymous said...

What does the community board say about this?

If nothing, what do they think is so important that is worthy of their time?

Just curious.

Ditto for the electeds newsletters. I am sure they ignore this - so what do they talk about that is more important?

Anonymous said...

Why did the occidentals zone this area r-4 and higher if they didn't want it built up?

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely right previous poster!

CB#7 and all of your pols signed onto this long ago.

Judges and lawyers and some political kingmakers still live in Broadway/North Flushing.

"Keep my nabe good and put the crap on the south side".

Then there's that watchful Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association...established back in 1964.

They kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it the south side of the tracks seem to be the bad spots in a lot of nabes:

i.e the South Bronx, South Chicago, etc.

Why is that?

Could it be from the old railroad steam engine days?

Maybe the northern prevailing winds pushed the cinders and smoke southward making it the wrong side to live on.


Anonymous said...

North Flushing is great if you can afford $900,000 for a house that needs many more repairs than the cost of an average American house.
What's so great living one or two blocks from Karaoke bars and all night cheap Korean chicken places.
North Flushing is overpriced and the real estate bubble will prove it when it pops. May the last American please take the flag with him or her.

Anonymous said...

RE:Racial Distribution in Zip code 11361,2006, from Property

Hispanic(11.8% ), Asian(3.8%), Black(4.5%),


most asian pupils are bused in from other districts or are scamming t he system with fake addresses and documents .

The Asian stores on Northern Blvd. are not indicative of the residents in the area.

A 2011 scan of would be significant.

go for it......

Anonymous said... counts the Illegal basement apartments too ?
Get real and walk the streets and see what is really going on in North Flushing. The only stores left that "Speak American" are IHOP, Auto Zone and McDonalds. OK Fox's gift shop as well :-(
All we have left is Marino Brothers to buy food. Not one supper market that has American food and English signage.

Anonymous said...

you are looking at zip 11358.

the Asian stores do not reflect the residents. Kim did not win the CM vote, because the Asians are not the majoriy, or they are voting conservative. His enormous campaign donation money came from out side the district. from the nation and China and Korea, in 2010.
His campaign support was heavy lawyer funded.

Missing Foundation said...

We need to go back again and again to the electeds and the community boards and the print media.

Bitching here is pointless. Everyone sees these problems and repeating them time and again is only wasting everyone's time - and even if you are not very bright, sooner or later frustrates one into boredom.

Go after those that can do something about this.

Anonymous said...

If we had only been more willing to drop some heavier weaponry and been more aggressive in the 50s-70s, perhaps these people wouldn't be around now to cause problems.

Anonymous said...

you are out of order....The blame is on the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act put into law by L.B.J.,and lobbied for by liberal /democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy. European legal immigration was almost stopped ,in favor of legal Asian and S.American immigration ,to the U.S.

remember, many anti-communist, pro-freedom loving victims of the Korean and Viet Nam , Communist invasions, had to flee their enslavers.

Many of their children march proudly in local Memorial Day parades. Let us patriots accept other legal patriots ,looking for freedom.

Anonymous said...

I pass that new apartment building with a concrete lawn on Sanford and 161 all the time and it is an abomination.

Our current house in Flushing has a front lawn big enough to put another house down on. But even our old house, which had a front lawn that was an uneven 6-12 feet to the sidewalk - at least it had something. It looked nice too. Why people would trade concrete, or a few square feet of housing size for a small front lawn is beyond me.