Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sears won't retire gracefully

From the Queens Courier:

Former 25th District Councilmember Helen Sears was recently appointed Deputy City Clerk and will likely oversee a massive influx of same-sex marriages on July 24, the day the governor-approved bill goes into effect.

“This was a no brainer,” said City Clerk Michael McSweeny. “She’s very qualified for the position and has decades of service for the people of Queens.”

She began her political career when she was elected to serve as the Queens County Budget Negotiator, and later in the City Council in 2001 where she served two terms. Her new office will be in Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

According to their website, City Clerk is one of the oldest offices in New York City government" fitting since Helen Sears is one of the oldest people in New York City government. 82-year old Sears was defeated by Daniel Dromm in 2009. Seems like the Queens Machine is making Borough Hall a retirement home for "Senior Tweeders".

Another double-dipper?


Anonymous said...

I think that Queens (aptly named in this case) has to get with the program.

Wadda ya think of installing a Liberace Wedding Chapel at Boro Hall, (for guys) and a Thelma & Louise Chapel (for girls) BP Marshall?

Everybody can get their marriage licenses at the retired #7 "red bird" car out front.

Why not encourage gay tourism in Queens....Terri Osborne?

Anonymous said...

And Sears can get a doctor of divinity degree and perform the services!

Anonymous said...

Because the people of Queens are turned off, bought off, and have their minds off.

Take a look at the let mindless losers run the local civic scene, does anyone listen to them?

Or do they exist whose sole purpose is to trip up or drown out those that are actually trying to do something?

Anonymous said...

Why don't all these old fart politicians retire? Let's get some younger blood in and change things up. She's 82 years old. Guess there's too much money to be made off the backs of the taxpayers for these geezers to retire.

Anonymous said...

cant we just name the throgs neck bridge after this lady instead, it worked for koch

Anonymous said...

Alan Ginsberg, HOMO/EARTH DAY founder predicted this day of HOMO/MARRIAGE, on April 22,1970.

the majority has been infiltrated by homo/bribed politicians and judges.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. This is about the fourth time that you've said something like this over the weekend, Gramps.

Let us know when you have something new to say.

Anonymous said...

Tired of Borough Hall's patronage mill politics? First Pheffer, now Sears.

Throw out Helen Marshall and vote for real change, people.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody willingly gives up power.
They have to be removed from it"!

Now who was it that said that (or something like it)?

Queens' voters need some Viagra to restore their voting power so that sluggish pretenders like these get dumped at the polls!

Anonymous said...

She knows what happened to Roebuck.................