Friday, July 15, 2011

Business still down at Atlas Park

From the Times Ledger:

It has been four months since Macerich took over The Shops at Atlas Park, and there have been few noticeable changes on the surface at the beleaguered mall.

Many of the storefronts still remain empty, and two additional stores have even closed since the Chicago-based realty group purchased the property in a February foreclosure auction.

An organic market on the first level of the mall and a wine and liquor store on the second level have closed, while a Square One Shoes has opened. But otherwise it is business as usual for the shops, the employee said.

[An] employee lamented the loss of higher-end stores like Amish Market, which sold artisan food products, but another business manager welcomed the change, and said Macerich was working behind the scenes to turn the fate of the mall around.


Anonymous said...

An upscale shopping mall in Glendale that charges a couple bucks to park your car and has terrible access to public transportation had to fail.

Close it down and replace all the shops with a Walmart that offers free parking and watch the place blossom.

Anonymous said...

was it ever really, steadily up?

I agree....put in a Walmart!
For this working class shoppers (which includes me) will come to!

Those Hemmerdingers really f----d up with this pipe dream!

Anonymous said...

The Site of Atlas doesn't fit Wal-marts business plan Thank god.The Hemmerdinger's blow for inflicting this on the community.

Anonymous said...

Yeah put a Walmart in there and watch the poor and cheap flock to it. Then they will want to live near the Walmart including the workers. Then because of all that I suspect it will start to cheapen the neighborhood. Then starts the property value decline. So by all means let Walmart come....

Anonymous said...

"Yeah put a Walmart in there and watch the poor and cheap flock to it. Then they will want to live near the Walmart including the workers. Then because of all that I suspect it will start to cheapen the neighborhood. Then starts the property value decline. So by all means let Walmart come....

Hey, you know not of what you speak. Glendale is not exactly the garden spot of Queens. Atlas used to be a truck terminal warhouse. It is hard by the industrial section of MidVill/Glendale and the LIRR.
The area would welcome a Walmart type of establishment.

But why don't you say what you really mean. You're afraid of Black and Hispanic customers shopping there perhaps moving there. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

the only saving grace to this place is the eateries and the theater.

have you seen how people just leave their car on the roads just to get something quick from starbucks or borders? Make the parking free! then watch the people come. it's not like Queens Center where they'll have to worry about commuters leaving their car there to transfer to the subway.

Anonymous said...

Free parking would make it a lot more attractive.

Better stores would help too. I don't think a Walmart needs to be there. Plus, they need a lot more space for something that large. The shopping center has a lot of potential but not the right attractions.

Glendale and Middle Village might not be the best neighborhoods in Queens but that's because the neighborhood lets it. Metropolitan Avenue between 73 Street and 78th Street looks awful. Not like a mile and a half away in Forest Hills. We should take more pride in our area and not cheapen it.

All of the above being said, they do need a good anchor store, and maybe stores that are more appealing to the consumer.

Joe said...

If they want to turn it around they need to stop charging $8000 and up a month rents. The economy is bad people are not gonna pay $7 for a pare of sox or a slice of pizza & 4 oz of Coke in a glass packed with ice cubes.
I been going to Knickerbocker ave to shop, I can buy a HUGE watermelon for $5 and a huge fresh slice of the best pizza around at Tonys for $2, Shaved push cart ice cups, Mr.Softie, Circos just like back in 1966

--Screw Atlas and its parking. Its an all around sucker bum deal.
The idiots should have made it a summer concert stadium or storage facility.

Anonymous said...

Worse news to come real soon--bye bye Borders. Its only a matter of time (days) as the failed national chain is about to be bought up and dismantled. Imagine what it will look like when that store is closed and there's plywood and brown paper over the windows. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Yep bye bye Borders.
The next generation students in our bogus school systems can’t comprehend more the 1 page of HTML let alone a book of text. Most (with exception the Asian kids) are not interested in educating themselves.
These new 3rd world people are to feral to sit still let alone learn

English, Science & Math = OUT

Spanglish, sex & multiculturalism = IN

The USA We will be a "has been" broken nation of cabbage in 15 years and that’s exactly what people like Bloomberg want. Dumb easily controllable mikmucks

Joe said...

"Imagine what it will look like"

Yeah another burger King or 99 cent store where the "new people" can clog their arteries and spend their dollars on $2 plastic shoes.
Its turning out low end retail and food are the tenants that are now making the rents as their customer base increases.

Fast food is suicide, Its crazy !
It gotten to the point I will no longer go into a McDonald's or Burger King to even grab a coffee. Its populated with single woman feeding french frys and processed chicken garbage & ice cream into the mouths of 4 foot tall 150Lb plus kids coughing all over the place.
It should be illegal for children under 18 to consume this garbage.
All these new kids with stupid clueless parents are gonna have serious EXPENSIVE health problem's.

Atlas Parks likely gonna be another junk Myrtle east once the landlords get desperate. There is big $$$ in selling low end beans, plastic & crap to the new populate